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It Never Felt Right Calling This Just Friends




"These shoes should be considered a weapon," I comment as I bend my leg up to show off the dark blue stilettos that's heels look similar to toothpicks.
"Please don't try murdering anyone at my wedding," the petite blonde beside me begs. "They might make me delay the honeymoon."
I laugh and study myself in the full length mirror one last time, taking in the formfitting, strapless blue dress that flairs out at the waist and falls just below my knee. I try to fix my already perfectly curled hair that's dyed back to it's natural shade of dark brown.
"I might have to murder you if this mystery groomsman turns out to be creepy," I tease.
"Cory showed me a picture, he's cute," she promises. "Kinda skinny, but in a cute, band guy sorta way."
My mind briefly wanders to Jack, and my smile falters.
I hadn't seen him in four months. Hadn't heard from him in four months. Although, that was kind of my own doing. I had moved to Chicago, changed my number, gotten a job as a waitress and made new friends. I was about to be in the wedding of one of those friends, Kimberly.
I still miss him though .
"You okay, hon?" Kim asks as she smooths out her white, cloud like dress.
I realize I've been staring off into space, and quickly focus on straightening my dress. "Yep."
She smiles and steps away from the mirror and faces me. "Okay, how do I look?" she asks nervously.
I look her up and down, and she looks amazing. Like a model, almost. "Fucking sexy," I assure her as I reach over to smooth a piece of her hair up into her ballerina bun.
"Is it okay to look 'fucking sexy' on my wedding day?" she asks a little warily.
I grin and roll my eyes. "You look beautiful . Now come on, the wedding was supposed to start ten minutes ago."
She sighs and nods her head once. "Okay, I'm ready." She lets out another breath. "Fuck, no I'm not. I can't get married. I'm twenty-three!"
I roll my eyes again and grab her hand and pull her to the door. "You'll change your mind once you see Cory in a tux," I promise her as I pull open the door. "And if you're still having second thoughts, I'll marry him."
She giggles and follows me out into the vestibule of the small church where the rest of the bridal party is.
I'm too focused on making sure Kim doesn't trip over her dress to see who the mystery groomsman is, so it's not until I'm standing next to him in front of the doors that I turn to look at him.
"Hi, I'm-" I stop talking. Jack stares at me, and I stare back at him.
He's about to say something, but Kim's sharp whisper interrupts him. "Rihanna, you guys better start walking down the fucking aisle or I'll stab you with your own fucking shoe."
I'm quickly snapped back to reality, and I loop my arm with Jack's and pull him through the open doors, into the church sanctuary.
" What are you doing here ?" Jack whispers as we smile fake smiles at the people crowded into the uncomfortable looking pews.
"Me? What are you doing here?!" I whisper back. My heart's thudding abnormally fast, and it seems like the aisle is going on for miles.
"I grew up with Cory."
"I work with Kim."
"Why are we walking down together?!"
"I don't know!"
We finally make it to the end and he gives me a weird look before we part ways, and he goes to stand beside Cory and I go to stand beside the other two bridesmaids.
I try my best to avoid looking at Jack, but my eyes keep trailing over to him, and his never seem to leave me. God, he looks amazing in a tux...
This was just my luck


As soon as we've walked back down the aisle I pull Rihanna to a corner, away from the rest of the bridal party.
"You really didn't know I was in the wedding?" she asks, a confused look on her face.
"I guess fate just brought us together," I tease with a wink.
She rolls her eyes and pulls her arm away from me, and places both hands on her hips. "What'd Cory blackmail you with to get you in a tux?"
I grin and check her out for probably the hundredth time since I'd first laid eyes on her today. She looks really good. Really fucking good. "I clean up good, huh?" I smirk as I straighten my black bow tie.
"Your skunk hair kind of clashes with the color scheme."
"You look pretty sexy yourself," I comment, ignoring her teasing.
"Don't I though?!" she responds sarcastically.
I smirk again and my eyes trail up and down her familiar curves, and memories of being with her flood my mind. Fuck.
"Riri, stop hitting on him and come get in pictures!" the bride, Kim orders from a few feet away.
I grin and follow Rihanna as she walks towards the bride and groom. " Riri ?" I ask with a soft laugh.
She glares at me, then we're separated by the photographers.

"So you stuck with Chicago?" I ask before taking a sip of wine.
She shrugs her bare shoulders and her blue eyes skim across the crowded reception hall. "Yeah. I mean, I'll probably move eventually, but it's okay for now."
"Baltimore's better," I inform her, then drain my glass.
She rolls her eyes, then stares intently at the dark red liquid in her glass. "That's a matter of opinion."
"My opinion is the only right opinion," I reply with a crooked smile. I look over at the dance floor that's crowded with people dancing terribly to the awful love song that's playing. "Dance with me," I order as I stand up.
She looks up at me, and a faint smile curves her lips. "Why?"
"Because I said so." I grab her hand and pull her out of her seat.
"I only dance when I'm drunk," she reminds me.
I pull her close to me and rest my hand that isn't in hers on her waist. She puts hers on my shoulder and we sway in time with the music. "I can get you drunk," I offer, and memories of the last time she'd been drunk with me flood my mind. Suddenly I really want her drunk.
"Getting drunk at weddings is tacky," she informs me, and a mysterious smile that's barely visible is on her red lips, and I wish I knew what she was thinking.
"After the wedding then," I offer, and I twirl her around once, then pull her back to me and my hand moves a bit lower to her hip. "I'll buy you a drink."
"You just wanna get in my pants," she says, a small frown forming between her perfectly shaped eyebrows.
I glance down at the blue dress she's wearing. "You're technically not wearing pants," I point out.
She laughs and my eyes focus on her lips that I hadn't kissed in what seems like a lifetime.
"I'll let you buy me a drink."
"And get in your pa- er, dress?" I ask hopefully.
"Someone's horny," she comments.
I grin and lower my hand even more. "Aren't I always?" She rolls her eyes, and I notice her biting her bottom lip. "And if I remember correctly," I lower my voice slightly. "You're quite the horny one, too."
"Stop trying to touch my butt," she scolds, but she's fighting a smile, and losing.
"You know, the bathroom here has a lock," I say as I nod my head towards the restroom.
"I'm not having sex in a bathroom," she whispers sharply. "At my friend's wedding ."
"I never said anything about bathroom sex," I say with fake surprise. "Someone needs to get their mind out of the gutter, young lady."
She gives me a dirty look, and I laugh.
"But really. It locks."
"I think people would notice if two members of the bridal party randomly disappeared."
I shrug my shoulders. "Not really. The maid of honor left with bride's brother right after dinner, and nobody seems to have noticed."
She eyes me, and I can see the hesitation on her face. "No," she finally says.
I pout a little, but before I can say anything Kim runs over to us and grabs Rihanna by the arm. "Sorry, I gotta steal your date," she apologizes to me before dragging Rihanna away from me.
She glances back at me, mouths sorry, then follows the bride.
I roll my eyes and make my way over to the bar where the father of the bride and a couple other men are already drunk.
I order a beer, and loosen my bow tie a little. "You like Rihanna?" a voice asks.
I look to my left, to see that the owner of the voice is Kim's dad. "What?" I ask intelligently.
He nods his head to the side, and I follow the direction with my eyes and see Rihanna with a group of other women, waiting to catch Kim's bouquet. "She's hot," he comments before taking a drink of the dark liquid in his glass. "And single."
I laugh and rest my elbows on the counter, and lean forward a little. "Yeah, I know. My best friend dates her sister." I realize as I'm saying it, that that is really all we are anymore. Not best friends, not fuck buddies. Just... acquaintances.
"Ask her out," he says with a nod of his head.
I smile and take a drink from my bottle. "I can't. It's complicated."
"What? Did you two sleep together?"
I half-choke on my drink, and swallow it before clearing my throat. "Um."
"How many times?" he questions.
"A lot," I say with a shrug.
He scrunches his lips up a little, then nods his head again. "Ask her out."
"She'll say no."
"So keep asking until she says yes."
"She doesn't even like me, though," I argue. I take another drink of my beer. "I mean, I'm pretty sure the only reason she moved here was because we got in a fight."
He laughs and smacks my back. "Giving a girl so many feelings that she runs away is a good thing," he assures me.
I frown at his logic. "Not if the feelings are hate..."
"If she hated you she wouldn't have danced with you," he pauses, glances over his shoulder, then looks back at me and adds, "and she wouldn't have let your hand go that low."
I grin and, even though he's probably drunk out of his mind, his slurred words give me confidence. "So I should ask her out?"
"Hell yeah!" he holds his glass up, and I clink my bottle against his. "To you getting laid."
I laugh and drain my bottle, then turn to watch as a woman who has to be at least eighty catches the bouquet.
I stand up and walk over to Rihanna who's talking to Kim.
The blonde smiles at me and holds out her hand. "I don't think we've met," she says as she shakes my hand. "Which is weird since you were just in my wedding... but hi! I'm Kim."
I smile and introduce myself, then say, "Your dad's pretty awesome."
A look of horror flashes through her pale green eyes. "Shit, what'd he tell you?!" she asks as she looks from me, to her father who's still at the bar.
"Nothing, he just gave me some uh," my eyes flicker over to Rihanna who looks kind of uncomfortable. "Girl advice."
Kim rolls her eyes. "Don't listen to a word he says," she warns. "He's been married five times, and all of his wives left him."
I raise my eyebrows and look back over at the man who seems to be hitting on the bartender who's nearly half his age. "Five times?"
"Well, technically only four. The fifth wasn't exactly legal since he was still married to my mom."
We continue talking for a while, but Rihanna stays completely quiet.
After a while Cory comes running up and grabs Kim's hand. "Jack, stop hitting on my wife," he scolds teasingly.
"I wasn't! I was asking her for advice on how to get five chicks to marry me."
They both laugh, then he whispers something in her ear and she smiles and they excuse themselves.
I turn to Rihanna. "They're gonna go bang in the bathroom," I inform her.
She rolls her eyes and snaps her finger. "Damn, we missed our chance."
"It's all your fault," I say in an equally sarcastic voice.
She smiles a little, then frowns and looks down at her feet. "These shoes are making foot amputation sound very nice right now."
"Wanna ditch the rest of the reception?" I suggest.
"I'm riding with one of the other bridesmaids," she says as she bends down to take one of the shoes off.
"I can give you a ride," I offer. "I have this sick rental car and I need to show it off to someone ."
She steps out of the shoes, shrinking a few inches. She stares at me for a second, then shrugs. "Okay."
We walk towards the door, and she lets out a groan when the pouring rain becomes visible.
"I don't wanna put my shoes on."
"So don't," I brilliantly suggest.
She kicks up one of her legs to show off stockings. "Wet stockings aren't fun." She starts to put her shoes back on, but before she can I scoop her up, princess style.
"Wha-" she exclaims and I laugh and push open the door with my foot.
"I shall carry you to your chariot, malady," I say in an awful British accent, before I take off running through the parking lot.
Rihanna squeaks when the rain hits us, and I duck my head and run faster.
The shoes I'd rented with the tux weren't made for running through slick, rain covered pavement, and I slip, falling almost in slow motion, until I feel my ass collide with the parking lot.
Rihanna giggles as I shout off obscenities. "Ouch," I finally declare, then, instead of standing, I decide to cause further damage to my tux and I lay on my back and close my eyes as the rain pours down on me.
"Are you dying?" Rihanna asks between giggles and I feel her warm hand on my arm.
"Yup. And it's all because you didn't want to wear your shoes."
"You died for a good cause," she assures me, and I open my eyes to see her face right above mine, and her previously curled hair is now flat against her face, and water droplets are hanging from her eye lashes. Our eyes lock for half a minute, then she stands up. "This dress cost me two hundred bucks, and I'm destroying it."
She holds out her hand and I grab it and pull myself up. "This tux doesn't belong to me and I'm destroying it," I laugh.
We walk to my car and we drive in silence for a few minutes until she asks, "Wait, where are we going?"
"To get a drink," I remind her.
"Not looking like this!" she exclaims, and I glance over and laugh when I see her, still dripping.
"I have some shitty wine in my hotel room," I offer as I make a u-turn.
"That works." She reaches over and turns the radio on and immediately starts singing along with the Owl City song that's playing.
I smile, and am very happy with fate, God or whatever the hell brought us together.
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