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Chapter One

Galaxy: Kalacatin
Planet: Xcojhn
Location: Palace of the Fremjahnchor
Time: 2 hours after the front gate was blown down by the Emocjhnites

"Momma, I'm scared," a small voice squeaked in the dark space, that two figures were hiding in.

"Everything will be fine, Mijahn," An older women shushed. Her bracelets catching the light as she fixed Mijahn's hair. Mijahn clung to her mother as her mom's bracelets clinked quietly together. "Your brother should be here soon." Mijahn's mother readjusted the tiara on the little girls head.

"Where will he take us?" Mijahn asked, her blue eyes looking into her mothers green ones.

"Some place safe," her mother whispered into her ear, as the doors to their hiding place flew open.

"T.J. you scared us," the mother let out a surprised gasp, her hand over heart, as she took in the sight of her son.

"Hello, mother," T.J. nodded in acknowledgement, breathing heavily. "Mijhan, put your jewlery in here," T.J. threw a burlap bag towards his sister. "Mother you too," T.J. handed his mom an identical bag.

Mijhan and her mother took off their necklaces, bracelets and rings. Mijhan began to give her bag back to T.J. who shook his head. "Your tiara too."

Mijhan put her hands over her tiara which crowned her almost perfectly blonde hair. "Come on, Mijhan, we don't have much time left," T.J. hissed. Glancing over his shoulder, then gave his sister a small smile.

His mother gently took the tiara off Mijhans' head and put it in her bag. "Mijhan, take my crown with you as well."

Mijhan looked at her mom with tear-filled eyes. "You're coming too, right, mommy?"

"I will follow," their mother confirmed, as she took a step out of their hiding place.

"Put these on," T.J. handed his mother and Mijhan peasant cloaks. Mijhan crinkled her nose at the look of the outfit. "Come on Mijhan we don't have time for this," T.J. put the cloak over his sisters ruffly blue dress. He put the hood over her head as his mother did the same. "Over here," T.J. whispered as he went over to a statue. He pulled the left arm down, then took the weight out of its palm.

Upon doing this, the wall behind it opened up. "Come Mijhan," their mother whispered, as she walked through the door. The floor began to crumble under her weight, as Mijhan tentatively stepped forward.

T.J. looked around frantic when he heard shouts coming from down the hall. "Go," T.J. urged Mijhan, shoving them into the entrance of the tunnel. The door sealed behind them after T.J. put the weight on a shelf near the door.

T.J. nodded towards his mother who walked a little ways down the passageway. Mijhan followed a short ways behind her trying to hold sobs back. T.J. heard the crumbling before he realized what was happening. His mother fell through the floor as it gave way.

"Mommy!" Mijhan screamed, lunging for her mom, T.J. catching his sister in mid-leap. "Let me go, T.J.!" Mijhan cried, struggling to get free. "Mommy!"

"Mijhan," their mother said, disapprovingly, as she floated out of the hole, to land on the opposite side of it.

Mijhan wiped her tears, then looked down at the floor, ashamed at her outburst. "Let's keep going," T.J. jumped over the hole while holding Mijhan. He began to lead the way to the end of the passageway.

After several twists and turns the three found themselves in the lower dungeons. "Mijhan, close your eyes," T.J. directed his sister, who obeyed, pressing her face into his chest. T.J. held his right hand out, making it light up so he could see where he was going. Passing cells of what was deemed the worst possible criminals. T.J. almost pitied them, as they looked half starving. Blinking against the artificial light that invaded their usually dark prision.

"Over here," their mother pulled a brick out of the wall and pushed a button, which opened a wall to reveal more stairs. T.J. shifted his hold on his sister then continued towards the stairs. His mother replaced the brick and followed them, then closed the passage.

"We're almost safe," T.J. whispered. "Mijhan, you can look now,"

"How much longer?" Mijhans tired voice, asked.

"Couple more minutes," T.J. whispered, as they reached the bottom of the stairs. After a few more turns, the three found themselves blinking at the outside light. T.J. put Mijhan down, then looked around to make sure the coast was clear. "Put your hoods on," T.J. whispered. He knealt down next to Mijahn to make sure the burlap sack was secured under his sisters cloak. "Let's go," T.J. put his hood on, so it hung low over his face.

"I'm scared, T.J." Mijhan whispered, as they passed some of the Emocjhnite soldiers, clinging to his hand.

"Keep moving," T.J. hissed, rushing them towards a bridge.

"You there!" a soldier yelled from behind them, making the three walk faster. "Stop!"

"Mijhan go with T.J." their mother said, once they were closer to the water. "T.J. take your sister to the escape pods. Protect her at all costs."

"Yes, mother," T.J. nodded, gritting his teeth, anticipating what was coming.

"I love you both very much," their mother said, her voice catching in her throat. She shoved them into the rushing water and turned around to face the soldier.

"You're under arrest," the soldier fumed at her, as he walked up to her. He wrenched her hood from her head, then smiled cruelly. "Your highness," he sneered, then pushed her forwards back towards the castle.
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