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It Never Felt Right Calling This Just Friends



Jack stares at me for what seems like forever, and I find it impossible to keep eye contact with him.
The alcohol is fading from my system and I'm wishing I hadn't even gone to the concert.
I knew something like this would happen, but I went anyways
I suddenly feel too exposed, and curl my legs up against my chest.
He just stares at me and when I chance a look at him he has a confused frown on his face.
"Say something," I finally whisper when the silence becomes too loud.
"You..." he trails off and runs his fingers through his already messy hair. "You guys got back together?"
His voice is quiet and even, not revealing any emotion. I nod once and tuck some hair behind my ear. "Yeah. I should have told you, I just-"
"When?" he interrupts.
"We started talking a couple weeks after I moved here, and we decided to work on things." My stomach is twisting and churning, and I don't know if it's from guilt or too much vodka. "He um... He moved in with me two weeks ago."
His lips purse together briefly, then a smile that looks forced spreads across his face. "He's a douche, but if you're happy, that's great!" the enthusiasm in his voice is insincere, but I return a smile that's even more fake than his.
"Yeah, I'm happy." What I'm saying is true. Or at least I think it is? It was true before I laid eyes on Jack tonight. I think.
He seems to be looking everywhere but at me, and I can't seem to look away from him.
Why do I feel so guilty? We weren't together. I should have told him from the start
I let out a deep breath and quietly say, "I really shouldn't have come."
Jack looks at me suddenly and frowns. "Of course you should have! For old times sake, right?"
I smile a little bit, and hug him quickly. "It was great seeing you," I say before getting out of the bed and pulling on my discarded clothing.
"Are you still coming tomorrow night?" he asks hopefully.
I pull on my tank top and, even though I know it's a bad idea, I nod. "Wouldn't miss it for the world," I say with a weak smile.
He gives me a genuine smile, then lays back down and mumbles a goodbye.

"Hey babe," Jim greets as I walk into the apartment.
"Hey," I reply as I slip my shoes off. I swallow the lump in my throat and walk straight to the bathroom where I start stripping out of my clothes.
I hear a soft knock on the door and Jim sticks his head in the room. "How was the concert?" he asks with a smile.
Just looking at him is making me feel nauseous. "Great. Bonnie says hi," I lie smoothly. As far as he knows, I'd gone to see my sister who was there to see Alex.
"Want some help in the shower?" he asks with a wink.
I force a smile and shake my head. "I'm tired."
He makes a sad face, then leaves the room and I get into the shower and hope the hot water will wash my guilt down the drain.


As soon as she's gone I throw my pillow at the wall, causing a satisfying thump.
They got back together?! She went back to him , the dick who treated her like shit?!
The anger I'm feeling is irrational. We weren't together! She has every right to go back with him
But why the fuck would she sleep with me? She should have just fucking told me .
I get out of bed and start pulling on my clothes and once I'm decent I walk out of the room.
As I'm walking through the lobby I run into my three very drunk bandmates.
"Jacky-poo!" Alex greets, slinging an arm around my shoulders. "Where are you going?"
I smile a little at his slurred words, then move away from his half embrace. "Somewhere with alcohol."
"Ooh, me too!" he says as he hooks his arm with mine and pulls me towards the door.
"Alex, you're not going anywhere," Matt says as he walks into the hotel. "You already drank half of the fucking city."
Alex rolls his eyes and continues to pull me to the door. "You're fired, Matthew."
Matt must have a few drinks in him too, because he lets us go.
"So what's wrong?" he asks once we're out in the cold night air.
"What do you mean?" I ask as I stuff my hands in my pockets.
"You ditched signing, and now you look like you wanna punch something or puke."
Sometimes I hate how close Alex and I are. Even when he's smashed out of his mind he can read me like a book.
I almost say I'm fine, but I know he'll press me until I explode. "Rihanna was at the show tonight," I say as I kick a stone that's in my path.
"And?" he asks expectantly.
I let out a sigh. "We uh, when she was in Baltimore we slept together a few times."
Alex rolls his eyes and laughs a little. "No fucking duh. Even her mother knows that. Did you get some tonight?"
I purse my lips and nod once. "Yeah."
"So what's the problem?" he asks as we walk into a small bar.
"She told me afterwards that she and Jim are back together."
We both sit at the bar and Alex stares at me for a second. " Seriously ?!"
I nod my head and ask the bartender for Jack and coke. "Yep."
"But she slept with you?" he asks incredulously. I nod again and take a drink. "You're in love with her, aren't you?"
I laugh at that and shake my head. "We've only known each other three months."
"Fine, you like her. More than a friend, right?"
I shrug my shoulders and drain my cup, and instantly get it refilled. "Yeah."
"So steal her away from the bastard," he says like it's the simplest thing in the world.
"But she's happy," I argue.
"Girls who are happily in a relationship don't fuck other guys," he says, and after the bartender refuses to serve him due to his drunkenness, he drains my drink.
"She was drunk," I say in explanation, but I kind of hope he's right.
"If she was happy with her relationship she would have gone home to him," he insists. "But she went with you."
The bartender who has been listening in apparently, nods his head and says, "That's true."
I purse my lips and think that over. The thought of her being unhappy doesn't make me feel much better, "I guess," I say reluctantly.
Alex smiles cheerfully at me and declares, "Next round's on me. To stealing Rihanna from Jim!"
I laugh and the bartender reluctantly gives both of us drinks.
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