Status: Ongoing

More Than Just Us

Skip and Daryl were best friends as children before she left for bigger and better things. But when the whole world goes to shit can she expect him to be there for her as he was so long ago?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from The Walking Dead. But I do own all original characters such as Skip and Brandi Carlson, although the latter is unimportant.
  1. Before we said goodbye
    Skip and Daryl have been friends since age 10. How did Daryl ever get along with a girl?
  2. I'm leaving you
    Skip leaves for Seattle while Daryl stays behind. How hurt will he be?
  3. After all this time
    After so many years Skip finds Daryl again. Will his reaction be less than what was expected?
  4. Happy anniversary
    On the 21st anniversary of when Skip and Daryl met, how much will be revealed?
  5. Decay and escape
    After a string of mysterious attacks, the world finally goes into panic