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Chosen Family

My Leg!

And with my mother arriving to live with us, my life once again took a crazy turn. Many people in town had forgotten that I wasn't the Sheriff's biological daughter and it was going to be awkward to explain my relation to the crazy new woman in town. She somehow managed not to get anyone's attention until one of my game. She decided to cheer Stiles and me by making obnoxious signs and sitting next to Mrs. McCall.
"Go Zaklina! Go Stiles!" She cheered even though all we were doing was stretching. Stiles and I waved at her, trying our best to get her to just shut up. Okay maybe it was just me.
"Who's that?" Danny asked, looking at the crazy woman in the stands.
I looked at Stiles who simply replied, "My aunt. Just grin and smile, that'll make her happy."
"Then again, if you do it enough she'll start making signs for you." I grinned at my friends who all paled.
"I'm good." They all replied as we grouped together. Jackson, Scott, Isaac, Danny, and a few other people took to the field to start the game. Stiles and I sat together and made commentaries about both teams. At one point, I was subbed in as an offender. Things were going fine until one particularly aggressive play where the defender on the opposite team went after me. As I passed the ball, I twisted my ankle when I tripped over his. I hissed in pain, but quickly got up to help my teammates. After we scored the goal, I motioned for Stiles to have the coach call a time.
"Time!" Coach Finstock called and looked straight at me. "Better have a good reason Stilinski."
"Always coach." I called back as I dropped my stick and took off my shoe.
"You alright?" Scott asked as he came by my time.
I snorted, "Yeah, just twisted my ankle. Wanna help me get to the bench."
"Of course. Jackson." Scott called and Jackson was immediately by my side. "Other side." The three of us hobbled to the bench.
"What happened Stilinski?" Coach Finstock asked.
"Twisted my ankle." I replied and swung it up on the bench.
"Great, Bilinski you're in." Stiles looked startled and kind of like a prairie dog.
"I-I'm in?"
"That's what I said. Now everyone get back on the field." Coach commanded.
"Hun, are you okay?" My mother fluttered to my side. She hovered over me as the trainer took a look at my ankle. Everyone knows that I hate when people hover over me and crowed me. I can deal with pack cuddle time where everyone makes sure they are touching almost everyone. And on occasion when I am sick, I do like to cuddle with someone until I feel better. However, normally I hate people fussing over me; I'm a very independent person. My mother was no exception and she didn't seem to get the hint. I knew the wolves could feel how irritated I was getting. Every so often, I would catch Issac or Scott looking over at me. I was on the verge of getting up and walking away; screw my sprained ankle. So it felt like a miracle when half time arrived and Isaac all but picked me up to bring me to the locker room.
"I should come too, to make sure she is okay." My nose flared as my mother started after us.
"Sorry Auntie, but team members only. She'll be fine." Stiles came to my rescue as Issac and I disappeared into the locker room.
I sat on the bench breathing and trying to contain my emotions. The werewolves seemed unsure of what to do, I was usually a very level headed person. Stiles plopped down beside me and asked, "You alright?"
"She hovered." I grumbled. "I hate people fluttering near me."
"Should have told her to stop, she can be very... thick sometimes."
I looked up and replied, "I did, like 500 times. She's impossible."
"She cares about you, Zak." I snorted but didn't retort. Stiles decided it was better to change the subject because he then asked, "How's your ankle?"
"Hurts like a bitch, but just sprained. The trainer says if I'm good and stay off it for the next week and a half to two weeks I should be able to play in the finals."
"Sweet!" He smiled and high-fived me. "Do you need to go to the doctors?"
"Yeah, unfortunately."
"Do you want to go now or tomorrow?"
"I should probably go now than later." I sighed.
"I can see if Derek can bring you or we can see if Mrs. McCall can."
"I'll call Derek, Scott's playing. I'll let her have some normalcy in her life." Scott and Stiles chuckled and agreed. Stiles passed me my phone and I called Derek.
"Hello?" His deep voice answered.
"Wow you actually answered your home phone." I remarked surprised.
"Zak..." I could picture him rolling his eyes.
"Sorry, mind picking me up from school? I sprained my ankle and I wanna get it checked out."
"Yeah, give me five minutes."
"Thanks, see you later." I flipped my phone shut and called to coach. "Coach Finstock, I'm heading to the hospital. That cool?"
"Yeah, you better be ready for the finals."
"Yes sir." I saluted.
"Right. Let's go and kick some butt!" He shouted and the team cheered.
"You need help to the lot?" Isaac asked.
"Naw I can hobbled, thanks though." I smiled and he nodded. Stiles passed me a pair of crutches and I made my way to the parking lot. Derek arrived as I was still making my way to the lot.
"You really did a number on your ankle." He observed as he slowly made his way to me.
"Yep, and it hurts so bad." I whined playfully.
"Well come on hobble, we need to get you to the hospital." He teased and stood in place.
I glared at him, "You could help me." He shrugged and just as I made it close to him, I heard my mother call to me.
"Zaklina!" She called, not in view yet.
"Shit." I muttered and pushed Derek so he was hidden. He crashed into something as I turned to see her rounding the corner. "What?" I asked guarded.
"I heard you were going to the hospital. I thought I should go." She pouted.
"No." I said too quickly and sighed as I back peddled. "You should stay here for Stiles, he doesn't play often and since only Mrs. McCall's here you should stay and cheer him on. You don't wanna waste your sign do you?"
"You're right. You sure you're going to be okay?"
"Yeah, my friend's going to be here any minute."
"Okay, be safe honey." She pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek. I cringed in pain and from her being so close. "I'll see you when you get home." She waved as she fluttered off. Yes, my mother tends to flutter when she moves.
I sighed and Derek came out from hiding, "Want to tell me why I just hid and who that was?"
"Not particularly and she would have given me crap for going to the hospital with a guy. She seems to not get that most of my friends are guys. Can we just go please?" My foot was really starting to bother me, I could feel it pulsing.
He looked at me for a second and then nodded, "Sure, come on." He helped me into his Camaro and drove me to the hospital. Just as the trainer said, I had a bad sprain and should stay off my foot for two weeks. I was released around 9 and we headed to my house.
"Thanks for taking me." I smiled as I got ready to leave the car.
"No problem, just be careful."
"Will do. Night."
"Night." As I was about to shut the door Derek called, "If you need to talk, you know where to find me."
I looked at him and smirked, "Says the guy who's bad at communicating?" He looked at me pointedly and my features softened, "Thanks, I may one day take you up on that." I waved and hobbled up the stairs to the house. I looked behind and waited until he left before entering the house. "I'm home."
"Are you okay?" Once again my mother was by my side hugging me.
"Yes, just fine." I replied tightly. "But they gave me some painkillers and I'm tired. I'm going to bed, night." I slowly made my way upstairs, into Stiles's room, and once I could, I passed out for the night.