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Chosen Family

Mommy Dearest

Things always get difficult, nothings stays the same. I've learned this over and over again over the 17 years I've been alive. I thought my junior year was going to be the most difficult to live through, but apparently my senior year decided to be a competitor in the running. Everything was normal, well as normal as a girl who knew about werewolves life could be. I attended school, went to practice, played in games, trained, and hung out with my friends. Over the first two months of school, no monsters tried to kill us or take the territory. It was like we were normal, however that normalcy came crashing down one night when I came home from work.
I noticed a new car in our driveway and was curious whether or not dad was actually having someone over; he rarely does. I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked into the house. Sliding off my sneakers, I called, "I'm home!"
"ZAKLINA!" I froze as familiar, yet unfamiliar arms were thrown around me. "How are you doing?" With wide eyes, I looked up at my dad who gave me a sad apologetic look that clearly said he knew nothing of this little visit. "Come now honey, cat got your tongue?" The woman winked, her dark brown eyes glittering with happiness.
"What are you doing here?" I asked weakly, suddenly feeling sick.
"Can't I visit my family?" She was always all smiles and carefree. I hated her for it. "Guess what, I was just talking with John and I'm going to be staying here for a while. Isn't that exciting! I hope you don't mind, but I'll be staying in your room. It won't be long, I promise. Just staying here while I'm in between jobs." She never thought of anyone but herself. She was a selfish person. "Come tell me how you've been." She tried to usher me to the couch, but I resisted.
"I, ah... I have to go." I turned and bolted from the house, barely grabbing my shoes as I left. Dad called after me, but I didn't stop. I left my car in the driveway as I ran so I could get as far away from the house as possible. I thought I was over these feelings I felt for that woman, but obviously I wasn't. I didn't stop running until I fell to the ground in the woods and stayed. I needed to calm down before I faced that woman again and the best place for that was right here on the ground.

~3rd POV~
Stiles was hanging at Scott's when his phone started vibrating. He ignored it at first until it buzzed beyond the three for a text so he decided he probably should pick it up. Without looking down from the TV, Stiles patted around his general area until he felt the cool metal. "Hello?" He asked as he cradled the phone on his shoulder.
"Stiles, have you seen Zak?" His father's voiced asked over the speaker.
"Nope, why?" His brows furrowed together as he killed another member of the opposite team.
"She went for a run and hasn't returned. It's been about three hours."
"I'll go and find her."
"Thanks, son."
"No problem dad. Is it cool if I stay over Scott's tonight?"
"We'll see. I have to go, bye."
"Bye." The phone went dead and he let it drop from his shoulder. "Scott, we have to go find Zak. Apparently she's MIA."
Scott looked over and with some concern in his voice asked, "Do you think it's forced MIA or volunteered?"
"Since she went for a run... I'd say she wants to be missing. She only goes for long runs when something is bothering her. Ready?"
"Sure." The two teens shutdown the game system and went in search of Stiles's sister. They checked the normal places around town, and when they didn't find her, they decided to called her cell.
On the fifth ring, she picked up, "Hey Stiles."
"I hear you wanna hide from the world, mind if I join you?"
He heard a light chuckled, "Dad call you?"
"Yep, he sounded pretty worried."
There was a pause before she answered, "I'm in the woods."
"Okay, see you soon." He flipped his phone shut and looked to Scott. "To the woods." It took them twenty minutes to find her and right away Stiles knew whatever was bothering her was big. "Mind giving us a minute or two?"
"Yeah, I'll be over there." He gave a general motion and sprinted off.
"No eavesdropping!" Stiles shouted and then turned. He walked the last 100ft to Zak and then plopped down near her so they her opposites.
Zak shifted her head so her cool cheek rested on his. Neither of them spoke for some a while, but it was Zak who shattered the tense silence. "My mother's back."
Stiles froze a moment and quietly whispered, "Zak, she's been dead for a while..." Sadness was in his voice.
Zak shook her head, making her cheek bump his a few times. "Not mom Stiles, I mean my mother."
It took him a minute to make the distinction. "Wait, what?" He shot up and looked down into Zak's blank face; her eye's heavily shielded. "Aunt Kaleen's back?" Zak nodded causing Stiles to bite his lip. Hesitantly he asked, "Zak?"
"My head and heart are all fucked up. I thought I was over this, but apparently just seeing her digs up old feelings." Zak sat up slowly and hugged her knees. "I didn't even know she was coming. I don't even think dad knew or I'm pretty sure he would have told me. The moment I heard her voice I froze and needed to run; needed to get away."
Stiles turned and hugged her, "You think you can go back to the house? I can see if you can stay at Scott's with me."
"Sure. By the way, mind if I stay in your room for a few days? Kaleen's staying in mine apparently." Her voice was dead and it pained Stiles to hear it that way. He hadn't heard her talk like that in a while. Sometimes the first three years living together seemed like a dream to the point where Stiles often forgot that Zak was technically his cousin, not his sister.
"That's fine. We can build a fort!" He grinned and bounced with excitement.
Again Zak chuckled, "I'd like that. Keep all the bad out like when we were younger."
"Of course big sis, of course."
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Kaleen is Mrs. Stilinski's little sister.