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Love in the Famous World

chapter 1

Chapter 1

Norman was sleeping when his alarm went on, he rubbed his eyes as he woke up, another day in the walking dead set he thought. He looked at his phone; 10 messages from his girlfriend Glenn Lovrich.
“I can’t believe you broke off our date for Gabriella.”
“How could you do that?”
“Call me”
Norman sigh as read the messages, he had blown off his date for his costar in the walking dead, Gabriella Martinez. Gabriella played the part as Elizabeth aka Daryl Dixon girlfriend. The cast were reading their script for season 2 yesterday, then after she invited him for coffee.
Everyone was in a large room; the whole cast and crew where there. Norman couldn’t help but stare at Gabriella, as she was talking with Andrew, Sarah, and Steven. He stared at her long black curls that goes down to her waist, her skin was tan from season one, her eyes were green was the grass. She wore a white sundress that showed off her neck, and her collarbone.
Gabriella and Norman grew close together through the months, he told her about Mingus, Helena, and how it didn’t work out, and he talked to her about his mom and dad. She told him about her past loves, and her family. Gabriella had one big brother and one big sister; she was the youngest of them. Norman started laughing when he remember when she told him she has about 40 cousin but in the united states she has about another 40 cousin in mom country, and that she can’t have any privacy, because her family is in everyone business. That is what I get for being Latina she said to him.
Norman went to his bathroom to take a shower, as he rubbed his Irish spring body wash all over his body, he went rubbed his chest, remember in season 1, that he and Gabriella had a scene together in the CDC shower. He remember that he saw her naked her black hair that covered her large breast. When he heard ACTION, Norman went behind her; his hands went to her waist as he kissed her shoulder to neck. Her hands rubbed his arms that were arm his waist. “Cut” Norman heard, he saw her turned and smiled at him “Come on, let’s go.” She said.
Norman groans as he was jerking off with the image of her the water running down her back. Norman started moaning, “Gabriella” he moaned as his orgasms came over him
Norman was watching TV when the door started knocking like crazy; Norman got up and saw it was Glenn. Great he thought. When he opened the door she came in and started looking around “I know she is here.” Glenn said. “What the hell are you talking about” Norman said. “Gabriella” she said. “She is not here.” Norman said. “Then why didn’t you call me?” she said putting her hands to her hips. “I just woke up” he said. Glenn looked at him, she sighs. “I’m sorry; you spend too much time with her.” She said. Norman went towards her; he warps his arms around her waist, and kissed her forehead. “I work with her.” Norman said. Norman didn’t feel right as he hug Glenn it wasn’t warm, or sweet as Gabriella hugs. Glenn sighs and walks out the apartment slamming the door shut.
Norman rolled his eyes and went back watching TV. Norman huge cat came running towards him, sitting on Norman’s lap. “What I’m I going to do?” Norman thought, petting his cat.
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