Sequel: I Can't Not Love You
Status: Hey, first story on here; enjoy!

Vacant and Stained

Willow Adams was just like any other girl until her mother passed, leaving her into a dark spiraling hole of depression. Gerard Way, kind-hearted and naive, will try to fix her no matter what.
  1. We Only See Each Other at Funerals
    A Willow tree always seems to weep.
  2. Strangers
    One is not always alone in their, sad little world...
  3. You're Never Gonna Fit in Much Kid
    A new school, a new start.
  4. You Again
    The right place at the right time...
  5. Unlikely Heroes
    There are always a few good people in the world...
  6. There's No Such Thing as Good Days
    Smiles and doubts.
  7. Wolves and Deer
    Things taking a turn for worse
  8. Oh, These Sad Rainy Days
    Sometimes good things happen to those who need it.
  9. Safe and Sound
    Sometimes you just need to try....
  10. Threats and Comfortable Silences
  11. Breaking
    The pressure can make you break in half.
  12. This is Halloween
    Despite what one thinks, there is always someone who cares
  13. Truth Be Told, You Kiss Was Bliss
  14. Notes
    Words can hurt, but some can make you feel better.
  15. We're Light as Snow
  16. Heaven Help Us
    She feels like she's sinking.
  17. The Day She Died
    She never wanted this.
  18. Broken Bird, Broken Wings
    Everything is a nightmare.
  19. Night Light
    Overthinking never does any good.
  20. Father Knows
    A father knows his daughter.
  21. Shoot Me With Lies
    "I'd be better off dead."
  22. Alone
    Faking is getting old.
  23. Little Girl, What Happened to You?
    And I will fade away...forever.
  24. Save You
    I can't see a life without you.
  25. I've Seen Hell and a Heaven
    So close, yet still so far.
  26. It'll Be Okay
    "I'd punch you so hard in the arm right now."