Between the Raindrops

Trapped beyond the walls, there lives a somber soul.
Within a kingdom built on lies, no knight can hear her cries.
Day and night she calls, she seeks just one to make her whole.
Here lies the Governor's favorite doll. Are you prepared to watch her fall?

Lilith Jones never considered herself to be anything special or worthy enough of attention. She had grown up in a normal town, with a normal family, and had never longed to be anything but ordinary. It was only when the dead started to rise that she'd ever been shown any sort of special treatment. Lilith only fought to see another day, she'd never dreamed of meeting with any other living souls, it came as a shock for her to come across the small town that was Woodbury. It was in Woodbury that she came across a fate that she deemed worse than death, a fate she'd never wish upon anyone.

Don't you dare ask the residents of Woodbury about the somber girl with raven hair, they know better than to reply. It's an unspoken rule that the Governor's sister is strictly off limits.