JOHN. #2

"I'm not sure but I..."

< Subject shifts to the right. >

< Subject licks his lips. >

"I think I hate myself."

< 60 second interval. >

"I mean I just."

"I just, sort of... look in the mirror and see this disgusting creature. This beast."

< Subjects looks to the floor. >

"It could just be me. That beast. I can see me in the bruises under its eyes. I can see my school shoes from when I was 9 and the smell of mum's jumpers before...from before."

< 20 second interval. >

"If that's the old me hanging under my eyes then I must be the beast. And I hate that beast.

"I hate that beast so fucking much."

< Subject stands and hits aggressively at the door. >

< Session ended: 5:08 >