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Love in the Famous World

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“Thank you guys so much for coming to The Walking Dead Penal for season 2 , Please welcome are guests” Chris Hardwick as he stood in the stand, a front of millions of fans of the walking dead in Comic Con in New York.
“Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, co-executive producer and zombie makeup wizard Greg Nicotero. as they came in they sat on their seat, where there names where in little notecards a front of them. Then Robert Kirkman answers the question that people in twitter or in Facebook asked by Chris Hardwick. then talked about Hershel farm and Shane is still alive in the second season, that he didn’t die like in the second volume of the comics and he really like it because he could add things to the walking dead TV show.
As Robert Kirkman finished talking, Chris yelled. “Are you people ready for out guests tonight?” as the fan screamed Chris said “Jon Bernthal, Laurie Holden, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs Gabriella Martinez and Norman Reedus!” The cast member walked to their seat.

Gabriella P.O.V
I walked to my seat, next to Norman. As I sat down people screaming, the lights shining bright as I sat down. I was so nervous, but then I felt Norman arm went behind me.
“Are you scared?” he said his icy blue staring at me.
I made a face and nodded.
“Don’t worry babe.” he said rubbing my back.
As the thing started Jon started giving thanks to fan, and how cool they are. As Chris started talking to Lauren and Steven about their thing on the show, then Chandler about being a little kid and how he has to grow up.
“Gabriella, you are now a badass, in the second season, because in 3th episode in the church to killed that walker with your bat.” Chris said evicting with a grin on his face.
“Yea, I loved that part because I hadn’t gotten to kill a walker in the first season. I would totally love to kill more walkers.” I said with a smile still feeling Norman’s hands on my back.
“Right it is always cool to kill some walkers” Chris said to the fans, as they cheered.
“Now let’s get into the juicy details” Chris said with a smiled.
“Daryl and Elizabeth is a couple on the show. “ Chris said as the fans cheered out loud, making me smiled and Norman fist pump in the air.
“Will we see some love making scene?” Chris said with a smirk on his face. I looked at Norman as his smile. I tuck a stand of my hair behind my ear and grabbed my mic.
“Maybe” I said. “It’s really up to Norman.” I said.
“Hell yea.” Norman said in the mic making the crowed cheer again and making Chris clap his hands.
“We see in the second season, when Rick comes back to the highway and see Sophia is not back, then Carol is blaming at Rick. Elizabeth doesn’t go to the girls but she went to follow rick and talked to him. Why does she do that?” Chris said to me.
“she went to follow rick because my character felt it wasn’t Rick fault even though he left Sophia, he had his reason, like to leads off the walkers that was chasing them. He was the only one that went to follow Sophia; he really shouldn’t get blamed for that. “I said.
“did you see that Lori made a looked like “what the hell are going with my husband” when you went after Rick.” Chris said.
“Yea, I mean she shouldn’t get mad, I have my Daryl right here.”I said making the crowed laugh.
‘Right” Chris said with a laugh.
“Norman, we see in the second season that you are more with Elizabeth, like you don’t trust the group but it’s only her that you talk too, and trust more. Will he ever be able to trust the group or Rick at least?”
Norman rubbed his chin as he as he said “I sure later on. He really trusts her more, because she was there for him when he found out rick cuffed his brother on a roof, she was there when he didn’t find Merle. She has been there for him. Later on in the season you see why he trusts her so much, why he loves her.” Norman said.

Glenn, Norman’s ex-girlfriend was walking down the streets in New York with her friend Cindy when she stops at a magazine stand.
“Oh my god.” Glenn said as she looked at the cover of teen magazine.
“What’s wrong?” her friend said.
Glenn saw the cover and saw Gabriella naked only a with a blanket cover her front and Norman shirtless behind her, Norman’s hand wrapped around her waist, both of them looking at the camera, his icy blue eye and her lovely green eyes making the picture stand out.
As Glenn turned the pages, more pictures of Norman and Gabriella one of them in a bed, the other one Gabriella in a short white dress, as Norman is wearing a suit, and other picture of them holding each other. Glenn walked away with her friend. she thought Norman was going to be coming back to her by now, now he is now with that slut she thought.
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