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Chosen Family

Breaking Free

Zak stalked through the woods with determination in her step. She felt someone behind her and she turned with a growl. Isaac moved towards her, "Zak, you need to stop." She growled and attacked him. Isaac put up some effort, but she easily tossed him into a tree and he crumbled unconscious to the ground. Zak sniffed the air and scrunched up her face, smelling a new scent. It disappeared soon after, and she continued on her way. After twenty minutes of walking, Zak arrived at her destination.
"It is nice to see you, Zak." Gerard smiled as he stepped out from the shadows. Zak turned her dull eyes to him and listened. "Meet your pack mates." He gestured to seven other werewolves who crept out from their hiding places. "Everyone, meet Zak." The male wolves grinned hungrily at the sight of the young woman. "So now that we have our final member, let's prepare for tomorrow." The pack returned the a medium sized house that they had been staying in. Gerard kept Zak close, knowing that she may get hurt if she was left alone and at the moment he needed her.
During her time with Gerard's pack, Zak woke three times. She growled and made a fuss whenever someone came too close to her or looked at her wrong. She didn't sleep that night either for fear something or someone would try something. Once morning lit up the sky, Gerard woke everyone and the pack got ready to attack the Hale pack.
"Zak, with me." He motioned for her. She glared at him and slowly walked over. "We are not that bad Zak, just give us a chance." He gave her a grandfatherly smile; she wanted to punch him.
"As I recall you've punched me and bit me, how is that not bad?" She snapped.
Gerard laughed, "You still have spunk. The punch was a little overboard, but I could not risk you following me. The bite was your fault."
Zak scowled, "You were attacking Allison, I couldn't let you kill her."
"I was not going to kill her, she is my granddaughter even if she chose the wrong side."
"Then that pounce of yours wasn't going to crush her?"
"Knock her down: yes, bite her: probably, killer her: no. Now let us go." He started off, pushing Zak in front of him.
"Why do you need me?"
"I know you know."
"I'm assuming as bait?"
"Very good. And protection, they wouldn't harm you. They all care about you too much to have harm come to you."
"I don't know, I got a few bruises when you summoned me in front of Derek."
"He is a rough one, but he would never harm you to the point of it being a grave injury." Zak grumbled and kept quiet, hoping their plan would work. Halfway to the Hale house, the pack was suddenly surrounded by Derek's pack. "Son of a-" He turned and red eyes landed on Zak. "You set us up!" He growled.
She smirked, "Oops, must of forgot to tell you. Sorry, but to be fair you never asked." Just as Gerard smacked Zak, Derek ordered the pack to attack. Chaos ensued as Gerard and Derek's pack collided with each other. Over time it got more dispersed and Gerard ordered Zak and a two of his betas to trail after Boyd and Jackson. Once again under his control, Zak did as she was told and stalked her prey. Before she left, Gerard grabbed her and ordered, "Kill them and anyone who gets in your way." And sent her off.
As commanded, she followed them. They ran through the woods and then crossed the street to the next set of woods. Thinking nothing of it, Zak and her pack mates followed suit, only for Zak to be hit by a car. She roared out in pain as the vehicle came to a stop and the driver got out.
"Are you okay?" A deep voice asked as he got closer. When he recognized Zak, he stumbled back, "Zak? Zak are you okay?" He instantly went to her side. As soon as Zak recovered, her claws wrapped around the man's neck and he stared at her in fear. Zak cocked her head as she looked into familiar eyes. "Zak, it me, it's your dad." The Sheriff tried to gasp out. The words weren't making sense in her controlled mind.
"Zak hurry up and kill him, we're losing our targets." The broadest of the three pack members snapped.
Zak growled back and returned her focus to the man in front of her. His familiar scent wafted to her and her mind started to clear. "Zak." Her dad called as her hands loosened in grip.
"If you don't I will!" The werewolf snapped and went after her dad. Without thinking, Zak turned and racked her claws up his shoulder and up across his face. "Bitch!" The man snapped.
Zak crouched protectively in front of her dad. "Go after him and I'll kill you." Her eyes glowed an intense blue as she pinned him with her stare. "Dad, go."
"Zak." He protested but she started pushing him back to his car.
"Go or you'll get hurt." The sheriff begrudgingly got in and started his car. "Either of you think of going after him and Gerard will have one less members of his pack and guess who he'll take it out on." The two wolves backed down and her dad drove away without being followed. "Let's go."
"No, we can't trust you." The second werewolf replied. "You are now a liability. Sorry darling but you're going to have to die now." His smile grew creepy.
"Like hell-" She was cut off as her mind started to blank. She growled at herself as she fought for control, but it was too much. Her eyes dulled to blue orbs and she hunched over like a predator.
"That's better. Zak, let's go we have to hunt the two werewolves." She didn't reply as she bolted off into the woods again. They eventually found Boyd and Jackson and the five fought. Zak kept switching in between her two forgotten friends and wore them down as her pack mates relentlessly went after them.
"We can't keep this up." Boyd huffed to Jackson when they got a moment's break.
"Zak's the like a fucking monkey or something. When the hell was she this acrobatic?" He hissed.
"Jackson." The two friends looked at each other and then darted off again. As they expected, Zak and the two enemy werewolves followed after them. Jackson and Boyd kept a relatively decent distance between them and their pursuers as the two ran back to their pack.
"Where have you two been?" Erica asked after tossing away an enemy.
"Keeping away from them." Jackson pointed behind himself as Zak and her two partners broke through the trees.
"Oh." She replied and focused back on what was happening. All of a sudden the two packs were facing each other, everyone ready for the signal from their respective Alpha.
Gerard silently called Zak to his side and grinned at the Hale pack. "Do you want to know why Zak is so easy to manipulate?" He asked.
The Hale pack growled, but it was Stiles who replied wryly, "Because she's new?"
Gerard grinned, "No actually. From what I've observed, she's come into being a werewolf easily. She's almost a natural at it. Actually," He started and paused as he looked at her as she looked through her friends and family. "It's all due to her unstable emotions."
"Huh?" Stiles replied without thinking.
"What are you talking about she's one of the most emotionally stable people I know." Scott snapped.
"Scott, Stiles." Derek warned as he kept his eyes on the other Alpha.
"She hides it well, but remember I'm connected to her through the pack bond. She resists it, but it's there. I can feel all her raw pain, sadness, frustration, anger and happiness. She thinks she's got them under control, but she doesn't. And it's those emotions, mainly the first three, that give me the ability to slip into her head and use her." Derek growled, but didn't move an inch. "If you're so determined to get her back, come and get her." Gerard taunted. "Just be careful not to kill her. Go!" His pack charged at the other and within seconds the fighting reach a new climax. The sounds emanating from everyone was terrifying and there were no animals to be seen within a five mile radius. Even the hunters were yelling as the fought the enemy pack, this was a fight almost as bad as the one with the Alpha pack.
And all through it, Zak fought her friends. However, there was something missing in the way she was fighting. She did some damage, caused many to gush blood, yet no wounds were grave. A curiosity brought to light after she incapacitated a hunter. Her glazed eyes looked over the battle field to see where she was needed, but then they stopped on a single fight. One of her pack mates was going in for a kill. Without thinking, her body flew over and collided with the werewolf who was about to kill her brother.
"What the fuck!" The wolf yelled as he turned to Zak.
"Hurt him and you'll regret it." Zak warned, fully wolfed out. The other werewolf didn't listen and attacked. Zak easily dodged him and raked her claws over his side. He howled and attacked again, in the end Zak jumped on his back and put him into a sleeper hold. He fell easily asleep and she ditched his body to go see Stiles.
"Are you okay?" She asked as she knelt down before him with apologetic eyes.
"Yeah, how are you?" He inquired, staring straight into her eyes.
"I've been better and I'm disoriented, but okay."
Stiles grinned, "Good, try not to blackout again and we'll be fine. Help?" He asked with an outstretched hand.
"Of course." She pulled him up and they turned. Together they entered the fray and she stayed by him. God knows when, but all of a sudden she stumbled forward a little in surprise.
"Zak, you okay?" Allison asked; they had come to help her.
"Yeah." She replied bewildered, "But I think Gerard's..." She looked up at Allison with a sad expression.
Allison's eyes glossed over with tears she refused to shed. "He's dead isn't he?" Zak nodded as the fighting around them slowly came to an end.
Chris walked with a stone face to where most of the fighting was. "It's over, you wolves have half an hour to clear out of Beacon Hills and if we ever catch wind of you hurting someone, hunters won't hesitate to kill especially after tonight. Go." He ordered and the wolves darted away. "Allison." He motioned for her. She took a deep breath and walked over to her father. He whispered to her, what he said caused her to cry into his shoulder.
Everyone from the Hale pack gathered together and watched the sight. "Why's she crying, her grandfather was batshit crazy?" Jackson asked with a shaking head.
"She may not have liked what he was doing, but he was still her grandfather; part of her family." Derek replied. "Don't stare, it's rude." He turned and walked over to one of the hunters. "Thank you for your help."
"No problem, just don't get use to it." She replied with a nod.
"I won't. Farewell." He said and headed towards his house.
"I'm going to stay here." Scott said as the pack turned to go.
"If you need us, just call." Stiles smiled and patted his shoulder.
"Tell her if she needs anything, we're around." Zak smiled and headed after Derek. She still had some things to do before going home.
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