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Chosen Family

Whisper My Name

I woke the next morning confused. I was laying on my stomach on the dirty floor of the Hale porch. I pushed myself up to find that my clothes were ruined; caked with blood, dirt, fur, and other things I didn't want to know about. Deciding looking down was going to make me depressed, I stretched with a yawn and only jumped slightly at the loud footfall of someone approaching me.
"Don't you look attractive." Erica smirked as her eyes looked at me up and down.
"Sexiest being alive right now." I grinned back. "I might even try to make it the newest fashion. Who wouldn't want to wear blood, guts, and dirt?"
"Plenty of people." Derek replied as he leaned on the door frame. "How are you feeling?"
"Slightly stiff and sore." I replied.
He nodded. "Not surprised, you ran almost all night long."
"And you kept an eye on me all night?" I raised an eyebrow.
"I would have had one of the others, but you barely let me trail behind you. I didn't need another Scott incident."
"How is he?"
"Fine, although he will probably try to wrestle you sometime soon."
I grinned, "That'll be fun."
"First you'll need to control yourself. What do you remember from last night?"
I thought back. "After we met in the clearing, it's kinda speckled. Seeing myself in the reflection of some water, listening to animals scurry about, nothing much really." Derek nodded and threw me my phone.
"Thanks." I started dialing Stiles and waited for him to pick up.
"Zak!" I ripped the phone from my ear at how load his voice was. I brought down the receiver's volume and listened. "How are you? Are you okay? Is everyone okay?" He fired one question after another.
"Stiles... Stiles... STILES! Thank you. I'm fine, although rather gross. And Derek hasn't told be I mortally hurt someone, so everyone is probably fine."
"Thank God." He sighed in relief.
"Is dad or Kaleen home?"
"Yeah, but I'm at Scott's."
"How is he?"
"Fine? Why?"
"I may have kinda knocked him out last night when I shifted." I drove my dirty sneaker into the porch plank I was standing on.
"Dude you never told me that!" I heard Stiles yell causing me to chuckled.
"Do you think Scott would mind if I shower at his house? I don't want to explain my appearance to dad."
"Hold on. Scott, can Zak-" I heard Scott answer with a yes. "He said sure."
"Thanks, I'll see you in a bit. Later." I ended the call and turned to my friends. "So can I leave or do you need more for something?"
"You can go, but have Scott keep track of you. Gerard might call you any minute." Derek replied.
I nodded, "Do you mind driving me? I'll do my best not to get this all over you car seats."
"You could just run." Erica pointed out.
"You're right, then off I go." I grinned and turned. As I ran, I heard Isaac say "You'd think she'd be tired of running." I laughed, but didn't turn around. In half the time it would normally take me, I arrived at Scott's and entered. I walked up to Scott's room and retrieved the set of clothes I usually left here in case I slept over.
"Shit Zak, you look terrible." Stiles gaped at my appearance.
"Thank Stiles." I replied wryly. "I apparently decided I wanted a deer and ended up like this. Then I ran all night. I'm going to go take a shower, be back soon." As I left, I almost bumped into Mrs. McCall.
"Oh, Sorry Za- Jesus Zak, what happened to you?" She looked in horror at me. "Are you okay?" Her mother and nurse natures taking over.
"Yeah, this isn't mine. I swear."
"Then what the hell are you covered in?" She looked at me sternly.
I gave an unsure smile and replied, "Deer. I kinda killed a deer last time for a nighttime snack."
She looked at me confused, "What?"
"Oh this is awkward." Stiles stated as he and Scott popped their heads out of Scott's room.
"What's going on?" Mrs. McCall crossed her arms. "Does this have to do with werewolves again?"
"Yes, I um kinda got bitten and last night was sorta my first full moon." Her eyes widened. "Please Don't Tell Dad! He still doesn't know."
She sighed, "Go clean up. We'll talk about this later."
"Okay." I scurried off to the bathroom and peeled off my putrid clothes that I was pretty sure I was going to have to burn. I found a plastic bag to put my shorts, shoes, underwear, and shirt in and tied it off before stepping into the warm water. I scrubbed my body with a lot of body wash, until the water ran soapy instead of brown, red, and other colors. Next I washed my hair a few times until it too was no longer mixed with last night's escapades. I thanked God that my hair was so short because it would have be awful to wash all that shit out of long hair.
Once I was clean, I stepped out and wrapped a towel around my body while grabbing a hand towel to dry my hair. After drying my body, I changed into dark boy jeans, a white t-shirt, TARDIS sweatshirt, blue beanie, and a pair of black high tops since the ones from yesterday were ruined. Once again feeling human, I walked out of the bathroom and into Scott's room.
"What should I do with these?" I held up my bag of gross.
Scott scrunched up his nose and replied, "We'll put them in the trash." The three of us headed down stairs to find Mrs. McCall in the kitchen.
She looked up, "Good, you're done. Sit." I swallowed and sat at the table. "Talk."
"What do you want to know?" I asked, drawing designs in the table.
"Um..." I looked to Scott and told her what happened. "Well, you remember Gerard?"
"Yes, he's been missing for months." Then realization dawned on her, "You had something to do with his disappearance?"
"Yes." Scott answered. "It's kind of my fault." He looked down. "Everything with the Kanima got crazy, so I made a plan with Dr. Deaton and I swapped his cancer medicine with Mountain Ash."
"When? And what does Dr. Deaton have to do with the pack?"
"We actually aren't too sure, but he's like the pack guardian. He gives us cryptic messages and heals us when we need it. Anyway, he has extensive knowledge about werewolves and he helped me fill pills with Mountain Ash. I swapped them the night we were held hostage in the police station; the night you found out. In order to try to keep everyone safe, I started 'working' with Gerard and fed him info on the pack. One night about a year ago, we all met together: me, Derek, peter, Gerard, the Kanima, and Allison. Zak, Stiles, and Lydia barged in later. I helped Gerard force Derek to bite him, which would turn Gerard since Derek's an Alpha. It worked, Gerard began to change however his body started rejecting the lycanthropy due to the pills he had been taking. That's when Stiles, Zak, and Lydia showed up and we got distracted. Next time we looked, Gerard had disappeared. We hoped he had died, he was a psycho, but apparently he hadn't."
"And that's where I come in. He popped up a few times, but never did anything more than make himself known. Then about a week and a half ago, we were attacked by him and apparently his pack. During that fight, I was bitten trying to protect Allison... Last night was my first full moon and that's why I looked quite horrific. I didn't do anything too bad, well I knocked out Scott when I first shifted but after that I only attacked a deer and ran... a lot." I explained.
"So you're now part of Derek's pack? Well, more so now that you are a werewolf." She asked, trying to understand everything.
I shook my head sadly. "Technically I'm not a wolf in his pack. Gerard is the one who-" I dropped what I was saying as my head started to go fuzzy. A muffled whisper called me and I had the urge to follow. My mind went blank, I was awakened by Scott shaking me.
"Zak, Zak!" My eyes refocused on his brown ones.
"What?" I looked around confused; I was no longer sitting at the table. "What just happened?"
"Gerard just tried to call you I think." He replied.
"Where are Stiles and your mom?" I asked, I was afraid I had done something.
"Upstairs. You kind of freaked out my mom when your eyes changed." He chuckled for a second before he went serious again. "We need to tell Derek it's starting."
I sighed and looked down, "I know."
"You should tell John." Mrs. McCall's voice called from the top of the stairs. "This is no longer just a pack secret, you're a wolf now and he should know. Take it from a parent who has a werewolf as a son." I bit my lip. "You won't have to lie to him anymore."
"It'll put him in more danger." I weakly replied back.
"I think he's in more danger not knowing. If you do decide to tell him, make sure you tell him instead of him finding out when he's a hostage." I nodded, my life was too crazy.
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