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Everything Has Changed

In The Back Of My Mind

The chorus came again after that, but I didn’t hear a single word that came out of her mouth after that. The way she seemed to crumple after the song finished, but still couldn’t tear her eyes from mine said more than the lyrics could have. She missed me, she still cared about me, and it was those same barriers she had up that were keeping us from being anything else. It was a relief, because the thought that she’d moved on with somebody who could be there with her had haunted me on more than one occasion.

“You have to talk to her,” Jordan informed me, his voice giving me no room for argument. “A girl doesn’t sing a song like that and not mean it Jared, especially not when she was staring at you for the whole second half of it.”

Heather nodded, obviously agreeing. “He’s right Jared, she looks like she might start to cry – she meant it,”

“I just… I don’t know what to say to her,” I admitted, and she saw that I wasn’t exactly put together at this point in time either. Cheyenne had started playing another song, called “Love Is”, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was still processing the song that she’d sang before, on top of trying to figure out how the hell I could get behind the security gate and be able to see her. Maybe the fact I’d been part of the Sudbury Wolves would help, but I had no idea.

Cheyenne did two more songs – a Dixie Chicks cover and one final original before saying goodbye and calling it a night. The crowd soon started cheering ‘One More Song!’ and about three minutes later she sheepishly came back onto the stage. I laughed, seeing the look that she’d had on her face when Alice and the guys had walked in on her and Liza in a pile on the floor trying to keep each other from winning Dance Central in my living room.

“I love you guys – I don’t want to call it a night! You’ll all have to come say hi tomorrow afternoon when I’m here too!” cue another ridiculous cheer as her guitarist came out with an acoustic guitar as well.

“So, some Joni Mitchell? That sound good?” she asked, and Heather let out a whistle. She soon started to play, and even Jordan and I grinned when we recognized the song as Big Yellow Taxi. I had to admit, I liked her version better – it was a little more melodic and softer than the original.

“Thank you so much!” with a last wave and a little bow she was off the stage. The tech guys were soon taking down equipment, and people began to line up at her merchandise table. I realized why when another cheer went up and Cheyenne appeared behind the table, starting to sign autographs and take pictures with everybody who asked.

“I suggest you wait until that’s over,” Heather said. I nodded, having thought the exact same thing. Lindsay, Tanya, Eric and Marc made their way over to us, the girl’s faces bright.

“Oh my God! Wasn’t she fantastic!” Lindsay gushed, and Heather nodded enthusiastically.

“I can’t believe she played Someone To Love Me Like That! I think I just about cried,” Heather admitted, and they continued to talk about the show.

“That was actually a lot better than I’d thought considering what Lindsay had said before,” Marc allowed, and Eric laughed.

“Don’t even lie – you were singing along,” Eric insisted, and soon they were squabbling.

“Hey! I didn’t know you were gonna be here!” I turned to see Brett standing there.

“I didn’t know – Lindsay talked me into going,” I replied. Brett laughed before pulling me in for a quick hug. I saw Liza standing shyly behind him, and waved.

“Hey, how are you?” I asked, not wanting her to feel awkward just because Cheyenne and I weren’t dating or whatever. She relaxed then, giving me a quick hug before curling into Brett’s side.

“I’m good! Busy, but good. Cheyenne’s booked solid this summer, it’s ridiculous. So many people are buzzing about her album, a bunch of people were pissed she hasn’t technically released it yet. She’s selling it cheaper this way before it hits iTunes and everything,” she explained, and I nodded.

“That does sound like Cheyenne,” I chuckled, and they both laughed.

“Definitely. She figures she’s a broke university student, she doesn’t want to get rich off of other broke university students nice enough to not pirate the album,”

“Are you going to say hello to her?” Liza asked, I swallowed hard then.

“I really want to… I just don’t know if she’ll want me to,” I admitted, and Liza bit her lip.

“She misses you… she came offstage and hugged me before the encore – she said she was sure she saw you. Either that or she sang a song to a stranger who looked just like you, but don’t you dare tell her I told you,” she warned me, and I nodded.

“I promise,”

“You should come backstage with us – Cheyenne will be busy for about an hour or so, but then she’s free until the show tomorrow,” Brett explained. I was about to ask about my brothers but turned around and didn’t see any of my family.

“Yeah, I… that’d be good. I was trying to figure out how the hell I’d make that one work,” I grinned, making both of them laugh as we made our way to the empty side of the stage, and Liza showed her pass to the security guard. He gave Brett and I each one once Liza explained that we were there with her, and I shoved it in my pocket, not wanting to lose it or something equally as stupid.

The three of us stood behind the stage, careful to stay out of the way of the tech and sound guys running around taking down all of the equipment and making sure it was organized for tomorrow – Cheyenne was the last act of the night tonight.

It didn’t take long for my phone to start going off, my brothers wondering where I’d got to. Apparently Lindsay and Tanya had got Cheyenne to autograph their CD’s for them, and it was all I could do not to face palm. I explain that she’s the girl I’m head over heels for and they go ask her for an autograph?

“Liza? Brett? Where are… you…” Cheyenne’s voice trailed off as she rounded the corner and saw me standing with her best friend and Brett. I managed an awkward half-wave for her, and saw her swallow hard. Liza seemed just as unsure of her reaction, making her way closer to Cheyenne and pulling Brett with her. It was like the two of us were frozen – neither knew what to do.

“Cheyenne, are you—”

“Jared?” she whispered, and I nodded.

“Hey Cheyenne,” I managed to choke out the words, and in an instant she was in my arms. I buried my face in her hair, holding her as tight as I could possibly manage and relishing the feeling of having her back. She must’ve felt the same way, because I don’t think I’ve ever been hugged so tightly in all my life.

“God I missed you,” I whispered into her hair, not sure if it was appropriate for me to say or not. I didn’t care – I wanted her to know that what we had wasn’t good enough for me, that I needed more.

“I missed you too Jared, so much,” she replied, and I could’ve swore she sounded like she was crying. She wouldn’t let me pull away so much as an inch, not even to look at each other face to face. “I thought I saw you but I wasn’t sure… you didn’t say anything about coming to this.”

“You didn’t say anything about playing this,” I reminded her, and her cheeks turned red as she finally let me hold her a few inches away so I could study her face.

“I didn’t know what you’d think, I mean, most university students have a reliable, normal summer job, not something like this,” she explained, looking down. I tipped her chin up, noticing the way her face seemed a little gaunt.

“You mean something this cool and that they love? No, most university students don’t have something like this,” I teased, and then lowered my head to press my lips to hers. She kissed me back hard, and soon we were basically making out, standing there behind the stage. Had it been anybody else I would’ve pulled away, made myself wait until we were somewhere less public, but with Cheyenne, she was all there was. Nothing else mattered.

Nothing else mattered until my phone started going crazy in my pocket between us, and Cheyenne pulled away because she was starting to laugh.

“It’s my brothers,” I sighed, knowing that it would have to be their impeccable timing. She just curled into me; her arms around me as she rested her head on my chest. There was no better feeling.
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