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Chapter Three

Galaxy: Milky Way
Planet: Earth
Location: Small farm house
Time: 1 hour after Mijhan and T.J. crashed

"Ava," a males' voice came from the kitchen.

"Coming dad," Ava called, as she met her dad in the kitchen.

"It's time to get the cattle,"

"But dad," Ava started, surprised, then continued in a whisper. "He hasn't gone by with the trailer yet,"

"We'll have to take the chance," Ava's dad said, at a loss. "The cattle need to drink,"

Ava sighed, knowing her dad was right, "Okay," Ava went to the barn and got the ATV and headed through the gates to bring the cattle in.

It only took Ava a few minutes to find the cattle, who were hiding in a strand of trees her family liked to call The Woods. As she was getting the cattle to move, she couldn't help but notice there was an area that the cattle refused to go near.

Ava killed the ATV's engine, then picked up a stick and went to investigate the area. Peering through some of the foliage, she saw that in a natural divot there was a boy and a girl. The girl had the boys head in her lap and she was crying.

Ava started to walk down the divot to investigate farther.f 'Hey," Ava said quietly, trying not to scare the girl.

The girl looked up scared, and held up a hand which sent Ava flying backwards from an invisible force.

Ava shook her head, trying to clear it, after the wind was knocked out of her, slightly scared now. She held her hands up in a non-threatening way and took a step towards the two figures, once more, "Look, I just want to help...I don't want to hurt you,"

The girl seemed to consider Avas' request and then with a flick of the girls hand, Ava floated towards her. "Help with what?" the girl asked, letting Avas' feet touch the ground, but not letting her move.

Ava swallowed, her throat all of a suddenly gone dry, "Anything that I'm capable of helping with. I can help give you food, water...s-shelter," Ava could barely hold it together anymore, she was so scared.

The girl waved her hand and Ava could move again. Ava fell to the ground with relief, she looked towards the girl, her whole body shaking. "Whatever I can help with," Ava finished.

"We need water," the girl stated as she watched Avas' shaking form.

"Water it is," Ava nodded her head. "I"ll be back in a few minutes," Ava got to the ATV when she heard a rustle of leaves behind her, making her look back. "Thought of something else?" Ava asked, noticing the girl had followed her.

The girl shook her head, "No, but what's your name?"

"Ava," Ava replied, swinging her leg over the seat of the ATV. "Yours?"

The girl looked hesitant for a second. "Mijhan," the girl finally responded.

Ava smiled, "Beautiful and unique," she started up the ATV, scaring Mijhan. "I'll be back with some water," and with that Ava sped off, leaving the cattle behind for a couple minutes longer.

Ava went to a hay shed, that she knew had a water canteen in it. She grabbed the canteen then filled it with water from the water hydrant filling up the cattle tank. After she sealed the canteen she made her way back towards Mijhan and the boy.

"Mijhan," Ava called quietly, walking through the brush. "Here's the water," Ava held up the canteen, as the boy in Mijhans lap opened his eyes, groggily.

Once Ava was within a couple feet of the two. She was sent flying backwards by an invisible force, as the boy sat up. "T.J.!" Mijhan yelled, as Ava slowly sat up, wincing a little.

"It's okay," Ava replied, standing, slowly, making sure her hands were in full view.

"Who are you?" T.J. asked, after shaking his head trying to clear it.

"My names Ava," Ava spoke slowly and clearly, making sure she wasn't going to startle the two anymore. "I just wanted to help,"

"What's in the container?" T.J. asked, noticing the red container, near Avas' feet.

"Water," Ava answered, picking up the container to offer it.

"Did you do anything to it?" T.J. asked, suspiciously.

Ava sighed as Mijhan scolded T.J. "Look, it's just water," Ava replied, then lifted the straw and drank a little from it. "See?" she asked, putting the straw down. "Perfectly fine,"

T.J. regarded Ava for a couple moments, before requesting the canteen. Ava handed it over and glanced towards Mijhan, who rolled her eyes. After T.J. drank his fill he gave the canteen to Mijhan who drank also.

"Where are we?" T.J. asked standing up.

"Well," Ava started. "Currently you're on my family's farm,"

"No, I mean what planet?" T.J. clarified his request.

Ava gave him a strange look before answering, slowly and confused, "You're on planet Earth,"

"Thank you," T.J. replied, dismissing the look Ava was still giving him.

Mijhan walked over to Ava, her dress catching on some bushes. Ava quickly went to Mijhans rescue, and took a look at the two again.

They both were wearing very nice outfits. Maybe they had gotten lost on their way to perform a play...but then, how did they come to be in the middle of a cow pasture? "It's an awfully pretty dress to be wearing in a dirty cow pasture," Ava mentioned, focusing on a twig that seemed to want to keep the dress all to itself.

"I didn't have time to change after we were attacked," Mijhan explained quietly.

"Mijhan," T.J. scolded.

"But, T.J." Mijhan started.

"She's a peasant and doesn't need to be in the affairs of royal," T.J. seethed.

"I'm sorry," Ava said, trying to keep her laughter in. "But peasant?" Ava laughed, her self-control diminishing. "Nobody uses that terminology here anymore, unless you're from the U.K. because they're the only ones with a queen that I'm aware of,"

"What's the U.K.?" T.J. asked, confused.

Ava stopped laughing, "You guys are serious...aren't you?"

T.J. and Mijhan nodded, now realizing that they were on a planet that could potentially be dangerous.

Ava looked the two over, "Well, if you're not from here...where are you from?"

"Xchojhn," T.J. answered, watching Avas' reaction closely.

"You're from where?" Ava asked, not believing she was talking people from another planet. "The hell is that?"

T.J. and Mijhan looked at each other, they thought everyone knew all the planets, "Xchojhn," Mijhan repeated, "It's out home planet,"

"How'd you get here then? "Ava asked, still confused.

"We were traveling in an escape pod," Mijhan answered. "It should be around here somewhere,"

Ava looked around the small woods to look for any disturbance in the foliage but didn't see anything. She quickly looked up in the trees when she heard the sound of limbs cracking under pressure. "Awesome," Ava muttered as she jumped out of the way of a large metal object crashing to the ground.

Ava got up to look at the object which had scattered the cows in all directions. "You traveled in this?" Ava asked brushing her hand along the metal.

Mijhan nodded, as she looked at her brother, "We'll be able to make it back right, T.J.?"

"I'll have to look at it," T.J. replied, musing.

"Well," Ava started. "While you're fixing it, how would you like to stay with me and my family?"

"That would be nice," Mijhan said, before T.J. could object.

Ava smiled, "Awesome, we just need to collect the cattle then we can head to my house...which is just over this hill, so you really wouldn't be too far from here,"

"Sounds good," T.J. nodded, trying to please Mijhan. "So how do we collect the cattle?"

"We're just going to drive around the pasture with the ATV and get them up to the house so they can have some water," Ava replied, walking to the 4-wheeler. "Mijhan will sit here," Ava pointed to the left side of a crate that was screwed down to the back of the ATV. "And you will sit here," Ava pointed to the right side of the 4-wheeler.

Mijhan looked doubtful, "Is it safe?" she patted the boxes bottom and looked towards Ava.

"Perfectly safe," Ava nodded. "I've hauled several of my friends in there before,"

"Sounds safe enough to me," T.J. replied sitting tentatively, on his side of the ATV.

"I guess," Mijhan replied, slowly, taking a seat as well.

"Mijhan, hold your dress like this," Ava instructed Mijhan, showing her how to hold her dress so it wouldn't get stuck in the wheels. "I don't want to ruin it,"

"Thank you," Mijhan replied, holding her dress as Ava got on the ATV and started it up, they then quickly went in search of the cattle.
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