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You're My Infinity

And I'll Never Let You Go

By the time night falls and Ronan returns, Elrick and I are well on the road to friendship. In fact, it’s almost as if this invisible sort of thread connects us together in an indescribable way. It’s a sibling-like relationship if anything though, and causes me to feel completely at ease around him. Somehow, he’s managed to get through to my mischievous side as well, and the entire day is filled with pranks and smiles and giggles.

Of course, no one else has the fun we do, especially not our victims, but that just seems to make it all the more fun for us.

“I’m glad we got to spend the day together, strangely enough,” I end up confessing with a semi-shy smile, sitting somewhere in the tree. I still don’t actually know my way around, and I’m sitting, pressed against natural railing, with Elrick standing close by. “I think you’re the first friend I’ve made since being here… the only other person I’ve actually been around is Ronan.” My nose wrinkles a little at the same time that my cheeks color a little at remembrance of quite a few things that have happened. Luckily, I think the flush is hidden by the golden rays bouncing off every surface around us.

A chuckle resounds nearby, and I roll my eyes. “Shut up,” I mutter, pressing closer to the railing as if to hide my face. I glance up at him a moment later, eyes sparkling wickedly. “Or I’ll hex you!” For added effect, I wiggle my fingers at him, but this only serves to make the Pharisee laugh, and me to smile.

“Fine,” he’s still laughing. “I’ll let you hex me, if you can catch me.” When I look at him, he’s already several feet above the ground, which isn’t fair considering he’s refused to teach me in favor of leaving that to Ronan, who has shown no interest whatsoever in showing me much of anything to do with the creature he’s responsible for me being.

“That isn’t fair,” I argue, crossing my arms after standing and watching him.

“What isn’t fair?” Suddenly there are gentle hands at my waist and a pair of lips at the back of my neck, causing smalls hairs to raise everywhere on my body. Just as I’m starting to pull away, I pause and think of everything I’ve learned while Ronan –who I know is behind me- has been gone.

Then I think of the perfect thing to do, if I can manage it. I summon up my mind and concentrate, pausing time for Ronan and skipping away from him, then leave an illusion of myself in its place, which he has his arms around now. I end up hiding behind an obstruction where we stand, so he won’t see me immediately and know it’s an illusion in his arms. As soon as I’m out of sight, I let go of Ronan’s frozen time, proud of myself for being able to do this, and it ends up happening at the same time that Elrick starts laughing at what I’ve just done. It’s all I can do not to join in and simply reward myself with a grin.

Meanwhile, as I watch, Ronan has looked up at his friend puzzedly, a frown on his face as his hands squeeze a little tighter, I notice, on the illusion’s waist. I roll my eyes a little. He looks much too happy standing there like that, and I’m suddenly glad for my idea.

Elrick gives a slight shake of his head at Ronan, eyes flickering briefly towards me and then back, almost unnoticeable, as he slowly lands back in front of his prince. I watch as his wings fold back against his back again. “How was your trip?” He asks as he folds his hands behind his back, suddenly formal once more. It’s such a change from the out-going, mischievous Pharisee I’ve been seeing for most the day that I’m actually startled for a moment.

This is how he’s supposed to be though, I remind myself as I watch. I can’t help but wish he was himself around Ronan though, since I’m sure the two would get along better then… “Eventful…” Ronan murmurs blandly. He has his face in my hair -or the illusion of me- and has thus far looked comfortable, except suddenly he stiffens. He whispers something that sounds like Latin, and a moment later a growl rips through his throat.

I stumble back, silently cursing myself and Ronan for scaring me. He pulls back from the illusion and his eyes narrow on Elrick. “Where’s my Emilee?” he asks, more like a demand. He sounds angry, maybe a little scared?... “You were the one who was supposed to be watching her, and I know she doesn’t know any Pharisee magic yet, so where is she?” He looks like he’s about to attack his friend at any moment now.

This is the point where I jump out from behind my hiding place, before anything bad can happen. “Ronan, calm down,” I say, shifting myself between him and Elrick. “I’m here, so calm down. I made that illusion.”

He growls again, advancing on me. I shift back a step, bumping into Elrick, and Ronan’s eyes narrow. Obviously, it seems he’s figured out that it’s really me this time, but he doesn’t seem happy about something. The way his eyes shift between me and Elrick just at this moment makes me nervous as well, and I take a small breath as he grips my upper arms and pulls me to him.

My body is taut, a little resisting though I try not to resist because of the mood he appears to be in, and soon his arms are wrapped tightly around me. Were I to try and break away, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to with the way he is right now. I’ve never really seen him shaken either, so it’s personally just kind of scary to meet for Ronan to be like this. Did he think I had gone off again?

That wouldn’t have made sense though… He had seemed pretty calm last time, and found me very quickly actually. So what’s wrong that’s got him so shaken up right now? I pull back to look up at him, opening my mouth to ask after what’s wrong, but suddenly his lips attack mine, kissing me like he’s suffocating and I’m fresh air. The force of it would’ve startled me backwards if it hadn’t been for his arms around me, and he doesn’t let up until my lungs feel like they would burst with lack of air.

So when he pulls back, I gasp for air for a few moments, breathing hard, and give him an odd look. “What was that about?” I question.

He shakes his head and pulls me close again, this time simply hugging me, rocking me in his arms even. I feel him bury his head in my neck, and he still seems a little distressed. “Es mea infinitum,” he whispers. “Numquam ego te.”
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