Status: Finished <3 sequel is up :)

The Hand of Destiny

Funny how your life can change in a weekend. Unfortunate circumstances brought Ashley and Andy into each others lives but maybe they are just what each other needs. Andy doesn't want to mix his band and love life in case one fails and drags the other with it, but will an evil ex boyfriend make Andy see differently?


I don't own the boys but or Sammi but I do own the plot and OC's. No theft, my elements of this story are copyrighted.

Thanks for reading! &lt;3

  1. Far From A Dream
  2. So Hear My Voice Remind You Not To Bleed
    Title from "Savior" by Black Veil Brides
  3. Baptized In Smoke And Misery
    "Youth and Whiskey" by Black Veil Brides
  4. And You Can Take All The Pain Away From Me
    "The Sharpest Lives" by My Chemical Romance
  5. This Could Be The Last Of All The Rides We Take
    "The Kids From Yesterday" by My Chemical Romance
  6. You're Not That Weak, It's Not Your Fault
    "Not Enough" by Our Lady Peace
  7. You Are The Best Romance I Never Had
    "Love Isn't Always Fair" by Black Veil Brides
  8. 'Cause The Hardest Part Of This Is Leaving You
    "Cancer" by My Chemical Romance
  9. Sing About Everyone That You've Left Behind
    "Sing" by My Chemical Romance
  10. It Comes So Naturally, So Smooth And Casually
    "Tragic Magic" by Falling In Reverse
  11. Do You Wanna Spin The Bottle, Play A Game Of Chicken?
    "Make Out Party" by Green Day
  12. I Just Get Tangled In The Sheets, I Just Lay Back And Admit Defeat
    "Who Needs Sleep?" by Barenaked Ladies
  13. Sound Of His Voice, The Smile Upon His Face
  14. Distractions Of The Batman-Fan Kind
  15. I Can’t Drown My Demons, They Know How To Swim
    “Can You Feel My Heart” by Bring Me The Horizon
  16. I Watch Without Speaking, Simply Watching
  17. My Dirty Little Secret
    "Dirty Little Secret" by The All American Rejects
  18. Don't Tell Anyone
    "Dirty Little Secret" by The All American Rejects
  19. So What's Wrong With Taking The Backstreets?
    "All Star" by Smash Mouth
  20. I Hope You're Ready For A Fire Fight
    "Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back" by My Chemical Romance
  21. I'll Stop Pretending And Admit I'm Scared
  22. Wouldn't It be Grand To Take A Pistol By The Hand
    "Dead!" By My Chemical Romance
  23. So Take Me From The Hospital Bed
    "Dead!" By My Chemical Romance
  24. The Only Hope For Me Is You Alone (Epilogue)
    "The Only Hope For Me Is You" by My Chemical Romance