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The Private Journal of Celeste Hawking: Do Not Open.


Let's back up.
March 15th, 2013
I was 19. I had flunked out of college after just barely making out of high school. I was a smart kid; usually had all A's. the last few months of high school were rough though. I had been diagnosed with severe depression and was suicidal. I couldn't eat or sleep. I couldn't focus. I barely scraped by, getting low C's and a few F's my last report card. I was accepted to Portland State University, and I attended the first semester only to find that college was worse than high school. I wasn't free to do anything I wanted to do. I was constantly stressed and I ended up developing insomnia and I started losing my hair due to stress and lack of sleep. I finished off the semester with all F's and one D. They rejected my application for financial aid the next semester, and seeing as though I flunked, my parents weren't willing to pay for another semester, so I was S.O.L..
I was tired of feeling like shit, so I tried taking the easy way out. I tried killing myself. I overdosed on prescription sleeping pills and was almost on the brink of death when my roommate, (who was a party animal and was almost never at the dorm) happened to come by. She flipped shit and called the RA, who then called an ambulance. I was immediately taken into the ICU, where they pumped my stomach, and, by some crazy act of fate, I lived.
That's great right? Well I didn't think so.