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Love in the Famous World

chapter 3

Norman woke up in Glenn’s bed; they never cuddle at all since he had dated her. Norman was the kind of man who actually likes to cuddle. When he turns to see to Glenn she wasn’t there. He frown as he got up, he got dress. He slowly got out her bedroom. He heard Glenn talking on the phone, he stop walking trying not to make a sound. “I need information about her, I don’t give a shit. I want to know everything about her.” she whispers the person on the phone. Norman began to walk again, making Glenn turn around and close her phone. “Morning babe.” She said. “Morning” he said getting water. “Who were talking too?” he said. “Nobody, you want to go out and eat breakfast?” She said making her way towards him. “Yea” he said. Glenn smiled and said “Let me get dress.” Norman waited for her to walk away he made himself to the coffee table, he pick up her cellphone, looking to her recent call. Unknown. It said on the phone.
5 days later in Comic Con/ Gabriella’s P.O.V
“Can I have a picture?” said a fan. I tuck a curl behind my ear and said “sure”. I put my arm around my fan’s shoulder, smiling at the camera she got. “Thank you so much.” she said. “Nope problem.” I said. I took a sip of my ice caramel coffee and sat on my chair. “How is the new movie coming?” my manger said. Sitting next to me. “Good” I said looking at her. “What is the movie call again?” she said. “It a remake of “I spit on your grave” I told her. “So, tell me is “Mr. Dixon” good at kissing?” she said smiling. I smiled looking down to my hands. “He is really good I almost kiss him at the premiere” I told her. She looked at me and said “What happen?” I shrugged my shoulder and said “His phone rang.” “Has he called you?” she said. I looked down at my hands and shook my head. My manger was about to say something when I heard my name being called. I looked over to my shoulder and saw Chandler and Madison on my booth. “Hey guys” I said getting out of my chair. “We were going to get Slurpee, wanna come?” said Chandler. “Sure” I said, I turned to my manger and said I was going.
Norman’s P.O.V
It was a long day, not much people where coming to the boondock saint’s booth. Sean was by my side, tapping on the table with a sharpie marker while he was talking to me. “So, who is this girl, that Glenn is being mad at?” he said. “She is my costar in the walking dead, she play as my girlfriend on the show.” I said to Sean. “What is her name?” he told me. “Gabriella Martinez” I told him. Sean eyes went wide, he dropped the marker on the table and said “the Gabriella Martinez” he said. I nodded my head. “Yea, why” I said. “She is smoky hot, dude.” Sean said to me. “She is” I said with a grin. I looked over at Sean. He had a big ass smile on his face. I rubbed my chin and said ‘Dude what is the matter” Sean looked at me and said “She is really hot, she made the movie Jennifer’s body. You seen it?” I shook my head. Sean rolled his eyes and said “go and see it.” “I almost kiss her.” I told him. Sean looked at me and said “What happen?” “Glenn called me.” I said. “Have you called her?” Sean said. “No” I told him. “You like her, don’t you?” he said. I nodded. “She is different from other girls.”
End of Norman’s P.O.V
Norman was in his hotel room, he lay on the bed as he pay for the movie that Sean had told him. “Holy Shit” Norman said as he saw Gabriella turn into a sexy vampire. Norman was fast forwarding on the part where she was wearing a tight boy shorts with a basketball shirt on. Her hair was perfectly curled. “Fuck” he said as he saw her kissing another girl. Norman was so into the movie that he didn’t even know his phone was ringing. As the movie ended he grabbed his phone. He sigh as he saw it was Glenn. He sat up when he saw Gabriella txt me.
“Norman, Andrew, Sarah, Laurie, Steven and I were going to a club at 9 tonight. I was hoping u want to come with us.” She txt him.
“Sure, tell me where.” He txt her.
“At the Nightlife club.” She answers him back.
“I be there” he txt.
“=) I see u there, bye”
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