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It Never Felt Right Calling This Just Friends



"Jack," a soft, sleep filled voice pulls me out of my sleep. I shift a little, and mumble something incoherently. I hear her giggle quietly, then, "Babe, you're suffocating me."
My eyes crack open just enough to focus on the girl that I'm partially laying on top of. "Good morning," I say mid yawn, as I roll to the side, freeing her.
She smiles, then frowns and closes her eyes. "I don't wanna go to work," she grumbles before burying her face in my chest.
"Stay with me," I suggest as I smooth her hair with my fingers.
"I don't think your fans would like it if I kidnapped you," she replies, then, with a groan pushes herself up into a sitting position. "And Jim's gonna be home tonight."
I try to ignore the weird feeling I get when she says his name, and watch her as she picks her bra up off of the ground and puts it on, followed by her underwear. "When am I gonna see you again?" I ask as I sit up.
She shrugs her shoulders and stands up. "I dunno."
I pull on my boxers and follow her into her bedroom. "Well, when I'm done touring, do you think you'll come to Baltimore at all?" I pause, then quickly add, "I mean, to see your mom and stuff."
She stays quiet for a minute as she pulls articles of clothing out of her closet. "Yeah," she finally says. "But Jack, we can't keep this," she puts emphasis on the word 'this' as she glances at me, "up. I mean Jim and I are... Together."
"I know," I say, withholding a sigh. "We'll just be friends."
She smiles and carries her clothes into the bathroom, and I subconsciously follow.
"So you're really in love with him, huh?" I ask as I lean against the door frame.
She glances at me, then away and turns the shower on. "We've been together five years," she replies as she crosses her arms and faces me.
"That's not really an answer," I point out.
She shifts from one foot to the other, then shrugs. "Yeah, I guess. Not that it's any of your business."
I raise an eyebrow at the sudden sharp tone in her voice. "'I guess' isn't really a convincing answer."
She frowns at me, and her lips tighten together, and I know she's annoyed with me. "Why do you care so fucking much?" she asks in a controlled voice.
I shrug my shoulders and try not to smile, but she looks kind of cute when she's annoyed. "I just want you to be happy," I say honestly.
"I'm not any more happy alone," she says, the annoyance remaining clear in her voice.
This time I frown at her . "You shouldn't be with someone unless they make you happy."
She rolls her eyes. "Thanks for the advice, Mr. Relationship Expert."
"I'm just trying to help."
She laughs at that. "By fucking me behind my boyfriend's back? You're a great help, Jack."
Her annoyance is rubbing off on me, and my previously calm voice is now riddled with anger. "Don't try to push what happened last night on me. I didn't do anything wrong!"
"You know that I have a boyfriend, and you came into our house expecting to get laid!" she exclaims, her voice rising with anger.
"You fucking invited me in!" I argue. "You invited me in when he was out of town and gave me a sob story about how he's screwing other people."
"I was upset! You knew that and you took advantage of me."
"I took advantage of you?! You were completely sober. You're just using being upset as an excuse to feel less guilty about being a fucking whore." As soon as I say that I regret it.
Her eyes that were full of anger half a second ago are suddenly full of hurt. "Just leave," she says, her voice quiet and even.
"Ri, I didn't-"
"Get the fuck out," she spits at me, and she steps forward and shoves me for emphasis.
I stumble back half an inch, which is just enough room for her to slam the bathroom door in my face. "Ri, I didn't mean that," I say through the door.
She doesn't answer me, and eventually I sigh and go into the living room where I pull on my clothes and leave.

As soon as I walk onto the bus I'm ambushed by Alex. "What happened?" he asks excitedly. "You have sex hair, that's a great sign."
I push past him, and try to ignore his many questions.
I climb into my bunk, and he seems to get the hint that I want to be alone and leaves. I pull the curtain shut and lay on my side and stare at the wall.
She was seriously going to blame me for everything? She's the one with the boyfriend.
I shouldn't have called her a whore
I let out a sigh and roll out of my bunk and go in search of something strong to drink.


You're just using being upset as an excuse to feel less guilty about being a fucking whore
Those words echo through my head all day.
He's right
I sigh for the millionth time and stare at the clock on my computer, willing it to go faster. Then I realize that the faster it goes, the sooner I see Jim's, and the thought of that makes me want it to go slower.
I never should have gone to see Jack
I sigh again and lean back in my chair and look around the surprisingly empty hospital lobby.
I never should have gotten back together with Jim
I frown and subconsciously bite on my pinky nail, messing up the French tip.
I never should have slept with Jack
I see the receptionist who takes over for me walk in, and I smile and make polite conversation as I pull my coat on and grab my purse.
As I'm walking down the street I look around the city that I'd always dreamed of living in.
The appeal it had always held feels almost nonexistent now, and the sudden urge to escape it fills me.
I could. I could leave right now and never see Jim or Jack or anyone I know, ever again
The idea seems brilliant. I won't have to feel guilty about sleeping with Jack, I won't have to spend eight hours a day at a job I'm leaning to hate.
I hurry into my apartment. I have about two hours until Jim gets back, which is more than enough time.
I grab my suitcases that I've been using a lot lately, and throw all of my clothes in them.
I write Jim a shitty, four sentence break up letter, then grab my stuff and pack them into my car.
By the time Jim gets home I'll be miles away, on my way to God knows where.
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