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Chosen Family


"So awesome friend of mine, are you ready to go shopping?" Ryder asked as soon as I answered his call.
I sighed, "I suppose."
"Come on, be happy! It's not everyday we get to go shopping for prom."
"I know, I just hate shopping." I whined.
"Who's going shopping?" I turned to see Lydia and Allison walking into the kitchen.
"Not me." I replied.
"Lies, deceit and slander!" Ryder yelled into my ear.
"Shit dude!" I cringed.
"You're going prom dress shopping?" Lydia grinned like the Cheshire cat, eyes sparkling.
"Debatable at this point." I replied, trying to glare at my phone.
"Don't be a poop head Zak, it's a once in a life time experience." Ryder pouted.
"Really now? Then how come we have sophomores and juniors coming?"
I could feel his scowl as he answered, "You know what I mean."
"Sure I do."
"Well if you're going, we are too. We can't trust what you'll pick out." Lydia scrutinized my outfit with her eyes.
"What's wrong with my sense of style?" I scowled.
"Knowing you, you'll pick out a tux or something." Lydia replied.
"You have to admit, she has gotten better over the last year. Her outfit is pretty cute today." Allison pointed out and I looked down. "She's wearing the shirt we got her."
"I suppose. But it doesn't matter, prom is too important to put into the hands of someone who doesn't really care. We are going to make you drop dead gorgeous." Lydia smiled brightly.
"Oh yes we are!" Ryder agreed in my ear.
"Wonderful." I groaned.
"I'll be there soon." Ryder chirped and hung up before I could cancel our plans.
I looked at my two friends and said, "He'll be here in about ten."
"Great." Lydia smiled again and turned to enter the living room.
"Maybe it'll be easier with Lydia, she does know fashion better than anyone." Allison tried.
I gave a small smile, "Yeah, but she'll also make me try on about a hundred things." She replied with an apologetic smile before leaving to see her boyfriend. I shook my head and returned to making myself a sandwich.

Five hours later, Ryder dropped me off and I trudged inside with three bags. Stiles face lit up as he turned to greet me. "Sooo what'd you get?"
I turned tired eyes to him and then grinned, "I wonder."
"That's not fair!" Stiles flailed. "I want to seeee."
"You'll see it on Friday. For now you'll have to wait." I winked and headed upstairs to hide it in my closet. As I walked into my room, that Kaleen was still using..., I stumbled back at the stench. A heavy amount of perfume wafted out of the room and was like a freaking brick wall. "Shit." I muttered as I held my breath and walked in. The chemicals were burning my eyes as I quickly shoved the bags into the closet and left. I quickly went down stairs and inhaled. "Shit."
"What's wrong?" Stiles asked, once again pausing his game.
"My room's like a freaking perfume store. The smell!" I cried.
Stiles chuckled at my reaction. "You're just realizing this now?"
"I rarely enter that room. I can smell it, but I didn't realize how fucking powerful it was." I rubbed my nose as a sneeze built up.
"Yeah, she should probably open her window every once in a while."
"You're telling me." I walked over to the table and picked up my camera bag. "Do you think she's going to leave?" I asked in a quiet tone as I played with the bag strap.
"I don't know. I hope not. I know you don't always get along with her, but I like having family around."
I didn't look at Stiles, "I guess." I couldn't admit to him that I wanted her out, I didn't want to get close to her only for her to walk out again. "I'm going to take pictures. I'll be back later."
"Okay, don't stay out too late." Stiles grinned.
I rolled my eyes with a smile, "Yeah, yeah." I headed out and walked through the woods talking pictures as I went. Walking through the woods now was like walking into a world I had never seen before. I took in details I'd missed and saw things human eyes would never be able to. I smiled serenely as I took my time and captured moments.
It was getting dark, when I heard someone behind me. I waited until they were closer and I was done taking a picture to say something. "Hey Derek." I heard a grunt as I posed the camera for another shot. "Whatcha up to?"
"Walking the woods." No shit.
"Any reason or you just a nature walk?" I smirked into the shot.
"Does it matter?" He asked and I finally started to put my camera away.
"Minorly I suppose. I don't want to be out here alone if a vampire was out here wrecking havoc on the woods." Derek gave me a pointed look. "Hey werewolves are real, who's to say vamps aren't. Oh hey Nix!" I smiled as the almost fully groan red and orange bird circled us and then landed on my arm. "Who's a lovely bird?" I cooed and stoked under his chin. Her purred into the touch.
"Can you take him now that the Sheriff knows?" Derek crossed his arms as he watched me interact with the phoenix.
"Sadly no, Kaleen still doesn't know and I want to keep it that way. Plus, I don't think Nix really is bothering you. Half the time he's out in the woods flying about." He chirped and then flew off to find some food. I heard a sheik in the distance and then silence. "He's going to one day leave, isn't he?"
"Most likely."
"I hope when he does, he at least visits from time to time." My eyes shifted to my Alpha and I grinned, "You're totally going to miss him."
"No." He replied, but I heard the tiniest offset of his heart.
"Liar." I teased and I received a low growl. "Relax, I'm only teasing." We were quiet for a little while before Derek broke the silence.
"Are you going to be okay Friday?"
I looked over to him confused, "Why wouldn't I?"
"You're a new werewolf, will all that stimuli and adrenaline cause you to shift by accident?"
I paused to think about that, "I think I'll be fine. I've been doing okay lately."
"But you haven't experience a dance yet or anything like it."
"I fought another wolf pack." I pointed out.
"You know what I mean Zak. Also, half of that time Gerard was controlling you."
I pouted, "Yeah, but I did get over that and you won't control me so I'll be fine. And if I feel it happening I will excuse myself to calm down. If I can't calm down I'll call you or Stiles or Scott or someone to pick me up. It won't be hard to leave."
"Just make sure you have an escape plan if something happens." He warned.
"I know." I smirked at him.
"What?" He scowled.
"You may try to hide it, but you sir are a very caring person." Derek's scowl deepened. I laughed, "Don't worry I won't tell, you can keep up your big-bad-Alpha persona if you wish. I'll see you later, but I must return for dinner. Unless you'd wish to join?" Derek disappeared a second later. I shrugged and headed home.
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I have two outfits created for prom and not sure which one to choose. Green or black and white? -outfit