Status: Completed.

The Forbidden Fruit

Someone of his social standing is not allowed to be seen with a servant girl.

Society views a romantic relationship between a servant and her master as taboo. They can only be mistresses and nothing more.

She can never be his one and only, no matter how much she wishes for it.

.......but love knows no boundaries
Rewrite of my old story "The Forbidden Fruit". Completely different, but same storyline, in a way.

Winchester, London, late 19th century

Due to the TB outbreak, Elise and her two siblings were left orphaned. Without anyone to help them, they fend for themselves. Unfortunately, Elise loses her job and tenaciously searches for another, without any luck.
When all hope is almost lost, she is invited to the Rutherford Manor by the tall, dark and dangerous Darius Rutherford. She soon learns of the debt her parents owed him. Without any means of paying him back, Mr. Rutherford makes a proposition rather sensible, but it goes against everything Elise stands for...

WARNING: Read at your own risk. You've been warned.

I never forget to do this, but for some odd reason I forgot to do so...silly me: layout by BlackxMetalxAngel (sorry I forgot). Her stories are.....lost for words. They're just beautiful. I personally recommend He Howls At The Moon. Thank me later ;)
  1. Prologue
  2. Poverty
    Never ending job hunt
  3. Peasant's dream
    Letter from a nobleman
  4. Preparations
    The carriage awaits...
  5. Privileged
    Elise's arrival
  6. Predicament
    Job offer
  7. Paying back
    Elise' decision
  8. Problem
    Gwendolyn does the forbidden
  9. Proposition accepted
    Albert's untimely visit
  10. Passions
    Elise's innocence stolen
  11. POV
    Life through Darius' eyes
  12. Poor Elise
    Gwendolyn refuses to go back home
  13. Promise kept
    Darius' wrath
  14. Philanthropic Darius
    Darius' kindness, Elises doubts
  15. Party invitation
    Time-skip (11 months)
  16. Peaceful day ruined
    George's declaration. Darius' distress
  17. Pearl necklace
    "You are my property Elise"
  18. Pleasantly awkward
    Elise's pleas. Darius' stubborness.
  19. Protected
    Demelza's secret
  20. Portia Hurley
    Count D'Aubigne counter-attacks
  21. Pertrifying truth
    Elise's infidelity. George's patience. Darius' kindness.
  22. Perfectly flawed
    Catching the eye of predator
  23. Picture perfect
    Grace and Alejandro
  24. Past repeating itself
    Albert's sickness
  25. POV of George
    His cheating Elise
  26. Pleasing news
    Mrs Rutherford arrives
  27. Precious to him
    Esmeralda's accusation. Darius' declaration. George's rage and Albert's shock.
  28. Potence of love
    Elise tells George her secret
  29. Prized possession
    George replaced.
  30. Peach dresses
    Grace's wedding day
  31. Pandemonium
    Drunk George takes a stand
  32. POV of Darius
    WARNING: MAN ON MAN ACTION. Wait for next chapter if you're not into this.
  33. Pandora's box
    Finally....the end