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Status: Rated 'R' for language!

Leads Me Here

"The perfection that was my wife never ceased to amaze me."

Jordan and Leah's world was shook by the trade announced on their wedding night. The night wasn't just about celebrations and new beginnings after that, it was also about goodbyes. And just a few short months later, the entire League is shaken by the announcement of the lockout. But life goes on.

Together, Leah and Jordan experienced the ups and downs that all newlyweds go through. But the average couple isn't made up of an elite hockey player and best selling author.

Once again, Jordan is left waiting for another milestone in their relationship and as he does, he revisits his first season as a Hurricane. Each memory with his wife by his side.

(Okay, so you're reading the third in this series and if you don't already know that I DO NOT own the Staals, Carolina Hurricans, or anyone affiliated with them, then we have some problems. If you also think that the plot, Leah, her family, and friends are not my creations, then we have even more. I think that covers all the bases...No touchy-touch!)