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Chosen Family

Like Opening Old Wounds

I was abruptly woken up, but due to my not quite awake state I couldn't figure out why. I groaned and felt around for my phone to figure out what time it was. I opened one eye to see that the digital numbers flashed 11:07 am. Figuring I might as well get up, I stretched and rolled off the bed. I wrinkled my nose as I shuffled out of my room and downstairs to get brunch. I didn't have to be at school until about two thirty because I was a senior and graduation rehearsal wasn't until after school. Being a senior rocked sometimes.
I never actually made it to the kitchen because I stopped dead on the last stair and stared in disbelief. It took me a good minute to snap out of my stupor and growl. "What the fuck!" I barked.
My other lazily turned her head with a stupid grin on her face. "Heeeey sweetieeee. Want a drag?" She offered me a half inhaled joint.
"Fuck no." I growled again, well aware that my eyes were probably blue.
"Woah!" She cackled, "When'd you get blue eyes? Your dad had the most gorgeous blues eyessss." She smiled and stumbled over to me. I scrunched up my nose at the smell of the marijuana as she clung to me. "You look so much like him right now, you know? Beautiful porcelain skin," She ran a finger down my clenched cheek. "Almost bleach blonde hair," She next fingered my short hair. "And those lovely glowing blues eyes that usually look like mine. You're lucky, you're soooo beautiful. Any man would love to fuck you." She smiled and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. I growled again, but she didn't notice. "You take right after me, men chased me wherever I went."
"I'm nothing like you." I glared.
"Like mother like daughter darling. You are fucking gorgeous like yours truly."
"I may have a feature or two like you, but I will never be like you."
"What's wrong with being like me?" She giggled as she went to take another drag.
"That's enough." I snatched the joint from her fingers and smashed it out.
"What the fuck, I was still smoking that!" She yelled with a pout.
"Too damn bad. I told you before, you're not doing any drugs while in this house. So sit down." I commanded and picked up her paraphernalia.
"Hey, you can't tell me what to do!" She shouted and was about to lunged at me.
"Sit the fuck down now or I will call dad and have you arrested!" I snarled back and she coward.
"He's not even your dad, not even related to you!" She tried to fight back as she sat down.
"He's more family to me than you will ever be, now shut up. Here's some food, stay there until your damn high is gone." I switched on the TV so she had entertainment and opened some windows. She quietly settled down and was soon too caught up in some soap (that she thought was way too funny) to even realize what I was doing; I was forgotten.
As I bagged her drugs, tried to air out the place, and pack her bags, I couldn't let go of my anger. I had to stop packing a few times because my nails changed to claws. I paced, trying to find anyway to shift back to normal, but found it almost impossible. Finally I called for help.
"Hello?" Derek asked when he finally answered his phone.
"Two favors. One: Find a bloody bus ticket out of Beacon Hill, Two: please come over before I kill my mother." I replied in a tight voice.
"Are you okay?" He asked immediately.
I gave a dry laugh, "Define okay. Physically I'm awesome, mentally I'm having a terrible time not shifting." I was still pacing in my room.
"I'll be over in a few."
"Don't forget the ticket." I managed to grind out. "Thanks."
"No problem." The line went dead and I ripped the zipper close on my mother's bag; surprised it didn't come off. I hulled the bags down the stairs and threw them next tot he door. I walked outside and held onto the porch railing, trying to breathe the frustration out. Even though I had my eyes closed, I knew when Derek arrived.
"You smell like-" I cut him off.
"I know." I growled. "She fucken did drugs. She did them in the house. How the hell did she not think I was going to find out?" I let out a frustrated yell and pushed the railing causing it to bend slightly.
Derek grabbed my shoulders and made me turn to face him. "I know you are mad, but you need to calm down." I was too worked up and growled. "Zak." He commanded and his eyes flashed red. "Snap out of it and calm down, everything is going to be okay."
I tensed all my muscles and balled my fists for a few seconds and then released them. I slowly started to calm down and my head dropped down. "She never stopped, how did I not know? I'm a werewolf, I should have been able to smell it on her. How did I not know?"
"She works in the perfume department, all those smells can overpower the smell of drugs. It was over stimulating and even with our heightened senses, we can't distinguish everything." He replied.
I leaned forward so my head rested on his shoulder; my body not having the strength to fully keep me up. "It's not fair. Why does this always happen?" Derek was still, unsure of what to do. He didn't answers, knowing there was no answer to my question. "How silly am I to believe that she would change?" I let out a harsh laugh. "Humans are creatures of habit, she won't change."
"You aren't being silly Zak. She's an adult, she should be taking responsibility for her actions."
"But all she does is run." I whispered. "Do you know how long it takes for a person to come down from a high?" Changing the subject.
"Not really?" He replied.
"Me either, never got around to experimenting. Now I'll never know." I pushed myself off of Derek and wiped my eyes. "Sorry."
"Don't worry."
"And thanks again."
"My job is to make sure my pack is okay."
I gave him a look with a small smile. "You're getting it." Referring to his Alpha skills.
He looked away and replied quietly, "I guess."
"Take the compliment." I rolled my eyes and looked at the back door. I sighed, "Did you bring the ticket or should I go look now?"
"I didn't have time if I wanted to get here fast. Why do you need a ticket?"
"I told her if she did drugs I'd kick her out of the house and out of town. I am not dealing with her shit. I have a few brochures for rehabs, but she isn't staying in town if she's going to do drugs."
"Is kicking her out of town a good idea?"
"Good or bad, I can't have her around. I can't have her living in this house or existing around town as a constant reminder of how selfish she is and how much she doesn't want me." I whispered the last part. "Also, I can't have her tarnish dad's reputation. He's been through enough shit already with Stiles and me, I'm not going to have her add to his burden."
"As along as this is what you want."
"It is. I've had months to think about it." I gave him a grin that didn't reach my eyes. "Come on, let's get this done before Stiles comes home. It'll be easier that way." Derek and I managed to buy her a ticket for a bus that leaves at 2:05pm. It would give me enough time to get her on the bus and drive to school for rehearsal.
"Do you need anything else?" Derek asked after I returned from changing.
I shook my head. "I don't think so."
"You going to be okay?" I could feel his eyes on me and knew he would be listening closely to my heart.
"I will be." I picked at the crust of my sandwich. "It's like tearing open an almost healed wound. It'll get better with time, but right now it hurts."
He placed a hand on my head and ruffled my hair a little, "If you need space, the den is always open."
"The den of angst." I smirked and then chuckled at his reaction. He scowled, but didn't say anything. "I'm kidding, it's a very calming place to be. I'll probably be there frequently for a while. Thanks for everything."
"Call if you need anything." I nodded and he disappeared out the back. I still had an hour to kill before I was to bring Kaleen to the bus. I headed up stairs to start the great purge of my room.
Once 1:50pm arrived, I headed downstairs to find Kaleen right where I'd left her. I walked over with her shoes and held them out to her. "Put these on, we're going."
She looked at me confused. "What?"
"I said we're going. Now put your shoes on."
She complied, but asked, "Where are we going?" Her state almost back to being sober.
"The bus."
"I told you, you do drugs you're out of here. Come on, your bus leaves soon."
Her face grew angry, "No."
"Too damn bad. We made a deal and you broke it. Either do it nicely or I force you. It's your call." I crossed my arms. "I'm not dealing with your bullshit today."
"You can't kick me out!" She snapped.
"I can and I will. You are only a guest in this house, and you are no longer welcome. Go or I force you."
"You can't make me."
"Wanna bet?" I grabbed her upper arm and started dragging her. She tried to fight, but soon found it pointless. I got her into the passenger seat and within ten minutes we arrived at the bus station.
"Please Zaklina, don't throw me out. I promise I will stop." She begged as I pulled her luggage out of my trunk and ditched them on the sidewalk.
"Your promises are hollow Kaleen." I replied in a dull voice. "You should have thought about the consequences before you decided to take a hit in MY house." I turned and gave her $100. "Here's money for a hotel and food. This is the only charity I am giving you. Call for money and there is no way in hell I am giving you any. And these are brochures for rehab places. If you're smart you'll go to one. Don't come back here unless you've turned your life around because I can't deal with your bullshit anymore." She looked at me in a daze.
"Why are you sending your mom away?" She cried and tears spilled from her eyes.
With a blank face I replied, "You are the woman who gave birth to me, you aren't my mom. I already had one of those." I turned to the bus driver. "Make sure she gets on." He nodded with a confused face but shrugged. "Bye."
"You can't leave me!" She cried as I turned to go.
I scowled at her, "Why not, you did?" I walked over to my car and didn't look back. I watched the bus leave and then drove to school for practice.

I arrived home around 5:30, tired and exhausted. I shuffled through the door, barely registering that dad, Stiles, and Scott were home.
I was going upstairs when Stiles asked, "Zak, do you know where Aunt Kally is? Her stuff is gone."
I don't usually like hurting Stiles, I knew the truth would, but I just didn't care, "I kicked her out of town."
I heard the anger when he yelled, "Why?"
"Zak, that's not an answer!"
"Stiles, calm down. Zak." I stopped halfway up the stairs and looked to dad. "Why did send your mother away?"
I cringed when he said mother, but didn't fight the wording. I sighed, "She blatantly broke her promise, so I bussed her off." Before anyone could say anything I asked, "Dad, you're working tonight right?"
"Yes." He replied with furrowed brows.
I gave a small nod. "The bag on the counter labeled STUFF, please dispose of it. I don't know how." I trudged up the stairs and as I was stepping into the shower I heard dad inhale sharply downstairs. Once under the shower, I started sobbing, glad the noise was covered by the running water.
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