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Chosen Family


"We need to do something soon or something bad is going to happen to Zak." Chris said as he crossed his arms. We were having the meeting in the middle of the week due to the increasing blackouts I've been having since the training session. "She is either going to attack someone or slip through our defenses. This whole thing is getting out of hand."
"I agree, I can't take it anymore. I'm afraid I'm going to hurt someone, especially dad." I replied, leaning on the wall.
"I don't know, we still don't know anything about Gerard's pack since the fight." Derek replied. "I want to go in with a solid plan and we haven't thought of one."
"Then let's talk because I'm getting tired of having no control over my own fucking body. This is worst than when Peter was taking control of Scott."
"Zak, we can't rush into this." Derek warned. "You need to be patient."
"How the fuck can I be patient? Do you know what it's like to completely black out and wake up confused and realize you hurt someone?" I glared.
Scott replied when Derek said nothing. "I know what Zak means and for her sake and ours, we need to do something. Nothing is worse than not being able to control or remember what happened."
"Fine, does anyone have any ideas?" Derek asked, slightly frustrated.
"Next time just let me go. I remember vague feelings and most of the time I'm aggressive because I know you are going to stop me. If you let me go, I probably won't do anything. Follow me or something."
"Makes the most sense. We should do it with people out of sight though so we have the element of surprise." Chris commented.
"Hook up a camera or something and we can follow after her after Gerard knows she isn't being followed. Thinks he has her and then we can ambush him." Lydia added.
"I see too many risks with this plan." Derek replied.
"There are going to be risks no matter what, at this point we can only come up with a plan that minimizes the risks. We'll want the fight away from people and on our turf. If he has me, he'll come to you most likely to surprise you. If you can track me, you can set the trap instead of vise versa." We went over a plan that would put all of us in the least amount of danger and agreed on it. We planned to set the plan in motion on Friday, hoping Gerard would keep up his streak of trying to summon me. After two hours of discussing it, we finally all agreed on the plan and went to end the meeting. I raised my hand.
"Zak?" Derek asked.
"I have one request, I want to tell dad about everything. After all the shit he's been through and us lying to him, he deserves to know." I looked down. "Plus, if something happened I want him to know and stay out of it."
Derek didn't seem to happy, but nodded, "Fine, but I want to be there."
"Okay, I plan to tell him Thursday."
"Let me know when and I'll come. Does this include Kaleen?"
I snorted, "Hell no, I may be on okay terms with her but there is no way in hell I'm telling her this big of a secret." Derek nodded once more and we were dismissed. The week flew by as anticipation made me want the week to not end. It was Thursday night and for once, dad wasn't working the night shift. Kaleen was out doing something and dad looked at Stiles and me worried.
"I'm not going to like what you are going to tell me, am I?" He asked.
"Depends on your definition of like." Stiles replied.
"Stiles." He looked at him sternly.
"Yes and no." I replied. "You'll like some of it, but probably hate most of it."
"Great, what are we waiting for?" He sighed.
I bit my lip, "Derek."
He narrowed his eyes, "You're not pregnant are you?"
My eyes widened and I cried, "No, God no! No no no no no no!" I flailed. I only paused when I heard Derek drive up. "He's here." I turned and went for the door. "Come on in."
"Do I want to know?"
"Nope." I replied and we walked into the living room. Dad eyed Derek, but didn't say anything.
"Hello sir." Derek greeted and offered a hand.
"Hello. So, what's going on? It can't be good if we had to wait for Derek to come. No offense son." Dad got up from his chair and waited.
"You may want to sit." I tried but he shook his head.
"No thank you, just talk."
"Well, um do you want the good part or the part you'll probably hate the most?"
"Good." He was in sheriff mode.
"Okay, um the good part is Stiles and I no longer have to lie to you. I'm well aware you've caught on to us only telling you half truths and lying, but you won't have to really worry about that anymore. Well no more than regular teens lie to their parents." I rambled.
"Zak." Dad prompted.
"Sorry. Well..." I paused a minute to think the best way to tell him. Finally I went with blunt and would work from there. "Dad werewolves are real." Dad rolled his eyes, but the moment he looked at me again he furrowed his brows; I was serious. "The strange things that have been happening are due to werewolves not mountain lions."
Dad was quiet for a moment before saying, "Okay, let's say I believe you, what does this have to do with you three?" His gaze landed on Derek and stayed there.
"It started back the night Stiles, Scott, and I went in search of..." I looked over to Derek and saw him go stone still. "It started that night. After you caught Stiles and I, Scott was left behind to walk home and on the way he was attacked. His attacker was an Alpha werewolf and he caught lycanthropy. Scott managed to eventually remember certain events and somewhat control his werewolf self, but he was being called by the Alpha that had changed him. The bus driver incident and the school thing was all because of the Alpha. Scott never hurt anyone and eventually we killed the Alpha and we thought things would get easier from there."
Dad cut em off, "We?"
I took a deep breath, "Me, Scott, Stiles, and a few others."
"Others?" I looked to Derek, unsure if I should tell. "Why do you keep looking to Derek?"
I opened my mouth, but Derek cut in, "Because I too am a werewolf. I'm partially to blame for what has happened over the last year and a half, but not in the way you think. My uncle, Peter Hale, was the one who killed Laura so he could become an Alpha to avenge our family." I could feel the pain come off in waves as he explained. "He turned Scott because we are stronger in numbers. At the time I did not know who the Alpha was and together, Scott, Stiles, Zak, and I, tried to figure out who it was."
"They blamed you quite a few times about killing or trying to harm people."
"I know, but I needed them and they needed me, especially Scott since he was new. One night we ended up fighting my uncle and I killed him." Dad sucked in a breath. "And I became the next Alpha and that is why Zak keeps looking to me because the pack around here is mine."
"So you two are part of his pack?"" The blood drained from his face.
"Kind of." I replied. "Stiles and I were the humans of his pack along with Allison and Lydia."
"That's where things get complicated." I continued the story. "After Peter was killed, we buried him and went on our merry way, though Scott decided against submitting to Derek. During the fight, Kate Argent was killed because she was the one who set the Hale fire. Gerard Argent came into town and basically took over."
"Why would Kate Argent want to kill the Hale's?"
"He might as well know." Derek commented and I nodded.
"The Argent's are hunters and most of the Hale's were werewolves. Hunters have a code to follow, but lately some seem to be breaking it such as Kate. Anyway, Gerard caught wind of werewolves in town and stuck around. He's crazy and turned Allison against us after her mother died; she blamed Derek."
"But it was a suicide." Dad replied confused.
"I bit her and since I'm an Alpha, she would have turned." Derek replied.
"And that's bad." He was kind of getting it.
I nodded, "They believe death is better than being turned."
"Why did you bite her?" Dad looked at Derek with mild suspicion.
"We were trying to stop something and the hunters had also come to also stop it. While we were busy hunting the creature, Victoria kidnapped Scott and tried to kill him. I went to rescue him and had to fight her. I didn't mean to bite her, but I needed to get Scott out of there before he died." Dad nodded.
I continued, "So, Gerard wanted to kill Derek and his pack to avenge his daughter and Victoria. After a lot of stressful sh-stuff, most of the pack, excluding Stiles, Lydia, and I, met up with Gerard and Scott had Derek bite Gerard." I saw dad's questioning look. "Gerard was dying of cancer and wanted a cure; lycanthropy would have cured him. However, Scott deceived him and had switched his cancer pills with ones filled with mountain ash and Gerard started to reject the lycanthropy.
"That's around the time Stiles, Lydia, and I crashed in and we saved Jackson. Long story." I replied before dad could ask. "When we refocused on Gerard he had disappeared. We hoped he was gone and didn't have much time to think about him before we had to death with an Alpha pack. That part's unimportant."
"How is an Alpha pack unimportant?" He asked in a strained voice.
"Well unimportant for what this meeting is for. Skip to around Novemberish and Gerard showed up again and vanished within seconds. He showed himself again on Christmas Eve-"
"Is he why you had the bruise?" I could see dad getting pissed.
"Yes, bastard KOed me. Sorry for my language. Again he disappeared and was quiet until about a month ago he attacked us with a pack behind him. We knew he was a werewolf but how he became an Alpha, we don't know. Well, we fought them and..." I dropped it, suddenly it became hard to tell him.
"What happened?"
"Gerard bit Zak." Stiles replied and dad's face once again paled.
I held up my arm and showed him the light teeth marks. "It was an accident, but it happened. Back to one of your questions, I Was human until I was bitten. This past full moon was my first and now I'm a werewolf..."I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The next time I opened my eyes I looked straight at dad. "The reason I'm telling you all this is because I'm not part of Derek's pack anymore, I'm part of Gerard. He's been calling me and I've been blacking out. I can't control myself when he calls and I'm afraid I'm going to hurt you or someone. We've decided to end this with Gerard once and for all."
"What does that mean?" Again his voice was strained. I could feel his emotions and it was killing me, even Derek shifted.
"Tomorrow I'm going to Gerard when he calls me and no one is going to stop me like they have. I'm going to lead them to where he is and we are going to ambush him and destroy his pack. If this goes right, we'll defeat Gerard and I'm free to choose who my Alpha will be."
"If it goes wrong?"
I looked down, "Let's hope it doesn't." I whispered.

At 1am, I crawled into Stiles's bed. "Would it be a bad idea to get dad drunk tomorrow?" I whispered.
He turned to face me, "We unfortunately might have to." I could see the pain in his eyes, I could still feel all of dad's emotions rolling off of him.
"We should have Mrs. McCall come over, maybe she can keep him sane."
"Let's hope so, or he'll be mad at her for not telling him. Let's hope he'll be too distracted to yell at her."