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"Karma is inevitable." he glared at him. "This was just bound to happen. You should have seen it coming."

How complicating and dangerous could it possibly be to date your best-friend's girlfriend behind his back? This is a story about Nazem Kadri and it features Matt Frattin. Along with mostly Tyler Bozak, Phil Kessel, James van Riemsdyk, Joffrey Lupul and Dion Phaneuf.

This is not homosexual/slash. Rated R for sexual content, mature language, violence and the use of alcohol.
  1. Beginning
    "Dare..or dare?"
  2. Two
    "You got yourself a smart one, Fratts."
  3. Three
    "We get to ask three questions each."
  4. Four
    "Pretty good, I think she's a keeper."
  5. Five
    "I just didn't get any sleep, really."
  6. Six
    "So, are you done lying to us?"
  7. Seven
    "I'll see you tomorrow."
  8. Eight
    "I can't tell you."
  9. Nine
    "I wish it was easier,"
  10. Ten
    "There's something you need to know."
  11. Eleven
    "It's for the best."
  12. Twelve
    "I've done something bad, and I need to tell you."
  13. Thirteen
    "Sorry isn't going to cut it."
  14. Fourteen
    "It didn't end like that"
  15. Re-written version!
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