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Chosen Family

Howl Out in Frustration

In a week, Gerard had tried to summon me at least once a day. I kinda lost track since I kept blacking out and finding myself in the most random places with someone trying to snap me out of the trance. It was fucking annoying. Once it even happened in school, that was scary. Today I had yet to black out and I prayed I would stay with it since Derek called a training session.
I walked into the house tired and ready to take a nap or go out and take picture; one of Chris's men was watching me at the moment. I flung my bag on the couch and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Kaleen barged in as I was searching the fridge.
"What are you doing, Zaklina?" She asked in her musical voice.
"Looking for food." I replied.
"Good nothing important." I could hear her smile, I didn't like it. "So prom is in like a month and you have yet to get a dress or a date." I groaned. "Do you have anyone in mind?"
"What about that nice boy you've gone out with twice?"
I was going to kill whoever told her. "We're friends, I think he'd rather go out with someone else."
"Nonsense! You've gone on two dates, he obviously likes you. You need to ask him."
"What happened to guys asking the girl to prom?" I shot back, reaching for some bread and jelly.
Kaleen snorted. "Please, this isn't the olden days where women were repressed. Take the bull by the horns and ask your man. That's what I did."
"Yeah and he ditched when I was three." I saw the hurt in her eyes the moment I let the words leave my mouth. To be honest, this wasn't a jab at her this time, it was at him; I have father issues. "I mean, I'd like for once for a guy to ask me to a dance. I've asked the last guy to the dance I've attended and for once I'd like it the other way."
"You've been to dances before?" She asked astonished.
I scowled, *Of course I have, you'd know if you were around.* "Yeah."
"That's surprising and you've worn a dress?"
Wow, thanks mother. "Yes, granted they were borrowed but I have worn a dress once or twice."
"That's lovely, but still guys these days are shy and you might have to help him along."
Has she met the guys I hang out with? I rolled my eyes, "What's so bad about going stag?"
"To Prom?" My mother gasped, "That's the saddest thing in the world! You will be looked upon with sympathy and/or thought of as a lesbian. Come now Zaklina, we can't have that!"
Again I scowled, "What if I was?"
"Was what?"
"A lesbian? What would you do?"
"Come now, there is no way you are a lesbian." She laughed at the absurdity of it.
"And how do you know?" I growled and crossed my arms. I felt my temper rise, but thought little of it.
"There is no way you can be a lesbian. Our family simply does not produce homosexuals."
I looked at her in disbelief, "First off, being gay is not a choice. Second, how the fuck would you know, you've only been here like six months. You know nothing about me." I could feel everything about me rising; my nails started changing.
Still she laughed, "You're my daughter, I know you." She wasn't taking me seriously. "You can't be."
"Would you love me less if I was?" I shot. Half because I was mad, and half because I wanted to know.
"Please Zaklina."
"That doesn't answer my question."
"I'm your mother, I don't need to answer your silly questions." She waved her hand. I clenched my fists and looked down trying to calm down. "Now back to who you will ask to the prom. You could ask that nice young man, oh what's his name... Danny! I do adore him." I slammed the side of my fist in the drawer in was standing in front of. "Zaklina!"
"I'm done talking about prom." I turned and all but threw my bread into the toaster.
"We are not, he's a lovely fellow. Why don't you ask him?"
"I'm not his type." I growled. "Drop it."
"Oh please, I bet you are exaggerating. How can you be no ones type?"
"Leave it alone!"
"Don't raise your voice at me young lady! I am your mother and I deserve your respect."
Just as I shouted "Are you fucking kidding me!" there was a crash in the living. Kaleen and I both turned to see Stiles and Scott in the living room looking guilty. While Kaleen was distracted, I bolted out the back door and ran. I heard someone follow me, but I did not worry as the familiar smell of my guardian hit my sensitive nose. When I entered the woods, I finally stopped at a tree, punched it, and scratched my claws down the bark as I squatted. I heaved, trying to calm down.
"You okay?" Scott asked, jogging up next to me.
"Yeah, I'm terrific." I replied sarcastically.
"Ouch, I think I just got frostbite." I growled, flashing my blue eyes at him. He rolled his eyes and slapped headphones over my ears. I started to calm down as a familiar song played through the speakers. "Better?" He asked, knowing I could hear him.
"Yeah..." I replied and leaned my head on the tree. "How'd you know?"
"You tend to listen to this song when you're pissed off." He chuckled.
"How observant." He flashed me a smile and I waited until the song was over before taking of the headphones and handing them back. "Thanks and sorry for snapping at you."
"It's okay, I know how it is."
"What happened after I left?"
"Nothing really. Kally wanted to know where you'd gone and I think Stiles stole your toast. You left a small dent in the drawer you punched."
"Shit." I groaned. "How am I going to explain That?"
"I don't know, maybe no one will notice?"
"Let's hope so."
"You ready to head back?"
"I guess." I sighed and got up. I cringed when I looked at the tree I had scarred. "Sorry." I muttered to it before following after Scott. I didn't see my mother when I reentered the house or for the rest of the night. Stiles, Scott, and I hung out until the training session and headed out when it was time.
"You're late." Derek said as we entered the Hale house.
"Traffic was terrible." Stiles replied instantly. Derek rolled his eyes and head outside to the back yard. We started with stretching and then went straight into training which was a bitch. First we had to do memory and scent finding. Isaac, Scott and I had to find Allison, while Erica, Boyd, and Jackson had to find Stiles. Bind folds were placed over our eyes and told to go. Stiles, Allison, and Lydia found it entertain every time we tripped, fell, or crashed into something. After doing that for about an hour, we switched over to an obstacle course where the end part was trying to take down Derek. For me, things went once again down hill. I still had lingering anger from my fight with Kaleen and then I got frustrated with the training.
"Zak, again." Derek said after throwing me easily off him.
"Yes sir." I growled. He gave me sharp look, but didn't say anything. By now I should have recognized the signs of Gerard trying to contact me, but alas I was too busy focusing on the training session to notice.

~3rd POV~
Zak reset to the start, and went through the course once again with the others. By now she had mastered the objects in her way and tried to attack Derek while Scott and Jackson went after him. Derek of course, easily threw the three betas off of him, sending Zak tumbling to the ground. Derek scowled when Zak didn't get up right away. Out of all of the betas, Zak was the most acrobatic and usually recovered quickly. Then he smelt it, the change in her. Just as he cursed, Zak pinned glowing blue eyes on him and roared; fully shifted. In a blink, she was bolting at him. He just managed to block her attack and pin her body to his.
"Scott, Boyd, and Erica, get them out of here." He jerked his head towards the humans of his pack. They nodded and immediately disappeared with them; Stiles being the hardest to remove.
Derek was losing his grip on Zak as she thrashed in his grip. "Isaac and Jackson, just make sure she doesn't flee." The two betas nodded and partially shifted just in case. Derek let Zak go and she instantly distanced herself and turned to look at him. Her glazed eyes started to calculate her surroundings; she was determined to reach her Alpha. She jerked left and then ran and flipped over Derek's head. Jackson tried to stop her, but she easily ran past him and went deeper into the woods. Derek and his two betas were quick on her heels. Derek managed to cut her off as he came up beside her and threw her backwards. Showing off amazing agility, she flipped in the air and landed on her feet as she skidded. She growled at the larger man who had partially wolfed out. She attacked again and put up a decent fight for someone so new to the werewolf world. Derek was obviously better than her, having his whole life to work on fighting, but she held her own. Finally, Derek managed to slam her into the ground and pin her there. She thrashed and growled, but was unable to escape his grasp at the moment.
"Zak." He growled, eyes flashing a bright red. His Alpha voice did not reach her as she continued to fight against his grip. She ended up kneeing him in the side, distracting him enough to free one of her arms and scratching him across the face. Getting more pissed off than normal, he repinned her arm down into the ground and tried to howled her into submission.
Derek wasn't sure at first if he had any effect on Zak since she still fought him. But as he stared into her eyes, he saw that her once glazed blue eyes were starting to focus. Slowly she stop fighting and soon enough she looked around confused to why she was pinned to the ground in an unknown location. A drop of blood dripped onto her cheek and it finally hit her what happened; she froze. Derek loosened his grip on her and rocked back so he wasn't on top of her. Zak didn't move, instead continued to look up at the night sky. Derek wasn't sure what Zak was going to do, he was sort of leaning towards her starting to cry due to frustration. Instead, she startled him by pounding her fists into the ground and yelling out. Her brown eyes flashed blue as she yelled, but the change was from anger and not because she was being controlled; she was herself at the moment.
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So this story will be ending soon because it's about time and I have other stories I wish to finish. If you liked this fanfic you should check out my other Teen Wolf fanfic called Omega in the Pack. Cheers! -outfit. Love the shirt and book