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The Forbidden Fruit

Pandora's box

Wrote George's speech to go with this song. It would be most ideal to read it whilst listening to this quietly playing in the background, or not: George's undying love| Don't worry, the scene is not sad. It's just...dramatic I guess.
How could this be? This is not how it was supposed to end. I did not plan to take it this far.
I held my head in my hand and then I heard a voice.
"He deserved it."
I shook my head and looked at Darius, my heart beating fast, "No, no one deserves to be murdered."
"But it was not murder George. It was justice. George, this is love."
"Yes George, love. This is you keeping your promise George. It was all for her."
A smile crossed my face.
"It was all for Elise."
She declined Lord Haisen's offer.
"I am betrothed," she grinned, "I am in love with George."
She heard the door open.
George walked out, covered in blood, a smile on his face and a dead body in his hand. He dropped the naked lifeless body of Darius before her, the murder weapon in his hand. The smile of his face turned to concern as he approached his frozen lover.
(Song meant to be played here)
"Elise, what is it? Why do you not smile at the sight of this wretched man's corpse? Why are you not happy Elise," he said as he stroked her face, "I killed him for you. I killed him because he hurt you. I killed him because I love you. You do understand, do you not?"
His hands shaking as he looked into Elise's eyes, "He wanted to take you away from me. I could not bring myself to accept it. The thought of being separated from you was unbearable. I could not take any chances. He had to die. Only through his death were we able to find happiness, don't you see?"
He wiped away her tear as he took a step closer to her, his voice filled with panic, "H-hey. W-why are you crying? Y-you despised him. I...y-you hated him. Same as I. So, why? why are you upset? We are in love...remember. We are betrothed."
"No, George," she whispered through the tears.
The man before her was not George. This was not the man she had chosen. This was not the man she had, "we were betrothed."
"Wha-what are you saying? Elise, what do you mean?" he asked as he removed his hands from her.
The George she had once known and loved was now long gone.
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Yeah, finally got to finishing it off :) So glad I got this over and done with. Tell me what you think?? Thank you for also coming along this far.