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Careless Whisper

Dashique La Cashelle: I will love you forever Horatio

Warden Horatio Barlow felt like he was being followed, but then it could just have been paranoia at it's peak. He was depressed. He wondered if he had handled the situation properly between his best friend and daughter. He kept telling himself that what he had done was the best way to deal with the situation, but had it been? He felt someone lick his hand, but he could have imagined it. After all, there were many people walking down the street. He got into the train and racked his hand through his hair frustratedly. He had been so angry he wrecked his own car with his bare hands. He looked at the bandages on his hand, a reminder to tell him that his dear little Tilly was no longer so little. Depressed, he lowered his head in shame and held back the tears. He could not cry over this, he was now a man, but he could not do anything about his aching heart. Every time he looked at his daughter he always saw the little 5 year old who would run into his arms and cry over tripping over her shoe laces. He could not accept reality. When he finally came back to his senses he felt someone groping him, but turning back to see who was impossible. It was rush hour and everyone was pressing against each other in the train.
Dashique grinned from behind as she lay her head against the warden's back. He thought he had destroyed his car, but she had done a number on it before she had left his house. Things had just worked according to plan. Horatio stiffened when he felt her head against him. He wondered how to react in the situation. He heard his name being whispered softly into his ears. It was a voice he knew too well, but did not want to run to conclusions. The train finally came to a halt and people began to fight their way out of the train. They pushed and shoved each other, men in suits and women in heels acting like animals as they walked their way out. Warden Horatio was finally glad to be out, but unfortunately, he was unable to spot who the person who had been harassing him throughout the whole journey had been. As he walked up the stairs he saw a black woman walking behind him, her body curvy and her face covered. She looked suspicious, but he ignored her and kept walking. He kept turning round to find her behind him. She was clearly following him.
He could see her, that is what she wanted. She wanted him to notice her. She wanted him to love her. She crept behind him. Stopping each time he looked. She wondered why he wouldn't confront her. He wanted to hear his voice, that sweet soothing voice that made her feel alive. She longed to hear him say her name once again. She needed him to talk to her. He was her life. He was her world. He was her love, her soul mate and her future husband. She grinned maniacally as she got lost in her own little world, wondering what their children would look like.
"Horatio..." she breathed as she closed the gap between them, "my Horatio Barlow."
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