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Chosen Family

Feelings of Graduating

I had to be at the school in an hour, but I couldn't move from my seat at my desk. I stared at the ticket with a mixture of emotions swirling through me. What to do with this extra ticket? I could give it to a friend so they had an extra one or think of someone to give it to. After spending another five or so minutes just sitting there, I finally got up with the ticket in hand and headed for my car.
"I'll meet you at the graduation." I called as I picked up my keys and camera bag near the door.
"Okay. See you soon." Dad gave a hesitant smile. He watched me carefully as I left, unsure of how to react to last night's fiasco. We haven't talked about it, the Event, but it's there and I know he'll want us to talk about it soon. But I wasn't ready. Emotionally, I was blocking the pain away.
I slipped into my car and drove. My music played as I drove mechanically to the location I had driven to more times this year than anywhere else. After a little while, I drove up the dirt driveway and parked next to the black car of the house's occupant. I swung my legs out, making sure that my skirt didn't ride up as I got out. "Derek, you home?" I called, clearly aware that he was.
He appeared at the front door and walked onto the porch. "Everything alright?"
I chuckled, "You tell me." He gave me a look and I gave a small smile. "Denial phase right now, but that's not why I'm here."
"Then why are you?" A black brow rising slightly.
I held out the ticket, "Got an extra ticket, wanna go?"
"I don't know..." He still has the rep from when he first moved here.
I rolled my eyes, "Come on, it won't be that bad. Plus, you should be there."
He looked at me skeptically, "And why is that?"
I grinned, "Come on Alpha man, you've managed to keep all your pups safe for over a year and one of them is graduating. You should be there to celebrate that fact." Derek look hesitant, "Well, it's here if you decide to come." I placed it in his hand and turned. "I'll see yeah later, but I best be off to my Graduation." I could feel him rolling his eyes. I climbed back into my car and drove off to the school.
Before the actual graduation ceremony, I hung out with Ryder and tried to forget about last night. It worked for a while, until we were called into places and I stood alone. I started thinking and my head dipped down as I thought about how Kaleen would yet again miss something important in my life. I played with the zipper on my gown until the line started moving and we processed in. The entire ceremony took about two hours from beginning to end. I was startled a little when I received my diploma because when I looked out, I saw Stiles, Scott, Isaac, Allison, Erica, Boyd, Danny, and Lydia cheering extremely load, Dad cheering and tearing up, and Derek silently clapping. I gave a smirk as I walked back to my seat and waited out the rest of the graduation.
Once it had finally wrapped up and all the seniors threw their caps in the air, I took my tassel off first, I found my family and was instantly engulfed in a hug. "I'm so proud of you Zak." Dad whispered.
I hugged him back tighter and buried my face in his neck. "Thanks dad." I whispered back. After being released from him I was picked up and thrown over someone's shoulder.
"Party!" Scott cheered and twirled me.
I laughed and I grabbed hold of his shirt. "Scott! I need to return my gown first." After a final spin, he plopped me down with a smile.
"We'll meet you at the cars." Allison smiled and gave me a hug.
"Alright. Be there soon." I hugged everyone one last time.
"I'll meet you back at the house." Dad said as he hugged me tight.
"Okay. See you soon." I kissed his cheek and he left to fight the crazy traffic. Derek patted my shoulder as he too disappeared into the throng of people.
When I thought everyone left, Stiles pounced on me. "Congrats Zak!!!!" He held on tight as his hug tossed me to and fro. I laughed aloud at his energized antics.
"Thanks Stiles." I replied when he finally settled down.
"I can't believe you graduated and you're the same age as me." He gave a whine with a huge smile.
"I'm just that awesome lil brother." I stuck out my tongue. "Anyway, tomorrow I will no longer be the same age as you."
He scowled playfully. "Yeah yeah old woman."
I rolled my eyes, "If I'm old then Allison must be classic and Derek ancient."
"You're right! I'm totally calling them that!" Stiles laughed.
"Just be careful. Allison has Scott and she's skilled in the art of the bow. Derek... we'll he's Derek and could probably kill you with his scowl."
"Allison would never kill me, I'm like her best friend!" He looked appalled. "And as for Derek, you can protect me." He smiled.
I raised a brow, "I will?"
"Gotta look after your lil bro right?"
"Ah yes, the duties of an older sister." I grinned.
"Exactly. Plus, I doubt Derek would hurt you."
"Have you seen me after a training session. I'm all black and blue like."
"Technicalities. Well, I should go so you can return your stuff. Later!" He hugged me again and ran off towards our friends. I shook my head and headed to the auditorium to pass in my things and get my packet of medical records.
"So Miss Zak, we did it. We're finally out of this place." Ryder grinned beside me.
"Yeah, who knew this day would come?" I thought back over the past year and a half and how sometimes I'd wonder if I would survive. "Feels like an accomplishment. We should get shirts that say: Achievement Unlocked: Graduated High School."
Ryder doubled over in laughter, "That'd be awesome. Shoulda been our class shirts."
I snapped my fingers, "Why didn't that come to us earlier?"
"I don't know." As I was handing in my things, Ryder asked quietly, "Hey Zak, where's your mom? I thought she'd be here."
I froze and then looked down; my heart sunk. "She couldn't make it."
"Why not? Couldn't she have taken the day off?" His puzzled face made me angry.
I opened my mouth to yell at him, but shut my mouth and looked away. "She's not in town anymore. She left yesterday."
His eye widened, "Zak! I'm so sorry."
"Don't, it's not your fault." I started picking at the folder holding my records. "I knew she would one day."
"Well if you need anything, let me know." He smiled kindly.
I looked up and gave a small smile in return, "Thanks. I should go, everyone's waiting for me."
"No prob. Congrats Zak." He hugged me.
"You too Ryder, college here we come." He laughed and I left to find my friends. Scott, Allison, and Stiles were the only ones left. "Where is everyone?"
"Lydia didn't want to bring your present so she, Jackson, and Danny went to go get it." Allison replied.
"She didn't have to get me anything."
"You know Lydia." She smiled.
"True, so I'll meet you at the house?" I asked.
"Yes ma'am!" Scott replied and we headed back to my house.
I didn't think anything of the way my friends were acting. So I got quite the surprise when we entered the house and the house was filled with people shouting Congratulation! at me. I stumbled back at the surprise and yelped. Everyone laughed at me, earning them a playful scowl.
"That was the best reaction ever." Isaac laughed as he came up and patted me on the shoulder. The house was fully decorated with streamers, balloons, two cakes, junk food, banners, hats that everyone was forced to wear, and music. The entire pack crowded into the house including Mrs. McCall, my dad and a few of my friends that were not pack. I couldn't express how happy I was though I had a feel that the werewolves in the crowd could smell it. But after a while I needed to get out for a bit to breathe and think straight. I walked down the back porch steps and entered the woods a little bit.
"You okay?" Derek asked, his boots crunching the sticks and debris on the ground.
"Yeah, having so many voices in such a small place for so long was making me crazy." I gave a small smile. "Needed a minute to myself." He nodded.
"Why else?" He knew I was omitting something.
"Why do you think there's more?" I inquired.
"I'm your Alpha and..." He seemed unsure of how to complete the sentence.
"My friend? You can say it, unless you don't think we're friends?" He remained quiet. "Well after everything I think all of us are friends. Anyway continue your argument."
"I know when there is something you are hiding. We've spend enough time around each other that I can tell."
I nodded and looked up. "Wish I had my camera." I murmured. "You're observant as usual. I just felt like getting away, right now dealing with people was a pain. I'm grateful for this party, but I'm..." I slipped off unsure of how to describe how I felt.
"Having a hard time keeping up appearances." He finished.
I nodded, "I know this is meant to be happy. I survived high school! But after yesterday I'm just not in the mind set to party all night long."
"It wasn't your fault Zak." I heard him step closer.
"Yeah, keep trying to convince myself that but it hasn't helped." My head dropped to my chest. "I threw her out of town Derek... almost quite literally." I whispered. I was surprised when I was pulled into a hug. "I thought I was over these feeling..." I mumbled into his shoulder.
"You never get over them Zak, you just slowly learn to accept them." He whispered back.
"How's that going for you?" I really wanted to know; did I have hope of ever accepting these feelings.
"As Stiles once told me I'm emotionally constipated." I couldn't help but laugh, that was an entertaining day. "But I'm getting there, but I still have a ways to go. It's going to take a while."
"Isn't that always the way?"
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