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Chosen Family

Girling it Up

I locked myself in the bathroom so I could get dressed in peace. Apparently everyone found the need to come to the house and see me all dressed up. Seriously, it wasn't that special. I checked my cell to see that Ryder and Danny, yes Ryder finally asked him to the dance, would be picking me up in about twenty minutes. I looked at myself still in my towel, from when I took a shower; I had time. I quickly dried my short hair, straightened it, and put a fine layer of hairspray in so it wouldn't friz. Once I got my hair all settled, I started on my simple makeup. I put on a light amount of foundation, some blush, white eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, and finally pink lipstick with a little bit of gloss. Happy with the outcome, I managed to slipped on my black skirt, and got my corset on. "Shit." I muttered to myself as I heard a knock on the door.
"Zak, are you ready? It's almost 7:40." Allison's voice called through the door.
"Perfect." I smiled and opened the door. "Tighten it please." I turned so she could finish the lacing.
"Damn Zak, you're gorgeous." She replied in awe as she tied off the back.
"Thank you." I smiled and turned to face her. "One more thing, mind tying my choker?"
"Not at all." She giggled and did it for me. Just as she finished, my cell went off.
"Hello." I greeted.
"We'll be there in a minute." Danny's voice greeted me.
"You know you're going to have to come in right?"
"Can't you just run out?"
"Nope, if I have to deal with prom shenanigans so do you. People will want evidence and who are we to deny them their rights?"
"Fine, we're pulling up now."
I chuckled, "Alright see you in like two seconds." I clicked off and looked at Allison. "Ready?"
"Of course." She chuckled. "Where are your shoes and coat?"
"Downstairs." I frowned, "I may have to rethink putting on my shoes..." I looked down at my chest.
"Have one of the guys do it."
I looked at her shocked, "And have someone touch my feet? No thank you." Allison couldn't help but laugh as we headed downstairs. Everyone was too busy complimenting Danny and Ryder to really pay attention to me, until one of the werewolves smelt me and turned.
"Shit Zak, that you?" Erica asked as she stared in surprised.
I crossed my arms, "I can on occasion look nice."
"Nice?" She looked at me in disbelief, "You're fu-really hott!" She stopped herself from swearing in front of dad. I shrugged and walked over to where my shoes were. As I put them on I faced away from everyone and towards the wall.
"Zak why are you facing the wall?" Scott asked with a cocked head.
I looked over my shoulder and replied, "Contrary to popular belief, I do have cleavage and do not feel like flashing it to everyone." Half the guys blush red, including my dad.
"Zak, do you really need to be that crude?" Dad asked with a shake of his head.
"Sorry." I chuckled and stood up. "Alright, pictures and then we go!" Ryder, Danny, and I posed for numerous amounts of pictures with each other and different people. At 8pm we were finally able to leave and head to the prom. Throughout the dance, the three of us and our friends partied it up like it was the last thing we were going to do. Most of them were drunk, but who was I to judge? If I was a werewolf and unable to get drunk, I would probably be right there beside them. But shh don't tell dad.
A few times I had to go out and get some air, fearing I was getting a little too pumped. But other than a flash of blue eyes here and there, nothing serious happened. I danced a slow song with Danny, another with Ryder, and few times with other friends I had made over the course of high school. Over all it was a great night of just having fun. Around 11, Ryder, Danny, and I left the prom and decided it would a great idea to get ice cream. We drove around for twenty minutes trying to find a place that served ice cream that was open, and we finally found a local diner that was open.
"Zak, I have a question for you." Ryder said as he pointed a spoon at me.
"Yes?" I asked, taking a spoonful of hot fudge into my mouth.
"How the hell did you cover that," He motioned at my figure, "So no one realized that you had such an amazing body?"
I was taken back, "I thought you didn't look at females like that?"
"I don't, I am 100% gay, but even I can notice that you have a very nice body. Especially when 90% of the guys at that dance stared at you. Why hide it?"
I leaned back and thought, "I'm not really hiding it..." Ryder gave me a speculating look. "Okay a little, but I grew up with Scott and Stiles. There was no way a dress or skirt would have survived our many adventures together, so I usually wore either Stiles's clothes or eventually my own basketball shorts and t-shirt. Once those kind of baggy clothes are integrated into your life, wearing a short skirt or shirts and some type of feminine clothes are just uncomfortable both material wise and self-conscious wise. It was always easier to wear guy clothes than girls. I'm not exactly the girly type if you haven't noticed." I smirked at him.
"I've noticed, I'm pretty sure you could kick half the guy's at our school's butts. Still, I think you could pull off tough chick while wearing female clothes every once in a while."
"Why do you care so much?" I raised a brow.
Ryder shrugged, "I think you'd get a guy seeing you more as a female than one of the bros if you wore girl jeans and shirts every once in a while."
"Shouldn't I want a guy to like me for me and not the clothes I wear." I shot with another smirk.
"That is true, Danny help me." Ryder looked to his silent date who was observing our conversation.
"It wouldn't hurt. From what I've observed, guys tend to have a hard time approaching a tough girl as it is. Add a pack of guy friends and dude clothes, a guy's got one tough barrier to overcome. You're pretty intimidating Zak."
I snorted, "Me intimidating? Pff, yeah right." Danny and Ryder looked at me like I was crazy. "What?"
"She really doesn't get it." Ryder marveled.
"Get what?"
"That you are pretty intimidating to approach." I opened my mouth to object, but Danny held up a hand. "Think of it from a guy's point of view. First off, you dress like one of the guys. Second, more often than not you are surrounded by males on a daily basis. Granted Stiles is your brother and not that intimidating looking, but nonetheless he is a brother and will defend you with his life if some jackass tried to hurt you. Then you have Scott and Jackson the two co-captains of the lacrosse team and Boyd, Erica, and Isaac who are kind of scary in their own right. Third, your father is the sheriff, that'd scare any guy."
"And let's not talk about your attitude." Ryder added.
"What about my attitude?" I pouted.
"Your tough girl attitude. Nothing wrong with it, but you always have a smirk or grin that seems to be saying 'I Know Something You Don't.' You exhume confidence and that is hard to approach."
I leaned forward with my hands on both sides of my head, "You're right. Guys are too scared to talk to me, I'm a scary person."
"That's not what we are saying! Relax." Ryder patted my arm. "All we are trying to do is point out that you need to try and find a way to be easier to approach. An easy way to do that is to actually wear female clothes every once in a while."
"But girl clothes are uncomfortable." I whined. "I'm going to be alone forever."
"I highly doubt that." Danny whispered causing my eyes to immediately go to him. He looked like he knew something, but before I could call him out on what he meant, Ryder continued talking.
"Not all are, you just need to find ones that make you comfortable."
I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, yeah. Maybe that can be my goal for college." I teased.
Ryder rolled his eyes with a smile. "It'll be a nice goal for you. Goal one: look like a girl for once. Goal two: pass classes."
"You know me, I always got my priorities straight."
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