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It Never Felt Right Calling This Just Friends



After devouring most of the cake, Jack and I go back to watching TV in silence.
The awkwardness between us is almost too much to handle, and I wish we could truly go back to how things were before.
Before I went back to Jim ...
I kind of wish I could not be in a relationship. For the night, at least.
Just one more time wouldn't be that wrong. Jim's probably screwing someone else right now, anyways
"Two weeks after mine and Jim's one year anniversary I caught him with his friend's girlfriend," I blurt out suddenly. Jack turns his head slightly to look at me, but I keep my eyes focused on the screen. "And he would always go on like, 'business trips' and shit, but I know for a fact that his job doesn't require them."
"Ri..." he says softly, and I can hear the pity in his voice.
I sigh and push my hair that, ever since Jack had commented on it, is driving me crazy. "What I'm trying to say is that I shouldn't feel guilty about last night." I finally look at him, and he looks so gorgeous, more than I remembered. "Right?"
He lets out a small sigh and cocks his head to the side. "My opinion, as a friend, is that two wrongs don't make a right. If you want to stay with him you should probably be faithful."
I frown, and even though I know he's right I wish he'd said the opposite. "What would you do?" I ask as I turn to face him fully. "You're in a relationship with someone, but she's cheating on you."
"Depends on how much I love her."
I sigh again and curl my legs up against my chest. "What if you're not sure?" I ask quietly as I avoid eye contact with him by focusing on my nails. "Like, what if you care about them, but you just don't..." I trail off.
"You don't know if you want to be with them forever," he finishes, almost like he read my mind.
I nod my head once, then rest my chin on top of my knees. "I mean, back when we first met I was so in love with him, but I've changed. He's changed."
"Then break up with him," he says simply, like it's the easiest thing to do.
"I always thought that I'd just be with one guy, and grow old with him though."
I hear him laugh softly and my eyes flicker up to his smiling face. "You've kind of already screwed up the 'one guy' thing."
I roll my eyes and move my legs into Indian style. "And who's fault is that?" I ask with a raised eyebrow.
"If I remember correctly you were the one to suggest we go back to the hotel room."
"I was cold," I argue. " You kissed me ."
"You didn't seem to want me to stop," he points out, smirking.
I glower at him and poke his leg with my foot. "I didn't want to damage your ego."
He laughs and moves a little closer to me, and throws his arm over the back of the couch. "You wanted me just as badly as I wanted you," he teases.
"That's what I let you think," I reply in the same teasing voice. "Wouldn't wanna hurt Jackery's feelings."
He rolls his dark eyes and subtly moves closer, just enough that I can smell his cologne. "You're full of bullshit, Rihanna."
The way he says my name makes my stomach do a weird flip, and I realize that I haven't felt serious butterflies since I last saw him in Baltimore. "Aw, did I hurt your ego?" I ask with a small smile.
He thinks about that for a second, then asks, "If I say yes will you sleep with me?"
I laugh and reach up to push down a piece of his hair that was sticking up in a weird way. "What happened to 'two wrongs don't make a right?'"
He shrugs his shoulders and his lips curve into a half smile. "I'm really the last person you should be taking relationship advice from."
"That's true," I say with a nod, and his smile grows a little.
"So?" he raises an eyebrow and moves closer to me, and rests a hand on my thigh.
"I mean, we already slept together last night," I say in an attempt to justify my future actions. "So one last time won't make it any worse."
"Mhmm," he hums as he moves even closer and starts kissing my jaw.
"And it's not like Jim and I are married or anything."
"Right," Jack murmurs in agreement as he pushes me onto my back and starts kissing my lips.
Even though I know it's wrong, and what he'd said before about two wrongs not making a right is true, I don't feel guilty about this. Maybe it's because I want to get back at Jim, maybe it's because Jack makes me feel different. I don't know why, but I give in to him.
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