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Love in the Famous World

chapter 5

Norman and Gabriella were doing their scene. “I don’t want you to go.” Elizabeth said Gabriella character. “I have to go, these people need to eat. No one aint’t gonna hunt for meat.” Daryl said. Elizabeth nodded. Daryl cupped her cheek, ‘my going to come back”. Daryl looked at Elizabeth eyes, her big green eyes, he kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Daryl took his crossbow off his shoulder and put it on the floor. He grabbed Elizabeth by her chin kissing her roughly, he pinned her to the nearest tree. Elizabeth warped her legs around his slender waist. She moans as Daryl kissed her neck to her jaw line. Daryl was going to kissed her again, but….
“Cut” “God job Norman and Gabriella.”
“Norman you put me down” Gabriella said still her legs wrapped against his chest. Norman had his hands on her ass. “Sorry” he said looking down. “No problem.” She said tucking a stand of hair behind her ear. Norman was think all week how he was going to get. “you want to get an ice cream?” Norman said stuff his hands in his jean’s pocket. “yea I would love too.” Gabriella said. Norman smiled and looked at her.
Gabriella took a lick of her cookie and cream. “Thanks Norman.” She said as they walked down the street of Georgia. Norman licked his cookie dough ice cream cone. “No problem, I was sweating like crazy.” Gabriella nodded. Gabriella with the looked at Norman, his lips were moist with ice cream. Gabriella smiled as she looked at him; he had ice cream in his goatee. “Wait” she said Gabriella her napkin that was warped around her ice cream cone. Norman looked at her with a look. She wiped the ice cream off his goatee. Norman looked at her. He cupped her cheek. They both stare in to each other eyes, he lower his head. They kissed. Their tongues met in the middle of their lips. He locked down around her tongue and started to suck against it making her moan. One of Norman's hands came up and tangled into her black soft curly hair. Gabriella broke the kiss and said “I’m sorry, I know you have a girlfriend.” Norman shook his head.
“I broke up with her.” He said looking at her, as she looked at the ground. “I want to be with you.” He said softly making her looked at him. He was so scared that she would start laughing, or says no. “I want to be with you too.” She said looking at him. She saw Norman smiled and get closer to her, he stroke her cheek with his thumb, and he licked his lips then giving her another kiss. They broke the kiss. “We should be heading back to the set.” Norman said to her. Gabriella nodded. They walked together. He didn’t know if he should do it he thought. He got his free hand and took her other hand. They intertwined their fingers, as they walked together, with a huge smile on their face.
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