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Love in the Famous World

Chapter 8

Gabriella was woke up by the smell of bacon, she sat up rubbing her eyes, and yawning. she looked around trying to find her clothes, but only found one of Norman’s shirts. She went to Norman’s bathroom getting her toothbrush. Norman had an extra tooth brush in his apt, and Gabriella had a extra in her apt. She washed her face and brushes her teeth. She put her curly hair into a messy bun, leaving some strand of hair on her face. She got out Norman’s bedroom going to the kitchen. he saw him with his PJ pants and his rock and roll t-shirt.
“Cooking breakfast?” Gabriella said as she lean against the doorway.
Norman turned around and smiled. “Just making breakfast for my girl.” he said as he stared at her he rubbed his chin as he stared at her “so sexy in my shirt”. He said to himself. Gabriella blushed as she looked down to the floor. “Hey baby” Gabriella said as Eye in the Dark Norman’s cat rubbed Gabriella’s leg. She grabbed the cat kissing its forehead making Norman smile, Glenn was never like that to Eye in the Dark. She always avoids his cat. She sat on the table placing Eye in the Dark on the table as it licked her hand making her smile. Norman was going to giving her plate when he took it away.
she made a face and said “I’m Hungry.”
“Give me a kiss.” Norman said.
“come on Gaby.” he said her nickname. She sigh and kissing him, she felt him place the her plate on the table, wrapping him arms around her waist as he deep in the kiss. Norman tongue darted out and slid along her lips. Their tongues met in the middle. Norman locked down around her tongue and started to suck against it. Making Gabriella moan as she ran her fingers through his hair. It felt good when he did that and made her insides tingle. she broke the kiss and laid her forehead against him she looked into his blue eyes.
“Thanks.” she said giving him a quick kiss then grabbing her plate going to the living room, making Norman smirk and follow her with his plate. they watched TV as they ate, laughing as they finished Gabriella took their plates and wash it.
The group making their way back to the highway had frozen in place trying to place where the gunshot had come from hoping nothing bad happen to Rick, Shane or Carl.
''that was a gunshot'' Lori said
''maybe Rick and Shane took down a walker'' Daryl said
''please don't patronize me'' Lori said
''we should go find them'' Carol said
''no point running around the woods chasing echoes, come on let's get back to highway'' Daryl said going next Elizabeth.
The group then stud from their resting spots and Lori felt Andreas glare on her ''look Andrea I’m sick of tried of the dirty looks you are giving me! You want it so bad god damn take it'' Lori snapped shoving the gun into the air
''I don't need your damn gun!'' Andrea snapped back
Lori's eyes then diverted over to Carol ''and honey I know you have been through a lot but you have got to stop blaming this on Rick it is in your face every time you look at him'' Lori snapped again
''I'm just trying to hope my daughter is alive'' Carol said quietly

Daryl glared at the group then ''look it's a waste of time all this hopin and prayin, we are gonna locate that little girl and she's gonna be just fine'' he started to walk away ''am I the only one that's Zen around here... good lord'' he snapped got back to Elizabeth and took her hand.
''ANDREA!'' the group exclaimed as they ran to her
Suddenly a girl on a horse came galloping in and knocked the walker out with a baseball bat as it lunged for Andrea who was lying on the floor screaming.
''Lori grimes!'' the girl exclaimed
''that's ME!'' the Lori said standing next to each other
''you have to come, there's been an accident Carl has been shot!'' the girl said
Lori began to pull their bags off with frozen expressions on their faces.
''wait we don't know this girl!'' Daryl exclaimed
''I have to go'' Lori said.
''Rick said you have others on the highway, that big traffic jam, backtrack two miles you'll see a mail box the names Greene hey yah'' The girl said as she galloped away leaving the group of survivors looking on with shocked expressions.
everyone stopped acting and went back to camera crew,
“It’s fucking hot.” Norman said as he walked next Gabriella and Steven. Steven took off his baseball hat, and nodded. Gabriella grabbing her hair and put it in a messy bun.
“I’m going under a car.” Gabriella told Norman. Norman smiled and nodded.
“Gaby” Gabriella heard as she was under a pickup truck, she took out her foot and waved it, she saw Norman shoes, he went down rolling to her side.
“Brought you water.” he said giving her water.
“Thanks.” she said drinking it not knowing Norman was looking at her, he watch as a drop of water went down to her neck, he watch her tan skin shining from her sweat.
“I could see you looking.” she said smiling as she took a other drink.
“I can’t watch my girlfriend.” he said making her smile. She looked at him, giving him a kiss.
You so fucking sexy.” she said as she kissed him again. They got out the car, and Daryl pin her against the truck kissing her roughly as she kissed him. They both smiled and went back to the crew. Not know that Steven was doing his live insider of the walking dead the camera had captured the kiss.
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