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Culture Shock

"What do you mean?" he asked me.

"Where I come from, you're what the town is. You go to sports events, you're quiet, respectful. Everyone there is a carbon copy. A Stanville resident."

"But here..."

"Here is different. Here you can use profanity, be a suck-up, do whatever you want and it' You can become who you are here. Define it."

* * *

When Macy up and leaves her small hometown, everything changes. The lifestyle is fast-paced, loud, and obnoxious compared to the life she's been used to. She starts to feel overwhelmed by the new chaos - and undefined in what seems like a new city of people who know who they are.

Can Macy find herself with the help of a newspaper editor named Matt? Or is she destined to live in the culture shock gray and nebulous?