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Chosen Family

The Whole Gang

*ISSAC, ERICA, AND BOYD ARE EATING DINNER WITH US.* I stared down at the text message and groaned. I hoped I had enough food to feed this small army. I texted back *DEREK'S COMING TOO. THIS'LL BE INTERESTING...* I slipped the phone in my pocket and headed into the kitchen to start making food. I didn't know where we were going to fit everyone, but I would worry about that later.
Two minutes after I sent my text, I received another one from Stiles. *WHY'S HE COMING?* I made a face as I replied *KALEEN INVITED HIM AND THREATENED TO FIND HIM IF HE DIDN'T SHOW.* I sent it and continued on my way. I decided the best thing to make was burgers and started making them. Around 5:30 everyone but Derek and dad arrived by barging through the door. "Honey, I'm hooome." Stiles called from the doorway.
"Good, you can set the table." I called back to him.
"Yes, ma'am." He saluted and everyone started setting the table with plates, utensils, napkins, condiments, glasses and other supper time necessities. "Does dad know?" Stiles asked as he slid in next to me.
I looked up from the last burgers and replied, "Not yet. I thought I'd be better to tell him in person."
"Probably for the best. Low sodium?"
"Of course." I smiled and handed him the plate of meat. "Table please." Stiles nodded and I followed after him. "Hey dad."
"Hi." He greeted as he entered the house. "Everyone here?"
"Almost, we are actu-"
"Oh John, we are just waiting for one more person. Oh what's his name... Derek! That's it." My mother cut in and I wanted to bash my head into the wall.
"Derek?" He raised a brow at Stiles and me.
I gave an unsure smile and answered, "Derek Hale."
"Who's here now." Erica smiled evilly. It was no secret how much of a fan my dad wasn't of his. A knock came at the door and everyone turned to face it.
Dad opened the door and gave a grim smile, "Hello."
"Hello sir." Derek greeted in an unsure manner.
Dad sighed and moved out of the way. "Come in, we are just about to eat."
"Thank you." He gave a nod and followed in after dad.
"Oh Derek, I'm so glad you could make it. Do you know everyone here?" My mother asked with a large smile.
He looked over the crowd of teenager who snickered as he replied, "Yes."
"Great! Let's eat, Zaklina made some delicious looking food." She ushered everyone to a seat and took the seat opposite dad.
"Zaklina?" Erica asked with a snicker in her eyes.
"Shut it, Erica." I glared at her. Don't get me wrong, I like my name, but I hate when people mock it.
"Don't be rude, she was only asking. I've come to find that not many people know your full name only 'Zak."' She said my nickname with disgust. "She's named after my great grandmother. Isn't it beautiful? More pretty than Zak."
"Kally, it's only a nickname." Dad tried to sooth the situation.
"Maybe, but Zak? It is a boy's nickname, not a young lady's. I would have much preferred Lina if you were going to have a nickname. Why would a girl ever want a boy's nickname?"
"I like it okay? Can we please drop it?" I asked, picking at my salad.
"Fine." She sighed and then turned her attention to my friends, "Who are all these lovely people? I know Derek, but who is everyone else?"
"You know me Mrs. Nylen." Scott pipped up, a little offended that she didn't remember him.
"Wait, are you little Scott McCall?" He nodded with a smile. "I remember you now. My you've grown into such a handsome young man."
"Thanks. You haven't changed much."
"I hope that's a compliment." My mother giggled.
Scott's eyes widened and he quickly replied, "Oh, it is."
"I'm just teasing you." She laughed again and then her eyes shifted to Issac. "Who are you?"
"I'm, ah Issac." He replied shyly.
"Boyd. Nice to meet you."
"I am Lydia Martin."
"Hello, I'm Allison."
"It's nice to meet everyone. So how did you all meet?"
Everyone looks at each other, unsure of what to say exactly. Stiles answers, "Well, we're all in the same grade and Danny, Issac, Scott, Zak, Jackson, and I are on the lacrosse team. Lydia is dating Jackson and Allison is dating Scott, so we became friends with them, so yeah."
"What about you two?" She looked at Erica and Boyd.
"Isaac's like a little brother. His friends are our friends." Erica grinned and ruffled his hair.
"Hey." He growled.
"Mrs. Nylen-" Allison began.
"Please call me Kaleen or Kally." She smiled.
"Okay. Kally, what brings you to Beacon Hill and how long are you staying here?" Allison asked innocently.
Yet again my mother smiled, "Oh, I've come to visit my daughter and nephew of course. I haven't seen them in quite some time, so I thought why not come and visit?"
"Daughter?" Allison cocked her head to the side.
"Yes, doesn't Zaklina have my eyes?" She smiled widely. I felt everyone's eyes on me and I knew the werewolves could smell my anxiety. "So, the company I was working at had to let some of us go, so I decided that while I was in between jobs I should come and visit. I had been so busy before that I sadly wasn't able to visit as often as I'd like. But here I am, spending time with my family."
I decided it was time to make an escape for a little while, so I got up and said, "I'll go get dessert. Excuse me." As I was cutting the apple pie, I heard a chair scrape across the floor and foot steps coming towards me.
"You alight?" Dad asked.
"Great." I replied with a dead tone.
"I can tell." He came up next to me and looked down. "Mind telling me what's up?"
I shrugged, "This parts always awkward. No one remembers, and now I'm going to have to tell everyone that you aren't my dad even though you are. I was fine the way things were."
"Things change, Zak. All the time."
"I know." I whispered, thinking back on the last year. "I know."
"Don't worry about it too much. If they're really your friends they won't make a big deal out of it."
"Thanks. Ready to help my bring out the desserts?"
"Yes." He smiled. I nodded and together we brought out the food. Within ten minutes the dessert was devoured and we began clearing the table.
"Lydia, I love your outfit." My mother complimented. I rolled my eyes and walked passed her.
"Thank you." Lydia smiled.
"You should give Zaklina some clothing advice. She dresses so dreadfully."
"Kaleen!" I groaned.
"What, her outfit is simply adorable, while yours..."
"I prefer comfortable over fashionable. No offense." I looked over to Lydia who shrugged.
"I just don't understand why you would not want to look your best?"
"Kally, leave Zak alone." Dad said sternly.
"John, how could you let your only niece dress like that?" She cried.
"Works in my favor." He shrugged, "Less guys I have to threaten with my gun." All the guys, excluding Stiles and Scott, blanched.
"But she'll never get a guy looking like she borrows her cousin's clothes."
"Having a guy isn't everything. Maybe I'm quite content being single, plus shouldn't it be about what's on the inside and not the outside or something." I shot back with crossed arms.
"Oh please, that's for people who aren't gorgeous like you. Flaunt your Swedish/Polish heritage darling, don't hide it behind over sized sweatshirts, pants, and baseball caps."
"You're Swedish?" Isaac asked.
"Yes she is, that's where her lovely blonde comes from. And what is up with that haircut? Are you a lesbian?"
"Dear Lord, Kaleen! And if I am?" My eyes narrowed.
"Oh, ah, um..." She stuttered, taken by surprise.
"I'm not, by the way, but if I was what would you have done? Disowned me?"
"N-No. You'd still be my daughter."
I raised a brow and replied, "Oh really?"
"Yes." She pouted
"Kally, let's leave them alone and go out. Come on." Dad sighed and took her gently by the arm.
"Oh, sure. Where are we going?" She smiled.
"I don't know yet, but let's go. Don't trash the place." He looked sternly at Stiles and I before dragging my mother out the door.
No one knew what to say after the spat my mother and I had. I was silent as I soaked the dishes in the sink, having no desire to actually put any of the dishes into the washer. Danny was the one to break the silence, "So, that's your mom."
"She's not my mother." I bit. I didn't mean to sound snappy, but I was having trouble calming my temper.
Stiles sighed, "Why do you always start fights with her?"
I whirled around, "I didn't, she's the one who started it."
"You aren't five, Zak. You're almost 18, you need to talk to her like an adult."
I knew my bickering with my mother was starting to wear on him, but I still couldn't believe he said that. My mouth dropped open and then I frowned, "Whatever." I swiped up my camera and headed out the back. "I'll be back."
"Zak!" Stiles called after me, but never followed. Whoever stopped him I was going to hug; I needed and wanted to be alone.