Paper Dreams


He couldn’t even remember how his evening had turned into this, but then again, he was drunk and couldn’t much remember the name of the girl whom he was groping, let alone how they’d manage to get this far. John had no intention of even visiting the party early in the day, making it clear to his brother that his obligations the next day were far more important than another stupid college party. Yet, somehow Alex had talked him into it and he went, promising to only make an appearance. Somehow those events spiraled into this, his back turned to his apartment door, fumbling with his keys as the girl he brought home with him tugged at his belt, mumbling for him to move faster to unlock the door.

It was a struggle. Her lips move delicately down his neck, her teeth running over the skin slowly, distracting him from the task. The alcohol was running its heavy course, making his head spin and causing his focus to wan as the girl’s hands pulled up the fabric of the beer-stained shirt he wore. John simply dropped the keys when she pushed her hips against his as he grabbed her jaw, stopping her trail of taunting kisses, and bringing her lips to his. Within moments, he’d flipped them so her back was to the door now and his hands were the ones roaming the bits of skin he could gain access to from under her leather jacket and fabric top. His lips were the ones moving down her neck, leaving her breathless, her head hitting the door hard to give him better access to her sensitive skin. He could feel the lines of goosebumps covering the bit of newly-exposed skin at her hip and he wasn’t certain if the cool Arizona night induced them or if his touch was taunting her in the same way hers had moments before.

John finally took a step back with a heavy sigh, motioning for her to wait a moment as he leaned down to pick up his keys. His fingers dragged through his hair as he rose back up, taking a step back to ensure his steadiness before his drunken state could affect his balance too. The alcohol was making the search for his key exponentially more challenging than he was used to and lack of light outside the door left him squinting, as he held the keys close close to his face in order to see each one. He flipped each piece of metal forward on the silver ring, recognizing each key but each one still not being the one he needed. Finally, he reached the last one, the brass key almost shining up at him as he victoriously chuckled then, knowing it was the correct fit for the lock.

“G-Got it,” He drunkenly smirked, raising it up for her to see. It took a moment for him to balance on his feet as he pushed himself from where he was leaning on the door, and twisted in order to face the lock. With his head spinning from the alcohol and her hands resting on his lower back, John struggled to push the key into the keyhole. It took three tries before he managed to do it and with the sound of the click, he twisted the knob and pushed the door open.

They both stepped into his apartment, the darkness blanketed over everything personal in the room, giving John the advantage to move quickly. Before she even got the chance to allow her eyes to adjust to the dark and scan the room, John had pushed her back, using her body to close to door as his lips connected to hers again. His hands pushing the leather from her shoulders and tossed it on the back of the couch beside them, desperate to feel her skin to fuel his lust, desperate to get on with the act. That’s all this was about, the feeling of skin-on-skin contact, the quick high that came with inviting a girl over for the night. He didn’t have to worry about any more commitments or promises; he had enough of those. This was easy and simple, a quick fuck and someone to sleep beside for one night, and nothing else. He didn’t need anything else.

He allowed things to continue as they always did. His mouth would work down the column of her throat and her fingers followed the same motion over the buttons of his shirt as they stood there. It wasn’t so much a tradition, as it was simply habit. He liked the way he did this; it was so easy and simple. It just followed the course and the end result gave John exactly what he wanted. Like every other time with every other girl, he’d pull away from her at the perfect moment so her mouth would be gaping open in a way he could never describe and her breath almost stagnant as she waited for what he’d do next. It always led to stumbling, they only touched by one’s lips attached to the other’s skin. They’d stumble to the kitchen and he’d leave her for a moment, only to grab his coping mechanism for the evening. The bottles were important; he needed his Captain Morgan or his Jack Daniels or his Jośe Cuervo to keep the voices from filling his head. There were consequences for doing these quick hook-ups, all of which he knew all too well, and the bottle helped him focus on the outcome he wanted rather than any of the other possible ones.

With the neck of the bottle in his hand, he’d return, his lips finding hers as the stumbling continued. They’d move down the hall, passed the bathroom, and passed Kennedy’s door. He was careful now, waking up his roommates could lead to his night ending abruptly and without the girl’s contact. It would mean another night alone with his drunken thoughts and harsh regrets. He’d smile when they reached his door, knowing what he’d been working so hard for the last few hours was going to happen. Getting laid made the evening worth it. But what kept him coming back to this act was the ease. He didn’t have to worry about her in the morning. It was just about tonight, never about the morning after or the weeks to follow. His life was all about strings now and these drunken one-night stands gave him the one chance to cut them all away for a few hours. He didn’t have baggage or a history, he just had the girl beneath him.
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