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Change of Family, Change of Life

Chapter 2

Chp 2

All my life fit into 4 suitcase, a Hockey bag, a stick bag a backback and a handbag. I had said my goodbyes. I was ready to ove on. It finally dawned on me I hadn’t opened the letter iwas given last night from my biological family, nor did I know where I was going.

Dear Rebecca

I cannot begin to explain the feeling of joy we felt when we found out you where still alive. We had one short hour with you before the nurse took to the nursery for all the necessary check. But later we where told you had died. Our whole family felt the grief. You where the first girl born into the family in a very long time. You have four older brothers, Eric is the eldest, he is a single father to a little boy named Parker, next comes Eric, then there is Jordan and Jared. I am told you are a hockey player so I guess you have worked out by now that you are a Staal. I have enclosed a picture of you and your brothers on the day you where born. Rebecca we honestly cannot wait to see you. Your brother where so thrilled when they found out they where going to be brothers, shattered when you ‘died” and now they cannot believe it and hope they can make up for the last 15 years. Your father and I cannot wait and will see you soon. We can’t wait to finally bring you home.

Lots of love


I read the letter over and over, looking at the picture I could see the look of love in everyone’s eyes. I was wanted; I had a family that truly wanted me. I felt joy and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was going home finally.

As I made my way to the airport my parent looked like they where glad to get rid of me. It killed me to see 15 years mean nothing to them.
“ we will never see you again, goodbye” They said and turned away.

I was now in limbo between my two, as I boarded the plane to Toronto to catch a connecting flight to Thunder Bay. For the start of the next part of my life.
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