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It Never Felt Right Calling This Just Friends



"Hello New York!" Alex yells into his microphone, causing the crowd to erupt in screams. "You all look fucking sexy tonight!" More cheers.
"Damn it, I just wanna fuck you all," I say into my microphone. My eyes scan the audience of mostly girls, looking for a familiar brunette.
"Jack, you're a slut," Alex says as he strums the beginning chords of Dear Maria.
"I can't change who I am!" I say as I catch a bra midair that someone threw on stage.
Alex laughs then stops strumming. "Alright, instead of talking about Jack's sexual promiscuousness, we're gonna play you a song."
We start playing Dear Maria and I force myself to stop looking for her, and focus on the song.
For the first month she was gone we'd talked on the phone all the time, but eventually that turned to texting occasionally, and then slowly that even started to stop.
It probably had to do with the fact that when she wasn't working I was performing, and when I wasn't performing I was sleeping off a hangover.
She promised she'd be here though .
About halfway through the concert I finally spot her in the crowd. She smiles widely when we make eye contact and the butterflies that I hadn't felt in months suddenly explode in my stomach and I mess up part of the song, and Alex glances at me over his shoulder with a questioning look.
I focus on the guitar again, and I can't stop smiling.
When the concert's over Matt tells us to go out and sign, and I reluctantly obey, even though all I want to do is find Rihanna.
I pull out my phone and open a new text.

So do I have to wait in line to see you, or do I get special privileges? ;)

I grin and quickly come up with some lame ass excuse about needing to pee, then escape my band and Matt who yells after me that I better be back in thirty seconds.
I speed walk down a dark hallway while I text her back on where to meet me.
I wait for about five minutes before I see her running down the hall, giggling. "Security's chasing me!" she shout whispers, and I laugh and quickly grab her hand and pull her through a door, into a dark room.
I search around until I find a light switch, and the room, which turns out to be a janitors closet, is suddenly full of light.
I immediately pull her into a hug, and she laughs and hugs back tighter. "I fucking missed you!" I exclaim, and the familiar scent she's wearing brings back memories and a sort of happy nostalgia.
"Not as much as I missed you, ass hole." she pulls away and grins up at me.
I smirk and tug on her hair that's shorter and lighter than when I last saw her. "Dammit, you get away from me for a couple months and you get a shitty hair-do."
She frowns and reaches up to touch her hair. "I've been told it looks sexy and sophisticated."
I roll my eyes. "New York-ers don't know what the fuck they're talking about."
She pouts a little, and I really want to kiss her. "Anyways, you guys totally sucked tonight," she teases with a smirk.
"Yeah, a certain girl in the audience distracted me and I screwed up because I was too busy thinking about what I wanted to do to her after the show." I smile and push her against a cabinet.
She laughs softly and pushes me away a little. "Like buy me a drink?" she asks innocently.
"Of course, that's totally what I meant," I say as I move to open the door.
She grins and follows me out of the closest and we successfully sneak out the back door of the venue without being spotted by security or fans.

"So you're not planning on moving back home anytime soon, huh?" I ask over the sound of the music blaring in the club we'd found ourselves in.
She shakes her head and takes a sip of her drink that looks a lot stronger than my beer. "I like it here..." she says, but the small frown on her face says differently.
"But...?" I continue. All night I've been sensing that she's not telling me something, but it was probably just my imagination.
She shrugs her shoulders and drains her glass, and gets it refilled before saying, "But nothing. I love it here." She smiles at me and before I can question the uncertainty in her voice she jumps up from her seat. "Let's dance."
She grabs my hand and pulls me out of my chair. I set my drink down and follow her to the dance floor that's crowded with people trying to dance. "I didn't know you liked to dance," I say as I watch her dance in a hilariously awful way.
"I'm drunk," she says with an eye roll.
I grin and pull her back against my chest and she starts grinding against me as my hands slide down her waist and hers cover mine.
My lips brush against her neck and she tilts her head backwards.
The song isn't even half over when she turns around and presses her forehead against mine and moves her hands to my chest. "Where are you guys staying?" she asks a little breathlessly, her eyes focused on my lips.
I smile and slide my hand in her's. "Across the street," I reply before kissing her.
She smiles and pulls away, then tugs me towards the door, and I happily follow.

I shut the door behind us, making sure to lock it. Thankfully I have the only key to the room. Alex would just have to crash with Zack and Rian.
I turn around and kiss Rihanna, roughly pushing her against the wall.
She immediately starts pulling my shirt off, and before I know it we're both naked and having amazing, slightly drunken, sex.

I let out a sort of grunt as I roll off of her. We both stay silent for a while, catching our breath, until I finally say, "Holy shit, I missed you."
She laughs softly, then closes her eyes and curls up against me. "I should probably go," she says as she pulls the blanket over her naked body, her actions contradicting her words.
"You should probably stay," I murmur as I roll onto my side and wrap an arm around her, and kiss her forehead.
She smiles, then lets out a sigh. "I can't... I have work in the morning and I have to-"
"Call into work," I say. "Our show isn't until seven, so that gives you an entire day of amazing sex with me."
She laughs again and sits up. "I really can't. I'll go to your show tomorrow though."
I pout and sit up. "You're really mean," I whine as I start kissing her neck softly.
She lets out a frustrated sigh, then kisses me softly. "I really can't stay."
"But baby, it's cold outside," I say before kissing her again. She smiles into the kiss, then she pulls away and frowns.
"Really, Jack. I shouldn't have come back here with you... I-"
"You regret sleeping with me?" I ask with a raised eyebrow, the offense evident in my voice.
"No!" she says, shaking her head quickly. "No, I mean... I should , that's the problem and I just-" she squeezes her eyes shut and takes in a deep breath before looking up at me and whispering, "Jim and I got back together."
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