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More Than Just Us

I'm leaving you

9 years after the day I met Daryl I got the opportunity of a lifetime. My old friend Jace needed a bass player for her band and called me asking if I'd come to Seattle to play with them. Immediately I said yes, not realizing the most important thing until after I'd hung up. D was at this point my best friend in this world, probably my only friend besides his brother Merle. But Merle was in the marines and wouldn't care where I went. D was important to me and I was important to him. When other kids bullied me for acting like a boy, he'd kick their ass before I could. When Daryl's dad would beat him, I'd sneak him into my room to nurse his wounds. We were as close as anybody could be and I knew that D would be sad about me leaving. The day I'd decided to tell D I was leaving was the 9 year anniversary of me punching him in the face for the very first time. We celebrated every year with a bottle of jack and a pizza on the back of his beat up truck. That night we drove into the woods near the trailer park and ate our meat lovers in silence. I was so concentrated on what I had to say that I didn't realize he was struggling with something as well. "Hey Skip," he said with a mouthful of pepperoni. I looked at him and laughed. "Yes D?" He swallowed the food in his mouth and looked at me levelly. His eyebrows furrowed as he searched for the right words. When he couldn't find any he shouted, "Oh fuck it!" and kissed me roughly. I jerked back and looked at him with so many questions in my eyes, only to be kissed by him again. I wanted to ask him why but I couldn't function properly with his warm lips on mine. I started unbuttoning my shirt and as I shook my arms free he unclasped my bra in one fluid motion. I pulled his t shirt over his head kissing him once again when it was off. As he took off my dusty shorts and started rubbing my soaking pussy with expert fingers I remembered the importance of this moment. Between the moans coming from my mouth I managed to say, "Daryl I'm still a virgin remember." He looked me in the eye, never taking those fingers away and nodded. "Do you want to?," he asked. I nodded my head furiously. I wanted it more than anything at that moment. "I'll be gentle," he said tenderly. I took off his jeans and boxers as he laid me down in the bed of his truck. I opened my legs to welcome him as he pushed all 8 inches inside me. He thrusted slowly and gently just as he'd promised. It was excruciatingly painful but I held out because this was as close to Daryl as I'd ever felt. It was right somehow. Soon his thrusts became more urgent and he came. I laid there as he rolled off and asked, "Why weren't you wearing any underwear?" I laughed saying, "No clean ones." He laughed and turned to me. "I love you Skip," he said as he rubbed my cheek. I looked at him with surprise and said, "I love you too Daryl Dixon." There was a slight pause and I said, "D I'm moving to Seattle." He looked at me and then promptly got up, put his clothes on, and walked off into the woods.
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