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Stars Remind Me of You.

I made a promise all those years ago to look after my beautiful daughter Lilith Rose and make sure nothing bad happened to her unlike her mother who died after the birth of Lilith, it isn't easy trying to try to look after your daughter who changes all the time.

This is the story of me (Christopher Thomas 'Motionless' Cerulli) and what my life has been like and is like since the death of my beautiful wife, Lolita Rosaline Cerulli.

*As I have said in the following stories that go with this story, this story is fan fiction so of course it is not real, I am writing this in the enjoyment of my free time and I am not some crazy obsessed fan of theirs. Nothing belongs to me except for the story line, Lolita, Lilith and the other made up characters, I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MOTIONLESS IN WHITE BOYS.
All copy write goes to me and if I find out that someone has copied this, they will get their eyes taken out by a spoon!*

*Rating is PG-13 for now since I am not sure that there will be any violence (right now) or anything that can make this story either R or NC-17, there will be swearing anyways.*
  1. Chapter One.
    Chris' POV
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