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Love in the Famous World

chapter 2

Norman and the cast were at the premiere of The Walking Dead season 2. Norman walked in the black carpet. He was wearing a black suit with a grey sweater, under it a black tie. Norman’s hair was parted to the side. He had shaved around his goatee leaving it nice and neat. He posed with Andrew and Steven. When Norman turned around he saw Gabriella in the end of the carpet. She wore a long, grey dress. Her hair was up in a crazy bun, curly stands down to her face. Norman licked his lips as Gabriella turned her head, showing off her neck and her collarbone. “Wow” Norman heard. Norman turned around and saw Steven and Andrew staring at Gabriella. A Gabriella got closer she saw they guys. “Hi, guys” she said giving them each a hug. “Wow, you guys look handsome” she said with a smile looking at the three men’s. “Thanks, you look amazing.” Andrew said.
“Guys, come inside” said a lady to the actors. As Gabriella was going inside, Norman grabbed her arm he stopped and looked at Norman. “You look beautiful.” He said. She looked down blushing. She always had a little crush on him, ever since they met, on the first day. When the first time she saw him in his Daryl Dixon’s clothes, she bit her lip as she saw his muscle. “Thanks, you look really good.” She said. “Thanks, I really glad I don’t have dirt, and blood on me” he joke making her giggle.
For the rest of the night Norman and Gabriella had been together, they talked, laugh, drinking. They walked together seeing the fans, and the paparazzi. “Can I get a picture of the both you, it’s for teen magazine?” An older lady said. “Sure” said Norman, grabbing Gabriella’s waist dragging closer to him. She wrapped an arm around his neck. Both smiling at the camera.
Norman was talking with her as he walked with her to her car. She watched him as he talked using his hands. As they made their way to her car, she faced Norman. “Thank for walking with me to my car.” She said. “No problem.” He said getting closer to her. “Bye” she said hugging him good bye. She wrapped her arms around his neck. His arms around her they looked each, still hugging. She looked deep in to his icy blue eyes, his thin lips, the little mole on the corner on top of his lips, his goatee, wishing how it will feel against her skin, his sandy brown hair grown long.
Norman looked deeply in her green eyes, how it sparkled in the moonlight, her plum lips wishing he could kiss them, suck them. He wishes he could lick her flawless skin. Their head were getting closer; his lips were about to connect with her. Moving together……… Ring. They moved apart, she looking down to her feet. He grabs his phone, looking at the screen he sees. Glenn. “I have to take it.” He said looking at her. “Yea, bye. I ‘ll see you at comic con next week.” She said without looking at him. she got inside her car driving away. He watched her drive away.
“Hello” Norman said picking up the phone.
“Hey, babe. You want to come over I’m lonely?” Glenn said to him.
Norman looked where Gabriella drove off; he did a frown and said “yea”
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