Status: Ongoing

More Than Just Us

Decay and escape

Daryl held my hair as I vomited everything in my stomach, and then some. It had been a month since Brandi got torn to shreds right in front of our eyes and I still had nightmares. I could hear her cries for help and the sickening crack as the police beat the attacker's head in. It frightened me to no end that anybody could do that to a person, just eat them in broad daylight. Daryl rubbed my back as I cried and threw up. As I got up he held me and told me everything was going to be okay but I knew it wasn't. These attacks had become more frequent and I had a feeling that they weren't drug related like everybody had been saying. I looked into his blue eyes and cried. "We aren't gonna be okay D. Something's happening, something huge and they won't explain it. The world's going to hell in a hand basket. I can't lose you D. Don't let me lose you." He brought me closer and kissed my head. "I won't let anything happen to us Skip. If I have anything to say about it we'll survive this. Whatever this is we will survive it," Daryl said with conviction. The next morning they announced it on the news. This was serious. The dead were coming back to life and apparently they had a strong craving for the living. If I hadn't seen it myself I'd be tempted to laugh and call it a bad Romero movie. But I had seen it. I saw a girl I'd known all my life get ripped apart by a zombie. That was the day that Daryl decided that we should leave. I packed my bags with clothes, food, and hunting supplies just like D had taught me when we were children. The last thing I put in my bags was an old tattered photo album, filled with pictures of Daryl, Merle and I. It was something I never traveled without, and I wasn't about to start. I went into my moms room and said, "Are your bags packed mom? Come on we're leaving." she smiled at me and at once I knew, she wasn't leaving. I shook my head as she began speaking. "Baby girl, I have lived in this trailer park for 21 years, and I will die here. I don't wanna fight whatever is out there. Now go with Daryl and leave me be." My hands shook with anger. I would be damned if I left my mother there to die, but she called D in and made him carry me away. "You can't leave her here Daryl Dixon," I shouted as he threw me in the truck. He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "I can't make this choice for her Skip," he said. I cried as he threw all of our things in the back of the truck. Merle came up to me and hugged me. "She's gonna be okay sweet tits," he said in his usual half joking manner. It was as close to sincere as he got so I thanked him and he nodded. A few seconds later Daryl and I were driving away with Merle following closely behind on his motorcycle. I looked back at our old home and felt my heart drop into my stomach, knowing that I would never see it or my mother again.
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