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Love in the Famous World

chapter 4

As Norman was getting dress up to the club his phone started ringing. Glenn. He took a deep breath and said “hey” “I knew it, you were cheating on me, and I saw your picture in the magazine. I saw a picture of you getting comfort with her by her car” Glenn yelled. “What the hell are you talking about?” Norman said. “Look it up, you two time man whore.” Glenn yelled. Norman was pissed off, he fell in love in her, when he started dating her, she was sweet, funny, but now it was getting crazy. “You know what, it’s over.” Said Norman. “What?!” Glenn said. “so you could be with her.” Glenn said. “Yea” Norman said. “I want to be with her.” He said. Glenn didn’t say anything, she hung up the phone. Norman closed his eyes and closes the phone.
Norman enter the huge club, he was wearing a black pants, with a tight grey sweater. Music was playing loud, people drink their ass off, and some people were humping on each other. Then he saw Steven and Gabriella doing shot. Their faces were red. Steven hair was all sweaty from the alcohol. He looked at Gabriella, she was wearing a red cocktail dress, and her hair was down, Norman wanting to run through them. Her dress hugs her tight body. Gabriella turned around and saw Norman she quickly went over to him. She gave him a hug and said “I glad you came.” She looked at him. “Yea, just for you.” He said. She gave him a closed smile and said “Come let do some shots.” Norman didn’t even notice that he had warped one of his arms around her waist as they walked to the bar. “Hey, Norman “said Steven. “Hey man” Norman said. “Where are the others?” Norman asked who still had his hand on Gabriella.
“They all left, they said they were going to the morning panel for the walking dead.” said Steven. “I should be going to; I have to wake up early too.” He said. As Steven left. Gabriella turned to Norman and said ‘want to do shot?” “Hell yea” he said.
10 shots later.
Norman had his arm around her waist; she had an arm around his neck, as they walked. They were both laughing. “Come on, you can sleep in room.” Norman said. “Thanks” Gabriella said. As they made to hotel she said “we never talked about that night.” Norman looked at her, he could see hurt in her eyes. “I’m sorry” he said. Norman had given her his shirt and his sweatpants. As she lay on his bed, he said ‘Good night”. “Wait, there is room in the bed, you don’t have to sleep in the couch.” She told him. Norman thought of it for min, he walked to bed and lay down next to her. As they touch Norman felt that she was freezing cold. Gabriella was facing the wall, as Norman got closer to her, he wrap an arm on her waist, his face deep in her black curls, he could smell her shampoo; kiwi and coconut.
When Norman woke up, he had never slept so good, he opened his eyes, and saw Gabriella laying on his chest, her leg in-between his leg, their finger intertwined together. He had the urged to kiss, he moved her black curls from her neck, and he kissed her neck, hearing her moan, he quickly closed his eyes pretend to be asleep. He felt her moved, and get out of bed. It was about a few minutes he heard the front door close. He sighs as he opened his eyes. He didn’t know what to do. Gabriella was she smart, funny; sexy she was support of him. He remembers the time Mingus got mad at him and told him he was a bad dad. He had gone to Gabriella, for advice. She was so calm, talked to him, comfort him.
“It not your fault. We were all kid once; we had all told out parents he hated them.” Gabriella told him. Norman was sitting next to her on her couch, he had his elbows on his knees while his hands on his head. “You should have seen the look on his face, when he told me. Norman said. “You think I’m a bad father” Norman said to her. Gabriella knee a front of him and took his hands from his head, Norman looked at her. Gabriella saw tears in Norman’s eyes. “You are a good father he is so lucky that he has a father like you.” Gabriella said to him. “Have you ever said it to your father?” he said, he started to regret his question as soon he saw pain in her eyes. “No, my dad died when I was little” she said. “I’m sorry” he said in his normal guff voice. “It ok” she said getting up sitting next to him.”
Norman lay in bed, “I’m going to get her, hoping that someone else doesn’t get her first.” He thought think about Gabriella.
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