< Patient looks straight at the camera, smiling happily >

“Oh, it is a very happy day. He said it was alright for me to talk about anything. He is amazing, so I am happy.”

< Patient tilts head to the side and looks beyond the camera before nodding, no sound was made among the room >

“You know, I remember the last thing I said to my parents. I think that was what terrified them the most-“

< Patient shifts in the chair, pulling his legs to his chest and holding them there >

“I asked them if they ever played hide and go seek alone. And they looked at me. They stared me right in the eyes as if I were crazy.”

< Patient’s fists clench, his face contorting into anger >

“The one thing I am not is crazy! I have never been crazy and they told me. They looked me right in the eyes and told me that my thought was odd. It wasn’t odd, He said it wasn’t so it wasn’t! I hate them! I hate them all.”

< Patient gets up suddenly and slams the door after him >

< Session End: 8:30 >