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The Private Journal of Celeste Hawking: Do Not Open.

At First Glance

I was standing in the midday heat on 6th street in Austin, TX. It had been a number if hours since I had eaten much of anything, and I had seen at least three shows since then. It was the weekend of the South By South West Festival and there was music pouring from every doorway, every crack and crevice of every building in sight. I was famished, but I persevered and fought my way through the massive crowds on the street and ducked into the first bar I saw. And that's when it hit me. Well, HE, hit me actually. Not on purpose of course, but we did collide just as I came through the doorway. My eyes were still adjusting and I couldn't see anything in the dimly lit foyer of Mohawk's Bar, and I ended up walking into the person in front of me. And it was him.
He apologized quickly, and flashed a dazzling white smile at me. I blushed, turning my cheeks a brighter red than my short, curly hair. I smiled back and accepted his apology as politely as possible. Then he offered to buy me a drink. I wasn't sure what to say, because all I could think about was how my heart was pounding out I my chest. I was sure he could see it, but I didn't even care. He was the one. Standing in front of me after all this time.
♠ ♠ ♠
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