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It Never Felt Right Calling This Just Friends



3 months later:

"Sweetheart, I have to go grab some last minute stuff from the store," my mom's voice reaches me in the shower. "If I'm not back in fifteen minutes take the turkey out."
"'Kay," I call back as I rinse the remaining conditioner out of my hair. I turn the faucet off and wrap a towel around my body, and make my way to my room.
I get dressed and wrap my hair up in the towel and quickly do my makeup.
I hear a knock on the front door, then Bonnie and Alex's voices.
"Hey bitch, where are you?" my sister asks.
"Coming," I reply as I flip my head upside down and take the towel off.
I walk into the living room where they're waiting. My step falters and my heart does a weird twist when I see Jack with them.
I quickly compose myself and smile. "Hey," I laugh as Alex pulls me into a tight hug, lifting me off the ground.
"You never text me anymore," he whines as he finally sets me down.
"I've been busy," I say honestly. I turn to look at Jack and we awkwardly smile, but his doesn't seem genuine. "How've you been?" I ask, even more awkwardly.
He shrugs his shoulders and I notice Bonnie and Alex slipping away, into the kitchen. Great. "Good. How's Chicago?"
We small talk for a while, and I can tell it's annoying him as much as it is me.
"Did you hear the news?" he asks, thankfully taking the subject away from the weather.
"No, what news?"
He lowers his voice and leans a fraction of an inch closer to me, and I can suddenly smell his familiar cologne and it makes my heart speed up. "Alex is proposing tonight."
My eyes widen as his words sink in. "Proposing?" He nods. "To my sister ?"
He smirks and rolls his eyes. "No, to me."
"Oh," I say simply. "Why?"
He laughs at me, and smooths his already perfect hair. "I dunno, I prefer fornication, but I guess he wants to have boring married sex."
I grin and we both go quiet when the objects of our conversation walk back into the living room.


I went three whole months without seeing her; without speaking to her. I thought about her almost always, but gradually the twisted-knife-in-the-heart pain faded and I just felt sort of numb.
As soon as I saw her the numbness left. My heart hasn't gone back to a normal speed yet, and whenever I hear her laugh it's hard to breathe.
"Jack!" Alex yells, and I snap to focus and catch the football that he'd thrown.
I quickly run, avoiding the sisters that are chasing after me.
I'm almost to Alex's car, and about to get our winning touchdown, when two arms wrap around my waist and two purple skinny jean clad legs wrap around my legs.
I swear loudly as I trip forwards and I land hard on the grass. "That's cheating!" I whine as I turn to sit down and frown up at a grinning Rihanna.
"No it wasn't. We win," Bonnie chirps as she skips over to us, Alex trailing behind with his middle finger aimed at me.
"We let you win," I argue as I stand and wipe the dirt off of my jeans.
"Bullshit," the two girls say in unison.
Alex and I roll our eyes and then he grabs Bonnie by the waist and kisses her. "I gotta show you something," he informs her before pulling her away from us.
"Do you think she'll say yes?" Rihanna asks as she sits on the bumper of Alex's car.
I take the spot next to her. "Of course," I reply. "Don't you?"
She shrugs her shoulders. "Yeah."
We stay quiet for a while and I eventually break the silence. "I'm sorry." Her head pops up, and I clarify. "For um, making stuff awkward between us."
Her head cocks to the side and she studies my face briefly before saying. "It's not your fault."
"Yes it is."
She looks away from me and sighs. "I was scared," her voice is soft and her eyes are fixed on her chipped blue nail polish. "I mean I thought we were just friends, because you're you and you don't do relationships, and it scared me that you of all people cared about me." She tucks her hair behind her ears and looks at me again. "And I didn't realize until after you left that I felt- that I feel the same and-"
I interrupt her by kissing her.
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