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Chosen Family

Snap Goes the Training

"Hey Erica!" I called as I jogged down the hall. She turned and crossed her arms as she waited for me. "Mind being my lovely model?"
"Model? There's a bit of a problem with me being a model." She smirked.
"Oh ye of little faith. Please?" I tried my best to give puppy dog eyes, but I was no Isaac.
She chuckled and replied, "I'll think about it." She turned and waved, trailed behind by Boyd and Isaac. I shook my head and jogged off to my class.
I was greeted after the class by an arm slung over my shoulder. "Is it true that Derek has a new pet?" Stiles asked.
"Where'd you hear that?" I asked rifling through my backpack.
"A little bird." He grinned.
"Uhuh, right. Why don't you ask him?"
"Why are you avoiding the question?" He grinned.
I looked up and arched a brow. "And why do you always assume I know what's going on in his life?"
"Because you see him more than we do."
"Not true, Isaac, Boyd, and Erica all live with him."
"Whatever, so do you know anything?"
I grinned, "Maaaaaybe." Then I disappeared into the restroom to piss before class. Stiles cursed at me as he continued on his way and I on mine.
At the end of the day I was at my locker retrieving my homework when a bunch of 'cool' freshman walked by. Once the came near me, they started talking rather loud about me; the rumor that my mother was in town. Warped stories were going around that ranged from dad cheating on mom to dad adopting me when I was ditched at his house. Somehow people quite never guessed that my mom left me at dad's house and that I was Stiles's cousin, people are dumb sometimes.
Isaac appeared next to me and growled at them and they instantly shut up. His scowl at the moment could have rivaled Derek; maybe it's the leather jackets. I placed a hand on Isaac's arm and turned around. I narrowed my eyes but kept a smirk on my face. "If you have something to say, say it to my face." They didn't answer right away. I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned on the lockers. "I'm waiting."
The tallest one straightened up and looked directly at me. It took me a moment to realize he was on the lacrosse team on me, my bad. "We hear you ain't the sheriff's daughter. That yer nothing but a whore's daughter."
I really wanted to burst out laughing. My mother was a lot of things but whore wasn't exactly one of them. I bit my lips shut and looked at Isaac who looked like he was ready to throttle the freshies. "That's a new one." I addressed my friend, before looking back at the group. I became real serious, no longer did laughter show on my face. "Listen up, I'm going to tell you once. The sheriff is my dad and Stiles is my brother, now if you say anything different than I'm going to stuff all of you into a locker together. Alright? Stiles hears any rumors that say differently, I will hold all of you," Swiping my hand over the crowd that had gathered, "Responsible and hell will befall all of you. I can find out anything I want about you. Now off you go, I'm tired of seeing your faces." No one moved. I rolled my eyes and waved my hand, "Off, go." I shut my locker started walking. "Isaac, you know where Erica is?"
He snapped out of trance and quickly caught up, "No, but I can find her."
"Sniff her out boy, you can do it!" He glared at me before turning down a hallway. "Awe don't be mad. I'm sorry." Two minutes later we met up with Erica and Boyd.
"Yes?" She asked.
"Your answer?"
"Ummm, no." She chuckled as my face fell. "Derek called a training tonight, so you can take everyone's picture."
"Erica, you so smart!" I smiled and pounced on her.
"Hey!" She growled, but let me hug her.
"Where are we tonight?" Isaac asked.
"Railroad station."
"Hey guys, Derek-" Erica cut off Stiles,
"We know."
"Oh, good." He smiled. "Then I'll see everyone there. Ready to go home?"
"Yep, by the way I'm taking pictures of you tonight. Later." I waved and started out of the school.
On the drive home, Stiles was more twitchy than normal. "Spit it out please."
"What?" He asked confused.
"You want to say something. Spit it out please."
"Okay." He let out a breathe and slowly asked, "Does it bother you that people are talking... about, well you know."
It did, but not as much as I thought. "A little I suppose. It pisses me off more that they are talking behind me back rather than confronting me."
I looked over at him, "Does it bother you?"
He tapped his fingers on the wheel and thought, "Yeah, it does. A lot really, I mean why does it matter?"
"It doesn't, you're my brother and that's all that matters." Stiles smiles at me and seemed to relax. When we got home, we did homework and waited for the time to train arrived.
We arrived at the abandoned subway station around 7 and made our way down. We greeted everyone and waited for Derek to arrive. "You're late." Jackson smirked as Derek stalked down the stairs.
"Don't remind me." He passed a pot to me and growled, "Take it."
I looked down to see the little phoenix looking up happily at me. "Hello darling, how are you?" I scratched under its beak. "Why you hating on it?"
Derek glared at me and replied, "First off, I shouldn't be the one taking care of it. Secondly, its hungry every five minutes and won't shut up until I feed it. Then it cries when I leave it alone."
"Alright, I can take it home. I'll convince dad and Kaleen that it isn't a magical bird of fire and that I found it on the side of the road instead of it bursting into flames in our kitchen."
"Don't be passive aggressive with me Zak." He growled and his eyes flared red as the feathers that were growing on the bird.
I chuckled, "I'm teasing. Go relieve your stress by training your betas."
"ZAK!" The betas yelled in unison.
"Start stretching." Derek commanded. The betas glared at me, but silently went to get ready for a night of hell.
"I thought you said you didn't know anything about Derek's new pet." Stiles whined.
"I never denied it. Hey Derek, what have you been feeding it?"
He looked over and replied, "Fish. Have fun pureeing it." He grinned wickedly at me.
I groaned at the thought of ground up fish. "Gross." I looked down at the cute bird and sighed, "Oh well, did you have fun with Derek?" It chirped happily and flapped it sparsely feathered wings. "Wanna pet it?"
"May I?" Stile's brown eyes lit up with eagerness.
"Sure, just e careful."
"Will do." He gingerly replaced my finger and the bird cooed at his contact.
"Mind watching it while I take pictures?"
"Not at all." I placed the pot in his lap and took out my film camera. I took a few pictures of Stiles and the bird before shifting my focus onto the wolves. I moved around the space, making sure to stay out of the way while trying to get different angles. I got one of Derek scowling, many of the betas fighting each other, and various solo photos. By the end of the training session, I had taken a roll and a half of pictures that I was excited yet anxious to develop.
"Hope they come out." I thought aloud as I replaced my camera in its bag.
"They'll come out, but there will be camera flare." Derek commented as he walked by. I stuck out my tongue before walking over to Stiles.
"Yep. Scott, need a ride?" He asked.
"Yes please." Scott smiled.
"Alright, Stilinski car head out!" Stiles called and started towards his car.
"You sure you don't want this little guy?" I smirked at Derek. He merely glared before turning around and walking away. "Suit yourself."
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