Twisted Fairytale

Formal Introduction;

I never believed in Prince Charming, white horses or forbidden love. It never seemed to make any sense to me, either, as to why we were all so struck by the idea. Maybe it was that somewhere inside, we all yearned to have that love everyone describes. The love that can accomplish anything, the type you read about in a Nicholas Sparks novel.

At some point, we're bound to find our 'Prince Charming.' Perhaps even the 'knight in shining armor.' It's not luck or chance, but instead fate and destiny.

It's kind of funny that fate and destiny never sent the memo to me. Still, I couldn't blame luck or chance. Though, I'm pretty sure all four played a hand at what was left in front of me.

My happy ending didn't include a prince, but it did include a white horse in a roundabout way. The love I felt was exactly what Nicholas made it seem like.

Taylor made me feel love, the real kind. And somehow, neither of us minded that we didn't find our Prince Charming.

It was a Fairytale, but one that had never been told before.
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Yeah xD
Here I go again, starting something else. Well, I've had this idea for a while so I figured I'd write it. I hope you like it :)
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