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Change of Family, Change of Life

Chapter 4

After a short drive from the airport we reached a nice looking house beside lake. “Welcome home” my mum said behind me, “come on in we will show you your room, your brothers will bring your bags up stairs in a bit”.
“Okay, lead the way” I smiled.

We walked inside to a nicely decorated house; full of picture of my family, on the mantle was the picture I had gotten with my letter, the photo of all of us as a family. “I’m looking forward to seeing a proper family photo again,” said my dad. “Yeah, me too” I replied.

“Lets all sit down and have talk” came my mum voice.
We all moved into the sitting rom and sat at the couch, I ended up between Marc and Jordan.
“Rebecca its so nice to have you back with us, our family fell apart after your death. All of us where so happy to finally have a girl in the family. Every year we went to your grave on your birthday. We where wondering and this is completely up to you, but do you want to changer your last name to Staal?” asked my Mum.
“Actually, I was thinking during the flight, if it would be okay with you. Umm, I really want to go by the name you guys gave me. I always hated Rebecca.” I replied, hoping they would be okay with the idea.
“ Of course we would, we where worried you wouldn’t want that. We called you Mason Rae Staal, the boys picked Mason when they thought you where going to be a boy, but then we decided it was a nice unisex name.” My dad said with tears starting to form in his eyes.
“ I love it, Mason, way better than Rebecca” I said smiling.
“Well Mason, as your brothers we got to pick your nickname and yours was going to be Mase or Masey. Mine is E Marc is Marky, sparky or M, Jordan is Jordy and Jared is Jay or jarbear.” Came Eric with a huge smile on his face “Welcome home little sis and get ready to be teased.”

“ Boys me and your father are going to start making dinner, I want you guys to show your sister her room, go get her stuff.” She said and then turned to me” I hope your not over whelmed by all of this honey, oh and be warned your brother designed your room, I hope you like it but if you don’t we can change it when they are gone.”
“ I’m sure I’ll love it, I have a question, is it okay if I call you guys Mum and Dad?” I asked
“of course Honey, we where worried you would not want to” She said with tears in her eyes
“ You guys are already better parents than my other ones” I said hugging her.
“ Ouff, Masey what do you have in here” came a voice as the boys carried my bags up the stairs and I followed behind them. They each showed me their rooms full of Hockey gear and posters. Then we came to the last room that like the others had a name painted onto the door, it had Mason in blue paint. I opened the door and couldn’t believe it.
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